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Jun 27, 2022, 4:58:00 PMJun 27
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(( LoxLiss Quarters – Deck 5 – USS Gorkon ))

Corliss slipped into a short shirt as Smog let out a chirp along with a tiny puff of smoke, vanishing back into her castle. Corliss chuckled, tutting.

Fortune: We’ve been dismissed, I say!

Loxley: I sometimes think we only exist for her entertainment and amusement.

Fortune: Oh now, come on. Not only for hers! ::she grinned.:: Perhaps the others too. She seems to be quite sociable, at least.

Loxley: She definitely still has an obsession with Andorian antennae. It was Jona’s fault, but I swear, every time we see an Andorian on the way to the labs, Smog is trying to work out how to catch one.

That definitely sounded like something that would be Jona’s fault. She smothered a laugh as they waltzed out the door, arms entwined as they stepped along.

Fortune: Just so long as she doesn’t catch anyone. I would hate to hear from Jhy about being pounced on by our ferocious little dragon.

Loxley: I’ll make sure I’m carrying some burn ointment in future.

Fortune: An entire medical kit to take her on a walk. That would be something to see!

Loxley: Oh, I meant to say, I was thinking of heading to the surface at some point and maybe picking up a new holoprogram or two. I want to grab some before we ship out again. I bet they have some good horror ones we could find.

Fortune: That would be fun! Maybe another forest one…although, maybe we’ve had a little bit too much running lately.

For all their luck, their next mission would be a haunted woods with a mansion smack dab in the middle, with no way to contact the Gorkon due to some rare storm happening in that part of the system.

…maybe she shouldn’t speak so loudly.

Loxley: Response

Fortune: We’ll have to pop down soon, maybe after a nice meal while judging the specials menu.

Loxley: Response

Fortune: I’d take a guess, but there’s so many different variations…green tea flavored gagh?

Loxley: Response

She couldn’t help laughing as they stepped into the turbolift, playfully nudging him with a teasing grin.

Fortune: What? Who knows, it might be good…no, I can’t even think of it, honestly! ::she stuck her tongue out, grimacing.:: Oh, no, now it’s definitely going to happen!

Loxley: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune

Highest Quality Counsellor Brain

USS Gorkon


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