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Cory Stoyer

Jan 25, 2022, 3:52:53 AM1/25/22
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Michael Collins Dome, Pillars of Light, Luna))

Stoyer:  You wanted to know about the ranch?  My brother raises pure breed horses.  

Cory didn’t catch notice that his change in topic cut off what Lephi said.  They approached the bar and Lephi ordered a glass of wine.  Cory waiting until he could order a glass of water.  

Lephi: I rode a horse while visiting the Snows. Horrid creatures really. Beautiful, but they make my face all puffy.
Stoyer: Why is that?

Cory didn’t know of a reason why someone’s face would get puffy riding a horse.  

Lephi: Aller-gies, yes, that is what Elizabeth called them. Unfortunately inconvenient things. ::slight chuckle:: I can never remember the word in Federation Standard.

Ahhhh…..Cory thought.  He should have thought of that.  

Stoyer: Yes, that would make the ride uncomfortable.  I can definitely understand that.  

Cory took a sip of water.  It still seemed to be an awkward conversation between them, but he was determined to be friendly to the new Chief Engineer.  

Lephi: Enough about that though. Let's talk more about the ranch. Do you know its assessed value? I bet its in an impressive tax bracket!
Cory almost choked on his water as he had it to his mouth.  He coughed once and looked at her.  

Stoyer: Ahhhh, no.  It’s not my ranch.  My parents gave it to my brother.  Now he owns it with his wife.

Lephi: Response

Then it hit Cory that Lephi mentioned something about a wedding before Cory talked about the ranch.

Stoyer:  I apologize.  You mentioned something about a wedding.  I was rude and changed the subject.

Lephi: Response

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Helm/Ops/Comms Officer
USS Gorkon
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