Ensign Tali Namura - An Offer Extended

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Jo Marshall

Jun 10, 2019, 6:33:41 PM6/10/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon
((Ugami’s, Nassau -- Ma no Umi ))

::The trio had made their way into a small restaurant cafe, or what passed for one, within the midst of the service district. Surrounded by workers of all species and sizes, they had been called over to a small and quiet corner by a dark-suited man with a greying beard and Bajoran ridges adorning his nose.::

Volku: The Admiral said you would stand out like ink on an empty page. Assuming you are here on behalf of her, that is.

::Trellis couldn't quite temper down his reaction to that — jaw stiffening, muscles tensing — then relaxed at once. If Tali hadn't been watching him, she would've missed it entirely. Volku, on her other side, turned to Ayiana, a glint of admiration somewhere in there for the Trill who had been so ready to take a strip out of Tali's backside. Tali, on the other hand, was in a bit of a state of awe, with everything surrounding the Bajoran having faded into the background.::

Sevo: Don’t know any “Admirals,” except the ones that chase us down from time to time.

Volku: What are you looking to achieve here?

Sevo: Just dropping off some supplies. We’re waiting for our ship to be unloaded and refuelled, then we’ll be on our way.

::An interesting lie. Volku nodded, the hint of an amused smile on his lips. They had no reason to believe him, he had no reason to believe them, so there they were. playing a game of words.::

Vondaryan: Same as anyone, really. Make some coin, relax, blow off some steam. ::He held up his small toolbox.:: Gotta make a living somehow.

Volku: That you do. 

Sevo: Here’s a question for you. Who *are* you? We may be new to Nassau, but it’s not hard to see you pull the strings in this area.

::He smiled again, with a little tilt of his head, creasing the well-worn lines at the corners of his mouth and eyes. A life spent on the criminal end of the spectrum was a life spent listening to the tomtoms beating on the streets of their pirate haven. More often than not, they weren't wrong.:: 

Volku: Simply a concerned friend. ::He leaned back in his chair and opened his hands up in a modest gesture.:: I have many friends here. Eyes and ears all around.

Sevo: As I said, we’re just unloading some cargo, and grabbing a few drinks. Is that illegal?

Volku: No, especially not here. Here, you may do as you wish. The laws of Nassau are a little fast and loose. 

Vondaryan: All right, then, Volku, what do you want with us? My colleagues and I were perfectly capable of dealing with that little argument ourselves.
Sevo: Response

Volku: I did not think otherwise, however, starting a fight within your first five minutes here is quite an achievement. 

::The young blonde man shifted in his seat, taking a swift glance over his shoulder. Volku's eyes followed his, the patrons of the bar knowing quite well to leave his business well alone, however, from the secluded corner, their conversation was as private as if they were sitting in a bubble made exclusively for them.::

Vondaryan: You don't know of anyone needing to hire a small team like us, do you? We have certain talents at, *acquiring*, things that others would prefer we didn't. Isn't that right, Tails? ::He chuckled at the young doctor.:: I've never seen a bone collection to match.

::Tali startled a little from her revere of the older gentleman, and nodded, swallowing down a dry throat. This Bajoran knew who they were, made no attempt to conceal the fact, and her colleagues were making a valiant effort to deny it. However, from her angle, she could see the glint in the older man's eye.::

Namura: Little fingers have enough bones in now to make a rune set. 

Sevo: Response

Vondaryan: Well, in that case... ::He put his hands on the table to push himself up.:: We must be off.

Volku: Of course. 

::He waved his wrist around in a small circle, and with a deafening sound, all the patrons within the bar pushed back their chairs and left through the door the team had come through. The door slammed shut, thunking with the heaviness of the metal, behind the last Andorian to duck out — the doorway a little too short for his liking — however, it left the trio in the clutches of the older Bajoran. Expression changing as swiftly as the wind altered direction, the play of a smile fell from his face and he poured a clear liquid from a small bottle littered with kanji letters.::

Volku: Sit. 

::With a squeak, Tali complied, though she reached down the side of her thigh for the weapon strapped in there, possibly to calm her racing heartbeat.::

Sevo/Vondaryan: Response

Volku: You think she has sent you alone here. That's her nature. ::He took a small sip from the sake cup resting neatly on the table.:: Your Admiral would not send you into a situation you couldn't possibly survive. 

Sevo/Vondaryan: Response

Volku: Here is my offer. My influence here is waning somewhat, and I am ready to move back into the ruin of the Federation. However, the Syndicate have something I would like to be retrieved. ::Licking his lips for the briefest of seconds, his smile returned.:: I can get you into the facility. From there, you are on your own. Providing you return with what I need.

Sevo/Vondaryan: Response

Ensign Tali Namura 
Medical Officer 
USS Gorkon

simmed by 
Lt. Commander Jocelyn Marshall 
First Officer 
USS Gorkon 

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