Lieutenant Tasha MacFarlane - Putting on the disguise

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Jun 8, 2019, 6:19:53 AM6/8/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Bridge, USS Gorkon))

::After a couple more minutes of work Tasha sat back, satisfied with the appearance of their Captain’s disguise. Gone was the Admiral they all knew and loved. Her brown hair grey now, her eyes brown now, rather than their previous hazel, her features all different and wrong, yet also right. Most striking were the black lines which looked as though they had been literally carved into her face. The crisp Starfleet Uniform was also gone, replaced by the patchwork outfit common among pirates. Sitting back in her seat Tasha looked up at Quinn::

MacFarlane: I present t’ yeh, Reynolds th’ Rigellian. What d’ yeh think o’ yer appearance Cap’n Bhoda sir?

Johns: Wait... ::He frowned in confusion.:: That's the Admiral? And the Chief's the Cardassian?

::Tasha looked up to see Ross nodding and chuckling in the direction of Johns. Tasha felt a smile breaking across her face, clearly the disguise had worked.::

Ross: If your own crew can't see through it without being told, that bodes well.

MacFarlane: Right, now all I need t’ do is adjust yer voice, disguise th’ bridge, an’ disguise th’ rest o’ th’ bridge crew. ::She grinned.:: Anythin’ in particular Th’ Blazin’ Aurora should ‘ave on ‘er bridge? A Jacuzzi perhaps? Or a massive tapestry?

Johns: Rotating disco ball? Pair of furry dice? A throne made from the repossessed parts of captured starships instead of a command chair, sir?

::Tasha grinned. She liked the idea of designing a throne for Pirate Captain Bhoda. Already ideas were racing through her mind.::

Reynolds: I do like the idea of a throne.

Ross: Not so much a pirate captain as a pirate queen?

::Tasha grinned and returned to her console. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Johns taking to a console too. After a few moments Johns turned back towards the other officers.::

Johns: Baiden says he's trying to extend the comms as far as he can, sir, but it looks like they're going to be severely reduced, even with those within normal short-range.

::Unsurprising, they had known that would happen. Tasha’s grey holographic fingers moved over her console, continuing her artistic redesign of the Gorkon’s bridge and bridge crew. As she worked, she glanced up and addressed Johns.::

MacFarlane: Did Baiden specify anythin’ past tha’?

Johns: That's what he's said, as blunt as he is. Long-range communications are reduced to less than five light-years, short-range down to under five-hundred-thousand kilometres and could fall further. Transmission capacity and speed are in the pan until we're close enough.

::That could turn out to be a blessing or a curse. Tasha hoped that it would be the former.::

Ross: We only need it to extend further than their sensor range. That'll let us contact them before they can identify who we are.

Reynolds: It could play in our favour. A poor transmission could help mask any irregularities with our signal. ::She looked toward Johns.:: We need to end around the usual authentication and security checks against this kind of… ::with one camouflaged finger she drew a circle around her face,:: ...subterfuge.

MacFarlane/Johns: Response

Novak: Sir, we're entering Ma no Umi now.

::Tasha’s eyes flicked to the viewscreen, and she knew she wasn’t the only person on the bridge who became transfixed by the twisting, churning beauty of the plasma fields around them. As the Gorkon plunged into the region, there was no change. It was somewhat anticlimactic, but Tasha was thankful for that. Any noticeable changes would have undoubtedly been bad for the ship.::

Ross: It's beautiful.

MacFarlane: Aye, but dangerous if we aren’t careful.

Johns: Response

Reynolds: Alright. Let's push the sensors as far as they can go. See if we can spot them before they see us.

MacFarlane: Aye sir, before we do so ‘owever, may I present t’ yeh, the bridge o’ Th’ Blazin’ Aurora.

::As she finished the sentence, Tasha tapped a final command and her disguise came online. She couldn’t change the physical layout of the bridge, so instead she had subtly adjusted certain elements. First had been the colour scheme. Gone were the clean colours of a Starfleet vessel, replaced with a mildly dirty moss green and beige palette. Next, she had ever so slightly changed the shape of the consoles, rounding them out and bulking them up. Unable to forget the recommendation from Johns, Tasha hadn’t exactly crafted a throne for their captain, but the center chair certainly looked much nicer than any other on the bridge. Crushed velvet upholstery, in a striking Sapphire Blue, and solid armrests, constructed from a beautiful dark wood with small inlaid screens to give Captain Bhoda easy access to everything she needed..::

MacFarlane: What do you think sir?

::The final part of her disguise was now revealed, the voice filters, tied directly into the universal translator. Tasha’s voice was deeper now, and had taken a soft sibilance, very different from her strong Scottish accent::

MacFarlane: And before you ask, yes, I have disguised your voice too Captain.

Johns/Reynolds/Ross: Response

::She couldn’t help another proud grin from stretching her Cardassian features. It was rare that she had the chance to use her skills in holographic design, and rarer that she showed those skills to others.::

MacFarlane: Thank you Captain, now, let us see what Johns and I can pull out of the sensors.

Johns/Reynolds/Ross: Response


Lieutenant Tasha MacFarlane

Aka Kaeleirah Zheeca

Chief Engineer

USS Gorkon


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