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Jun 26, 2022, 4:34:39 PMJun 26
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(OOC - time-wise this takes place whenever is convenient!)

(( Library - Deck 4 - USS Gorkon ))

Loxley shut down the library computer. Forensic pathology was not an easy subject to qualify in, given the ridiculous amount of species in the known galaxy and the even more ridiculous ways in which they could die. And it was even harder to qualify in when learning via Academy courses light years away from the lecture halls on Earth.
But, still, Lox had to admit it was fascinating stuff and he’d already learned stuff that would have been useful back on Darime IV. And Starfleet officers doing extra studies while assigned to starships spread over two quadrants was nothing new these days; the Academy had got it down to a fine art now.
He sighed as he gathered up his notes and reference PADDs. Starting a brand new study course right at the end of shore leave was odd timing to be sure. And, if he was honest, he knew why he’d started it – he needed a distraction. Actually, not just a distraction, but also an excuse to avoid doing something else he didn’t want to do.
And if he was going to be honest to himself, he should also be honest to the person he had been avoiding this shore leave. With another sigh, he tapped the commbadge clipped to the front of his civilian garb.

Loxley: =/\= Loxley to Alieth. =/\=

Alieth: response

Loxley: =/\= Lieutenant. I thought I should apologise for not continuing our studies while we were off-duty. I know you put a lot of time and effort in last time. =/\=

Alieth: response

Loxley: =/\= It’s just, with the time I’m spending on this pathology qualification, I’ve not really had the time… ::he paused and closed his eyes for a second – honesty:: Actually that’s not entirely true. =/\=

Alieth: response

Loxley: =/\= My father is a very ‘Vulcan’ Vulcan, and we’ve never exactly seen eye to eye on a number of things. The work we did last time in Japan reminded me why I… ::think he’s a dick:: …I didn’t follow these teachings more when I was younger.

Alieth: response

Lt (jg) Loxley
USS Gorkon

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