​Lieutenant Corliss Fortune-Some Deep Thoughts Tonight

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((Counselor’s Office, USS Gorkon))

Fortune: Okay…okay, so what does this mean? To you, I mean. Whatever it could mean, clinically, means nothing. But how do you feel about the news? What are you thinking about right now?

Sirin: Nothing is making sense, but makes complete sense. My grandfather must have known. He gave her that drug. Did he know she already carried the family heir? Was he hoping she’d lose the baby taking an illegal fertility drug? ::Realization hits:: Corliss. He isn’t my grandfather. I’ve lost half of my family. ::sits down:: I’ve lost Alieth.

Fortune: Hey now, hey, take a breath, okay? You haven’t lost her, Meidra. I may not know Alieth as long as you have, but I don’t believe she’d throw away a long-standing relationship over…finding out you aren’t related!

Karawati above, Alieth, don’t make a liar out of her. She had high hopes in what she said, but people tended to surprise you, which was why she was in counseling. But there was no shaking Meidra of what was going on in her head.

Sirin: I’m in my fifties and have no idea who I am. Nothing makes sense.

Fortune: Oh, Meidra…

She wanted to say that it wasn’t true, that Meidra took to being herself like a brilliant bird took to flying, that no one ever quite knew what they were doing, just hoping for the best.

But she had vaulted from asking for help to just needing an assurance that someone would hear her. Corliss switched gears then, folding her hands in her lap as she listened.

Sirin: I feel like I’m losing my father again.

She gently nudged a small tissue box her way, nodding.

Fortune: I can understand that. You’ve had something large dropped on you, a…family secret, if you will.

Sirin: Response

Fortune: I think you should get all your thoughts out. If they’re no longer in your head, you can parse them out, separate from what’s a panicked state of mind to what’s an honest concern.

Sirin: Response

Fortune:…well…the ones we love would accept us, no matter the things we find out about ourselves. True, it may come as a shock, but I like to believe that they would find their care for us larger than whatever it was we would reveal to them. What do you think?

Sirin: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune

Highest Quality Counsellor Brain

USS Gorkon


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