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Quinn Reynolds

Mar 14, 2019, 4:37:37 PM3/14/19
to Gorkon (IC)
((Cargo Bay 2, Deck 6, USS Njörðr))

::While searching through the cargo bay for something to help them cross a massive rip in the ship's innards, Quinn had stumbled upon a wounded young crewman. He'd grabbed her hand, not knowing that this unfamiliar admiral was a touch telepath, and she'd found that she couldn't bring herself to pull away. Barely out of basic training, he thought his back was broken, and from the echoing numbness in her legs, she had a feeling he was right. He was draped across a crate like a broken doll, and she stepped toward him, bringing his arm close to her chest.::

Reynolds: We'll do what we can.

Meza: Will you tell my M— Mom I'm sorry? ::He smiled, a sob catching in his throat, his teeth stained crimson.:: S— She didn't want me to j— join up.

::Her chest squeezed tight, and she brushed the pale curls from his forehead with a gentle touch. She could feel him fading, though whether that was toward unconsciousness or something more permanent, she didn't know.::

Reynolds: I'll talk to her, if you can't. ::She spoke softly, holding on to her hope so that he might, too.:: *If* you can't.

::While Sevo prepped and administered a hypospray, Stoyer set his PADD down near the young man, placing a gentle hand on the youth's chest. He spoke softly, almost paternal, a tender side that the mission specialist didn't often bring out in public.::

Stoyer: Crewman… I went to basic and was a crewman like you… Remember what they taught us in the first couple of days there... Starfleet takes care of their own.   I— ::He gestured toward herself and Ayiana.:: —we will make sure you get home.  

::Sevo nodded in agreement, her smile thin through her distress, and Quinn squeezed Aldin's hand, receiving one in return. The kind words saw the last motes of the boy's hope replaced by melancholy acceptance, and he smiled at them through his tears. She stroked the pale curls of hair on his head as his eyes began to lose their focus, his thoughts drifting to a happy home and a loving family, slowing to stillness, until there was nothing left for her to hear.::

Reynolds: ::Quietly,:: He's gone.

::The words were hard to say, her throat aching, heat pricking at the edges of her eyes. She placed his hand back on his chest, her thumb sweeping over the soft, cooling skin. Stoyer stepped away, his gaze falling on a sheet of soft packing material, escaped from its crate. He recovered it to use it as a shroud, hiding the youth from view, and then picked up the PADD he had placed down::

Stoyer: Skipper, did you get his name?

Reynolds: Aldin Meza.

Sevo: Farewell, Aldin Meza.

::The Trill wiped away tears, and stepped closer to Quinn. A moment later, the hybrid felt a hand alight on her shoulder. At any other time, she might have shrugged it off, but the simple gesture of concern was appreciated right then. She remained where she was, eyes on the sheet draped over a boy who had been full of life and potential, just a few hours ago.::

Sevo: Admiral, sir? Are you alright?

Reynolds: ::Dully,:: I'm tired.

::So tired, right through to her bones.:: 

Stoyer: Response

Sevo: Let… let me give you some more pain reliever, sir. The first dose is probably wearing off by now.

::Quinn nodded, rubbing her damp eyes with her fingers and thumb, pinching the bridge of her nose. She couldn't wallow, she knew that, but nor could she shake the feeling that Aldin had taken a little piece of her with him. She breathed as sigh as the hypospray hissed just under her ear, stepping away to try and give herself some physical distance from the young man, as well as emotional.

::While she did so, Sevo dosed herself, the drug smoothing out the fine lines of pain that had carved their way onto her face. With hypospray still in hand, she turned to Stoyer, her offer clear.::

Sevo: Lieutenant? 

Stoyer: Response

::Trying to drag herself back into action, Quinn swung her torch around their immediate area. The cargo bay was looking more like a bust, without anything they might find useful, at least in the time they had to spare searching for it. Behind her, a tricorder started to chirp.::

Sevo: Sir, if I’m not mistaken, I’m detecting faint energy readings from the cargo transporter. I don’t know if it means it’s operational or not, though.

Reynolds: Let's go take a look. 

Sevo/Stoyer: Response

::She cast a last glance toward the boy whose hand she'd held. Then with glum shake of her head, she joined Sevo and Stoyer as they threaded their way through the jumble of fallen crates and equipment to the large structure she recognised as the cargo transporter. The pads were still lit with a dull glow, and Quinn tugged the tricorder out of her engineering kit, scanning the system. It was a welcome distraction, and she focused intently on the small screen in her hand as it glowed in the dark.::

Reynolds: It's… actually working, would you believe it. Looks like its backup connection to the fusion generator survived. 

Sevo/Stoyer: Response

Reynolds: I don't think we'd be able to get all the way to Deck D. ::She tapped at her tricorder, interfacing and running diagnostics through the small device.:: It looks as though interference from the nebula is drastically reducing the range. But we'd certainly be able to get a lot closer.

Sevo/Stoyer: Response

::They'd have to spend a little time configuring the device to beam people instead of objects, but that would be considerably less than how long it would take to travel on foot, given the obstacles in their path. She looked toward Stoyer, tucking her tricorder away for now.::

Reynolds: You remember how to set one of these to quantum mode? ::She paused, and then sighed.:: Upside down?

Sevo/Stoyer: Response

Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Gorkon
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