Lieutenant Lephi: The Work Never Ends

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Lieutenant Lephi

Jan 26, 2022, 3:13:22 PMJan 26
to USS Gorkon
((Main Engineering, USS Gorkon))

The look of horror slowly faded from Lephi's face as the Centauran explained the logic behind his question about assaulting her equipment. The Ensign seemingly lacked a filter when dealing with the chief engineer, and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. 

Lephi: Don't worry about this console too much, it's just your first day. Are you even settled into your quarters yet? 

Vander: No, not yet. A Petty Officer from Ops kindly offered to get my belongings moved in, I’m somewhere on deck 14 apparently. ::he looked around the huge space of Main Engineering:: But considering I could get lost just in here, it might take me a while to find my bed.

Lephi: I get what you mean, I've barely been in my quarters since I arrived myself. Spent most of my shore leave here, actually. I always say, you can never be too prepared.

Vander: I heard whispers that the Gorkon might be shipping out soon?

Lephi: Should be soon, I'd imagine. You must be excited to get underway?

Vander: I’m looking forward to it. The exploits of the Gorkon are pretty legendary. And I’ve also been told I need to visit Sto’vo’kor, although I’m led to believe that this is actually a crew lounge and not the afterlife.

She chuckled mirthlessly. She, too, had been looking forward to her first mission aboard the Gorkon, whose reputation precedes itself. That lasted all of five minutes before her expectations were soured and she found herself saving the lives of her new crewmates.

Lephi: Sto’vo’kor has a great atmosphere, you definitely need to check it out.

Vander: I think things are going to be very different for me in this posting. But I like a challenge. ::he paused, his eyes a little suspicious:: One question remains, though…

Lephi's eyes narrowed as she waited for the man to come out with his question. She'd only just met him, but already was preparing for anything.

Lephi: Fire away! ::smiling:: We love questions around here.

Vander: Who actually is the Chief Engineer?

Her smile faded slightly, and sweat teased the edges of her lobes. Their meeting had gone so well in her eyes, how could she have forgotten to introduce herself?

Lephi: Oh. Did uh.. did I not mention that?

Vander: Response 

Lephi: I am the Chief Engineer of the Gorkon, my name is Lieutenant Lephi. 

Vander: Response 

Lephi: It is a pleasure to meet you, Ensign Vander, but I'm afraid I must take my leave now. I have to sort out that console without resorting to violence. 

Vander: Response 

Lephi: I look forward to working with you in the future, and maybe I could show you Sto’vo’kor at some point. 

She didn't wait for the man to reply. The Ferengi picked her PADD back up and made her way to the console once more, ready to work.


Lieutenant Lephi
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon NCC-82293

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