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Chief of Operations’ log, stardaate 239206.20.  This will be my last entry as Ops chief of the starship Garuda.  I’ve moved most of my personnel over to the new ship.  I just have a few final things to take care of here, and then… we’re off.

(( Chief of Operations’ Office, USS Garuda, 4 hours after Mei’konda’s discharge from A1 Hospital ))

:: Odin sat near the door, holding one of his toys and looking forlorn.  As large as the rottweiler was, he’d always been very good at looking sad, and Mei’konda didn’t blame him.  It might be the way of service in Starfleet, but they were losing their home. ::

:: The Caitian pulled out the various PADDs he’d kept in his desk, checked to make sure none were important or pending, and slipped them into his duffel bag.  Next, came the photos from the walls.  One with his mother, several taken with Evan on Earth, one of his Father, sometime in the late 2350s, before the Borg attack on Wolf 359. A few extra desk decorations he’d picked up, most back on Deep Space Ten.  They’d be staying in boxes for a long time.  He could barely imagine the work he had ahead of him.  Shouldering his bag, he strode out the door with a brief glance back.  It wasn’t the space he’d really miss.  Nor even his quarters.  He made his way down the familiar corridor he’d be seeing for likely the last time, and tapped the turbolift call button. ::

(( Bridge, USS Garuda ))

:: The hour was normally alpha shift.  Mei’konda’s shift.  But the ship was skeleton crewed, with only a couple of unfamiliar faces on the Bridge.  New officers, already transferring in, already taking charge.  There was no one at Ops. The Caitian glanced down toward his dog. ::

Mei’konda: Stay, Odin.  I’ll just be a moment.

:: The dog tilted his head and panted happily a couple of times.  Mei’konda stepped out into the Bridge, and swallowed.  He’d spent so many hours here.  Every console was familiar.  Most were running streamlined operations systems that he’d worked with Engineering to design.  The watch officer, a Vulcan Lieutenant who looked older than him, glanced quizzically upward. ::

Vulcan: Sir?  Most of the senior staff are already on the Invicta.  Is there something I can help you with?

:: Mei’konda bit back the sudden sharp response that threatened to escape his lips.  He knew every operation of this ship.  He certainly needed no help.  But he knew what the Vulcan meant. ::

Mei’konda: … No, Lieutenaant, I just haave a little work to traansfer over.

:: The Vulcan nodded, and Mei’konda eased himself down into the Ops chair.  He’d had it replaced with one that had an opening in the back, similar to the Captain’s chair, so he could thread his tail through it.  No doubt that would be getting put back to standard.  He settled his hands on the console, and tapped through a few transfer sequences.  He could have moved his logs over from the office, of course.  But he needed to say goodbye.  He hadn’t had the chance on the Mercury, and the Garuda felt more like home than any other ship he’d ever been on. ::

Mei’konda: :: Quietly :: You’ll be in good hands, my graaceful bird.  Perhaaps we’ll meet again some day. Saafe journies.

:: The Caitian lingered for a moment, then logged out of the console.  He swiveled his chair, and rose to his feet again.  He paused before heading back to the turbolift, where Odin was waiting, and addressed the Vulcan in the center chair. ::

Mei’konda: … Tell the next Ops chief that the Garuda’s main deflectorr is not misaliigned.  We harmoniized it with the graavity generators to gain an extra point fiive percent resolutiion on short raange scans.

:: That got him another raised eyebrow, and without another look back, he stepped back onto the turbolift.  Odin was happy to have him back, and he petted the big dog affectionately between the ears.  There was nothing more to be said.  It was time to move on. ::


Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

Chief of Operations

USS Invicta

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