[10F] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Unwelcome Recognition" (Ceremony)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 29, 2015, 3:05:36 PM1/29/15
to Garuda
(( 10 Forward ))

:: Alora had expected something like the call that had come. After all,
it wasn’t unusual for people to receive commendations after a mission,
especially one that had been so...disturbing. She, however, wouldn’t be
one of them, but dressed for the occasion regardless out of respect for
her fellow officers. Honestly, she didn’t want to go. She’d far rather
hide in her quarters and stick to seeing friends in a more intimate
setting, which was an indication in of itself at how much the events had
affected her. The social butterfly, for once, preferred to stay in her

She arrived just as the captain did, but hung back so that neither she
nor the Commander took note. Once they stepped inside, Alora allowed
herself a deep breath, released it slowly, then entered. Fortunately,
eyes were on the captain and first officer as they took center stage, so
Alora, for the moment, went unnoticed.::

Egan Manno: Thank you for joining Commander Bakari and I here today.
::beat:: You have each played an invaluable part in ensuring that you
could join us, and that there was a place, a space, and a ship left for
this event. Your actions during our last mission ensured the safety and
perpetuation of ship and crew. And for that, I want to recognize you.
::beat:: Doctor Mo’Phatz, please, if you’ll join me.

:: Alora’s gaze followed the doctor as she rose to approach the captain.
Her actions had been necessary because of the Kindred - and she had been
a tool in everything. Although she hadn’t been, she still could not
forget that she’d been a part of the chaos that had ensued.::

Egan Manno: Doctor, your good work with the many crises during this
mission have been invaluable to the medical staff and the crew of this
ship. I am delighted to advance your rank immediately from ensign to
lieutenant, junior grade.

Mo’Phatz: Thank you, Captain!​

:: As the new lieutenant JG began to turn away, though, Msafiri called
out to the Orion. ::

Bakari: ::smirking:: Not just yet, lieutenant.

​ :: The Orion stayed still, returning to the position facing the
captain and first officer. Alora’s attention shifted away from her and
back toward the captain who called up two more officers.::​

Egan Manno: Ensign Lexicon and Doctor Skyfire, will you also join us,

​ :: By Skyfire’s reaction, Alora couldn’t tell if he was surprised or
resigned - perhaps a little of both. She watched as he and the ensign
approached so that Egan Manno could award them their well deserved

Egan Manno: Ensign Lexicon, your discovery of the mutated plants’
susceptibility to vibrations at a certain frequency gave us our first
clear advantage during the infestation, and lead directly to how we
eliminated them from the Garuda. Doctors, had Ensign Lexicon not
discovered the frequency, your creation of a complex, virulent herbicide
would have eliminated the plants, as well, and was an impressive piece
of bioengineering. To each of you, I present the Innovation Ribbon.

Pods ​: Thank you Captain. This is most excitement I have had in a long

::Mo’Phatz blinked, obviously taken aback by the presentation and her
reaction was the first to prompt a hint of a smile.::​

Skyfire ​: Thank you, ma'am.

:: Msafiri pinned the ribbons onto each of the officers’ uniforms and
shook their hands. The younger doctor still seemed rather taken aback by
the proceedings, but she’d come to terms soon enough. ::

Bakari: Congratulations.

Egan Manno: Ensign King, Chief Dunross, please join me.

::Alora craned her neck to see around another officer who had risen to
shift to a different seat, then straightened as she watched those
approach the Captain and Commander Bakari.::

Egan Manno: Ensign, Chief: You were thrust immediately into a difficult
situation, one that barely allowed you to exit the shuttlebay where
you’d landed for fear of your lives. Yet your assistance in that
situation allowed the shuttlebay to remain a free and viable site for
evacuation -- which was thankfully unnecessary -- and allowed Ensign
Lexicon to make his discovery. Your arrivals were both fortuitous and
critical, and I would like to recognize you both with the Captain’s

Bakari: ::nods:: Congratulations, Ensign. ::to Dunross:: Chief.

King / Dunross: ?

Egan Manno: Lieutenant DeVeau, please.

:: Msafiri was ready with the box, but Cassie’s eyes locked on Alora’s
and didn’t let go. For a moment, Alora frozen, back against the wall.
She hadn’t wanted to be called. Actually, the last thing she really
wanted was anyone to pay attention to her, but the Captain had wiped out
any possibility of that. For a few breaths, she lingered, as if
uncertain whether or not she should do as requested. Finally, she stood
straight and put first one foot, then the other and closed the gap
between her and Egan Manno. Every eye upon her could be felt and the
uncertainty within her rose to the surface. Normally a smile would adorn
her face, but she was hard pressed to even produce a flicker. ::

Egan Manno: Lieutenant, no one can know exactly what you went through
when the Kindred invaded your mind. I would not even speak of it here,
except that it seems cruel not to acknowledge that suffering. I won’t
speak at length, though -- I will only grant to you a second Prisoner of
War Ribbon, represented by the Gold Star.

::A second one. The first had been received because of the Orion who had
attempted to take control of the Gateway, but that couldn’t compare with
what had just happened. She nodded slowly as Bakari pinned the star,
then began to turn so she could leave. She wanted to get out of the
spotlight, to hide away from all those eyes staring at her.

Egan Manno: If you’ll stay for a moment, Lieutenant? Ensign Greyson and
Lieutenant Knight, please?

::As the words were spoken, Alora froze and glanced back at the Captain.
Stay? Did she really have to? She didn’t want to stay, to remain under
the scrutiny of all in ten forward. Her eyes widened the idea of
disobeying flashed through her mind, but her feet set themselves off to
the side to wait just as the captain had requested.::

Egan Manno: There are no congratulations here -- each of you underwent
pain and struggle far beyond the call of duty. Yet you persevered and
withstood, and for that, I would like to recognize each of you with the
Purple Heart. Commander Calderan is also noted in absentia.

::Another purple heart. How would she explain this to her family? Well,
they knew there were risks in Starfleet, as she had known when she first
entered the Academy. One of her brothers was also in Starfleet, but she
didn’t remember any stories anywhere near as insane. Maybe he had just
happened to find a particularly quiet posting.::

Knight / Greyson: ?

Bakari: Counselor, if you’d join us?

Moonsong: ?

​ :: The approach of a familiar and very welcome form actually helped
Alora relax a little, although it could have been due to the fact that
now people were focusing on Raissa rather than her. As Raissa drew
closer, another tiny, almost imperceptible smile flicked over her lips
before fading into oblivion.::

Egan Manno: You’ve done good work, Counselor. I know there would be some
officers who wouldn’t be sitting here today but for you. ::beat:: I
might be one of them. ::another beat:: I could never expect anything
from you but your best. This ship is what it is because of you. And it’s
my great pleasure to promote you to the rank of full lieutenant.

Moonsong: ?

::She was one of them. Although the Community had certainly been a
factor, Raissa had been the one to reach out, to try and touch Alora.
For that, Alora would always be grateful. The rank was over due in her

Moonsong: ?

Bakari: Now don’t go anywhere, Lieutenant.

:: He looked over at the engineers who were standing nearby. Alora, too,
remained with the small and growing group that hovered about the two
superior officers. Why did she have to remain? Even though Raissa had
now joined them, it took every effort from Alora not to squirm. All
those eyes were in that direction, so how many of them held accusations?
How many wore pity? She’d been known as the plant lady before, but now
she had a feeling that such a title wouldn’t hold such an innocent
connotation, even if it had been the Kindred controlling them.::

Bakari: Chief Valaine, Ensign Greyson, and you, too, Tristam. Get up here.

::There was more surprise on the part of the officers called up again.
As they joined the group, Alora scooted to the side and attempted to use
Raissa to block her as much as possible.::

Egan Manno: We have each of you to thank for ensuring that the Garuda
and her crew came through this crisis. Commander, Ensign, Chief: You
effectively implemented the plan to rid the Garuda of its infestation
with Ensign Lexicon’s disruptive frequency -- and you showed the highest
caliber of service in the dedication shown to your trapped fellow
engineers. Counselor, your communication with the Bodhisattva of the
Community revealed the truth of what lived in the Genesis Cloud. For
these actions, I recognize each of you with the Legion of Merit.


Greyson: :: swallowed. :: Thank you, ma'am. ​

::At least she wasn’t the only one uncomfortable, although Alora
couldn’t imagine why Greyson seemed so. Bakari began to pin on the
ribbons while the captain continued with handing out more.::

Egan Manno: Lieutenant Delano and Commander Mei’konda, please?

:: Cassie nodded with a small smile to the engineers then secured the
box from Bakari.::

Egan Manno: Please join your fellows, Commander.

:: After she had pinned each of them, she spoke to the group. ::

Egan Manno: Commander Calderan, for her actions, will also receive the
Distinguished Service Ribbon. ::beat:: Lieutenant, if you’ll stay with
me, please.

:: As Mei’konda returned to his seat, Cassie handed the box back to
Bakari, then paused as if trying to choose her words carefully.::

Egan Manno: Lieutenant Delano, you brought to my attention some
potentially unsavory information before this mission began. Though I’m
loathe to expand at present, you also ensured the safety of a civilian
whose life you believed was in danger. For both actions and their
conspicuous gallantry, I would like to recognize you with the Good
Conduct Ribbon. Since this is your second such award, you’ll receive the
Good Conduct Ribbon plus its associated Gold Star.

Delano: ?

​ :: That didn’t make much sense to Alora, but that was probably
because, as the captain had already said, she wasn’t going to expand. In
other words, it was none of anyone’s business but she was going to
recognise him for his actions regardless. ::

:: After Evan had returned to his seat, Cassie again took the box from
Msafiri. This time, however, she turned it so that the staff could see
what remained inside: Many of the same ribbon, gold on navy. ::

Egan Manno: Though it didn’t precede in a way that Starfleet, you, or I
imagined it would, this mission still provided us with much valuable
information about the Genesis Cloud, the nature of protomatter
conglomerations, and the entity or entities known as the Kindred. For
your part in those discoveries, everyone will receive the Explorer’s
Ribbon. Commander Calderan and Lieutenants Falcon and Trel’lis will also
receive this ribbon in absentia.

​ :: Red crept into Alora’s cheeks. No, it hadn’t gone as they expected
and honestly, she had a feeling that was partially her fault. During the
down time, Alora had run over the scenario in her mind again and again
and again. By all accounts, that protomatter shouldn’t have seeped into
the ship to affect the plants. Was it just the Kindred? She had a
feeling that, no, it wasn’t. There was more to it. Technically, she was
off duty, but one of the things Alora intended was to go back and run
some tests, even if it was ‘off the clock’. ::

Egan Manno: Thank you for your attendance and your help in recognizing
your and your colleagues’ successes. If you wish, you may remain with
the crew for a while -- but please feel free to leave. Again, thank you.

:: The captain began the applause and the rest of the crew continued it.
Alora slipped further back to sift through the shadows and finally
leave. Free. She was free. Free from those eyes and the wonderings that
went on behind them. For once, she was glad she couldn’t read minds for
fear of what she might glean from them. Outside, she inhaled deeply,
then quickly fled the corridor, her ribbons bouncing slightly in her
hasty retreat.


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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