[DSX] Lt. Commander Nia Calderan & Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Welcome To Euregard's Emporium" (No Tags, Slight Backsim)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 7, 2014, 11:27:39 AM8/7/14
to Garuda

((Promenade; DSX))

::Was it just her or was the hum of the station softer than before?
Perhaps some of the pieces of equipment that had caused the various
noises, the clicking and clacking that at times resounded through the
large, floating hunk of metal, had been repaired. Or maybe Alora was
just getting used to it.::

::A couple of new shops had inserted themselves among the others since
her last visit and Alora found herself perusing the most recent
residents. One shop in particular caught her attention and she paused to
peer into it, nose pressed against the window.::

:: Meanwhile, Nia had finished her shift and return to DSX to do some
much needed clothes shopping to replace the outfit she’d lost during the
Pit fight. She wandered around, seeing lots of potential purchases but
nothing that really caught her eye. However, she could not fail but
notice the Science Chief, Alora clamped limpet-style to the window of
one particularly shiny shop.::

Calderan: Morning Alora.

::The sudden call of a familiar voice caused Alora to jerk back, but she
immediately relaxed into a grin when she realised who it was had spoken
to her.

DeVeau: Commander! Hi!

Calderan: What have you spotted?

::The shoppe was indicated and Alora refocused upon one of the items in
the window that had caught her eye. She wasn’t sure what it was, a
strange round globe etched with various runes, but not in a language she

DeVeau: I think it’s a curio shoppe. I’m not sure, but look, they have
all sorts of stuff. See that pretty necklace back there? It looks really
old. Oh, and there’s a strange looking box, like something you’d use to
hold items, but I don’t see any hinges or any way to open it.

::Gold, silver, bronze, black, blue, red, green, all the shades of the
rainbow and various colours in between were represented in the shoppe
within. A curved handle to something that was mostly hidden by a large
ancient looking wooden dresser that must be of Terran origin spurred her

:: Nia turned to look at the items DeVeau had spotted. Seconds later,
Nia was likewise pressed up against the glass, gazing at the wonders

Calderan: Shall we?

DeVeau: Is that an invitation to shop with you?

:: Nia nodded enthusiastically.::

Calderan: Absolutely, if that’s alright with you?

DeVeau: Of course. It’s always more fun with company. Let’s see what we
can find.

::A single hand flicked toward the doorway, an old-fashioned wooden
piece that had evidently specially ordered (or replicated somehow) to
match the style of the shop itself. If nothing else, the place had

Calderan: I smell bargains! Follow me...

::Alora dutifully followed her superior officer inside and her eyes
flicked from one thing to another. The entire space was filled to the
brim with knick knacks and various items. Quite a few were obviously
Terran, but even more there were things that came from all over.
Cardassian headpieces and Bajoran earrings were among rare and unusual

Calderan: Anything catch your eye, Lieutenant?

DeVeau: Everything’s catching my eye. And just call me Alora.

::From the ceiling, various sets of baubles were suspended by silver and
gold chains in all sorts of shapes. Some took on the forms of animals,
others were more abstract, and some looked as if they were moving with
Alora circled around. Nia saw some lovely silk scarves, and she trailed
them across her hands. They were so smooth it was like a breath of wind
caressing her fingers. She picked one up, held it across her neck and
smiled at Alora.::

Calderan: What do you think? Suits me?

::She didn’t answer right away, for Alora stepped back and studied her,
then nodded.::

DeVeau: The colour brings out your eyes.

::And her motion had brought the attention of something else. Alora
tugged an item off of what looked to be an old fashioned coat rack.::

Calderan: Thanks! Hey, what do you have there?

:: Nia saw the item Alora was holding up, and if Alora bought it, Nia
immediately wanted to borrow it.::

DeVeau: It’s...wow, it’s a corset! Medieval style!

::Alora laughed, but the slid it around her waist, then began to work on
the laces.::

DeVeau: Or maybe it’s more victorian. I think medieval corsets had
shoulder straps. What do you think?

Calderan: It suits you. In truth, I doubt I could fit into that. You’re
a lot thinner than me. Go for it!

DeVeau: But where would I wear it?

Calderan: Is there not a young officer who you’d like to show it off to?
Or maybe in one of our medieval holodeck adventures?

DeVeau: No, no one like that.

::Alora cast an amused glance over at the commanding officer, then
hopped in front of a mirror to twirl one way, then the other.::

DeVeau: But yeah, a holodeck adventure. Although it looks kind of neat
just over my shirt like this too.


DeVeau: Are there any you could wear? ::She turned to try and get as
good a look from the back as she could.:: What do you think?

:: Nia pursed her lips and pondered the idea. Maybe she could find
something equally as cute to wear, and then she and Alora could be the
coolest medieval gals in town.::

Calderan: I think the time is right for some frivolity… buy it!

:: Then Nia spotted something even more shiny. A long blue silk dress.::

Calderan: Yes, come to mama!

::Laughter punctuated Alora’s words when she saw the item Calderan
zoomed straight toward.::

DeVeau: Is there anything this place _doesn’t_ have? You’ll need a
changing room for that.

::She glanced around, then frowned. No one else was in the shoppe.
Actually, that was part of the problem - the were alone, just the two of
them. There wasn’t even a shop owner. So who was going to take payment
for the items?::

DeVeau: Do you see anyone here? I mean, I haven’t seen another soul, not
even an employee.

Calderan: Now you come to mention it, no.

:: Nia looked around, and indeed the place did seem to be abandoned.::

DeVeau: Very odd. There’s not even a counter.

::Alora stood on her tip toes to try and peer over a wall of items that
seemed to create a border to separate the back of the shoppe from the

DeVeau: Hello. Hello?

Calderan: Yoo hooo! Anyone?

::A clicking, clacking, clanging noise answered the query and a moment
later, from between drapes that Alora originally thought had been for
sale, a small robot emerged. It was an old, boxy thing that rolled on
grooved wheels. It’s rectangular head glowed with an array of rainbow
lights as it crept toward the two women. About a foot before it would
have hit Alora’s foot, it stopped and in a voice that registered only
one tone, the robot spoke.::

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

Calderan: oO Oh my word, he’s adorable! Oo

DeVeau: Say what?

::Alora cast an uncertain glance toward Nia, but the Robot took the
science officer quite literally.::

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

Calderan: Hello there...

DeVeau: Wow. This thing must be...ancient. How old do you think?

Calderan: Urm, I’m not sure. It looks decades and decades old. Certainly
before Starfleet took this place over, but whether he was here already
or is a recent arrival, I dunno.

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

:: Nia knelt down on one knee to look the little robot in the *eye* or
more accurately its optical sensor.::

Calderan: Can you help us? We’re interested in buying some of the
Emporium’s wares.

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

DeVeau: I’m not sure it does much else than that.

Robot: Please indicate what you wish to purchase.

DeVeau: Then again, I could be wrong.

::She had to agree, it _was_ kind of cute. Squarish, but cute. It
honestly looked as if someone had just decided to pile a couple of
boxes, connect them with tubes and call it a day.::

:: Nia looked over her shoulder to the fabulous outfits hanging so
temptingly on the rack behind her.::

Calderan: That blue silk dress for starters!

DeVeau: Maybe we should choose everything we want and then bring it to him.

:: Nia stood and waited for the robot to react. She was intrigued by the
whole set up.::

Calderan: Hey, Rumbles, are you the owner?

Rumbles the Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

::Well, so much for doing something else.::

>From the back: Hello! Hello! Hello!

::The voice that echoed the greeting was a far cry from the robotic
monotone that emitted from the moving pile of metal and it was followed
by the appearance of a man about four and a half feet tall, white hair
sticking out from his head in various directions. Brown eyes peered over
a bulbous nose which shadowed thin lines spread into a welcoming smile.
He rubbed his hands together in eager anticipation as he regarded the
two females.::

Old Man: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium!

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

::The gentleman turned to the robot and spat out.::

Old Man: I just said that!

::Immediately he straightened and turned on that smile once more, hands
resuming their previous motions.::

Old Man: I’m Euregard, how may I help you?

:: Nia flashed the old man a cheery smile.::

Calderan: Nice to meet you, Mr Euregard. We were just admiring your stock.

DeVeau: I’m going to get this corset, but I still want to look around a bit.

::There was so much to see. Beyond the array of clothing, on the long,
side wall were shelves stacked from floor to ceiling, piled high with
familiar, rectangle shaped objects.::

DeVeau: Oooo! Books! _REAL_ books, no digital ones. I want to go smell them.

:: Nia gave Alora a quizzical look. The idea of smelling a book sounded
like something Leo would say.::

Calderan: I prefer to read books, but whatever floats your boat…

DeVeau: Smell then read. Enjoy the smell while you read!

::With that, Alora skipped over to the wall and up the short flight of
two steps that brought her to the shelves. They lined it all along with
various knickknacks and trinkets stuck here and there. Mostly though,
there were books, and most of them look very, very old.::

Euregard: Yes, yes, please look around, don’t feel like you have to be
in a hurry. The blue dress you say? Would you care to try it on?

Calderan: Yes please! :: Her face broke into a broad grin.::

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

:: Nia chuckled.::

Euregard: Stop saying that!

Calderan: Shall I go in there?

:: Nia gestured towards a curtained area at the back of the shop,
hopefully a fitting room.::

Euregard: Ah, no that leads to the back, but the curtains to the right,
there’s a bit of a room there for you to change and a mirror to see.

:: Nia took the dress and entered, giving another glance over to see
Alora thumbing her way through a veritable library of old musty

Calderan: ::shouting:: Smelling good?

DeVeau: You have _no_ idea.

::She inhaled deeply and then sighed happily before she continued to

DeVeau: Oh...my...goodness...an original copy of War And Peace!

:: Alora squealed happily as Nia entered the room and pulled the curtain
across. The blue dress all but beckoned her to TRY ME, TRY ME!::

Robot: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s Emporium.

::There was the smack of flesh against metal and a grumbling from the
shopkeeper which was then proceeded by a giggle from the science officer

Calderan: Aww, don’t be mean. He’s just eager.

::Euregard turned his smile back to Nia as she stepped out in the dress
and he gave a little clap.::

Euregard: Most becoming! Most becoming! It suits you perfectly.

DeVeau: Oh wow, that _is_ gorgeous. Now I want one.

Euregard: Alas, only one of a kind deary, but perhaps you’ll find
something else you like?

::Alora lifted the enormous tome that she had tugged out of the others.::

DeVeau: You bet I have.

::She had a feeling it wasn’t going to be cheap, but she didn’t care.
Books - real, solid, tangible books. She would definitely be back.::

Calderan: What’s that about?

DeVeau: War and Peace? You’ve never heard of it? It’s a classic. I mean,
a real classic. It’s about the French Invasion of Russian, but in a
fictional accounting of it through the characters.

::She’d found a diamond! Alora honestly couldn’t believe it. He even had
more books!::

DeVeau: I am so going to have to frequent here.

:: Nia can’t remember the last time she actually read a paper book, but
she appreciated the fondness someone might have for such an artifact.::

Calderan: I’m glad you’ve found something that you like. I know I have.
I think I’m gonna wear this when I next see Eerie.

DeVeau: Eerie?

::Eerie Canal? Lake Eerie? Eerie as in very otherworldly? She didn’t
answer and Alora watched as Nia ducked back into the changing room to
put her normal clothes back on.::

Euregard: Is there anything else I can help you ladies find?

DeVeau: Not for now. I’ll take this corset ::Which remained upon her
waist.:: and this book, but I will definitely be back next time we’re here.

Euregard: Excellent! I hope that you will tell all your friends about
us. We’re new you see.

Rumbles: Hello and welcome to Euregard’s emporium.

::The smile faded from Euregard’s face and he mumbled a moment,
something about a ‘hunk of metal’ before he managed to paste the happier
expression back on again. As Nia entered he rubbed his hands again, eyes
twinkled toward her.::

Euregard: And you madam, is there anything else I can do for you?

:: Nia pouted, pondering the wonderful shinies that surrounded her, but
she decided to behave for once.::

Calderan: Urm, I think I am ok for now. This dress alone has made me
very happy. Can you wrap it for me?

Euregard: By all means.

Calderan: Thank you.


Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan
First Officer: USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer (And Bookworm)

USS Garuda

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