[G-10F] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Oh Yeah, You Too" (Moonsong, Kells)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Apr 16, 2015, 10:48:27 PM4/16/15
to Garuda
(( Ten Forward ))

DeVEAU: That’s so not fair.

KELLS: You're telling me. The estimable fleet captain threatened to
throw me into space if I said no!

DeVEAU: I was really looking forward to continuing to have you as my

KELLS: I would've preferred that, too. Believe me!

:: Alora crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head at the man
before her. They’d barely been able to do anything together in her
department and now he was taken away from her. Although she was certain
he would serve in the position well, she had to admit she was
disappointed at the same time.::

DeVEAU: I suppose I’ll have to get used to calling you ‘Captain’ again.

KELLS: Eh, if you want. I don't really care what you call me.

:: Alora’s eyes sparkled. Perhaps if he knew what thoughts were running
through her mind at that moment, he might not have been so quick to give
her that sort of leeway.::

DeVEAU: Oh really? Can I call you some of the names my brothers called
each other when they were little? Fartface? Scufflebutt?

::There were other names, but many of them, particularly the ones from
the later years, were far more crude.::

KELLS: Well, maybe I'll draw the line somewhere.

DeVEAU: That’s just no fun.

KELLS: It's going to be different, though, won't it? This ship sure
isn't the Mercury, and the crew.... Half I know or remember, half
remember me and I don't really recall them -- yet -- and half don't know
me at all. And, yeah, I know that's too many halves.

:: He glanced about the room and Alora’s gaze followed his before
turning back to him. After a moment, she nodded. They had a conversation
about whether or not he should return to the Garuda at all, and now,
there he was, Captain once again. Granted, he wasn’t the same Aron Kells
she’d served under, but she knew this one far better than the last.::

DeVEAU: Too many, but hey, it could be worse.

KELLS: As long as my orders don't result in open mutiny, I think
everything will be okay.

DeVEAU: I don’t think you need to worry about that. I have a feeling
you’ll be just fine.

::Raissa hadn’t been ignored, exactly, simply lost in the focus Alora
had taken once what had occurred had sunk in. Her eagerness had led her
straight to Aron, but now that she’d managed to snag him, she stepped to
the side to allow Raissa to join the conversation - especially once she
realised how rude she was being!::

Moonsong: Good evening Alora… captain… And congratulations to you both.

DeVeau: Sorry, Raissa, I didn’t mean to exclude you. And, um...thanks.

::Praise could be a good thing, but sometimes it was awkward to receive
it. Honestly, Alora didn’t often feel like she deserved the praise she
did receive.::


DeVeau: You weren’t here on the Mercury, so you didn’t know the other
Aron Kells…


DeVeau: It’s a...rather interesting situation. I’m probably not the best
one to tell it.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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