[G] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Back From The Dead" (Arboretum, Bridge)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 11, 2015, 7:00:31 PM1/11/15
to Garuda
OOC I really hope I haven't missed anything. I've done my best to read
the plethora of emails received but if I've forgotten something or
missed something, please forgive me! My brain started to melt...*G*


(( Arboretum, Deck 7, USS Garuda ))

::The darkness could be her friend, but she could not bask in its warmth
forever. There was work to be done - and light was as much her friend as
the shadows were. Alora emerged from the cocoon that was nestled in the
heart of the arboretum. Whispers had trickled their way to her which
caused a frown to crease her brow. The ebony brightened into a deep hush
of dusk as the canopy around her sheltered her still. She glanced first
to one side, then the other and several cocoons, smaller than her nest,
glided forward and after her as she trekked through the jungle.

Voices hissed and clicked ahead. The cocoons held back as she stepped
into the light to face Kells, Bakari, Calderan, and those left in the
arboretum. As Bakari struggled to assist, the spindly tendrils that
wrapped about her body seemed to hug her all the tighter while she
watched, unmoving.::


::A playful smile lit over her lips and she raised a hand, as if to
greet them. Immediately, vines snapped up from the floor and walls and
down from the ceiling. They surrounded the officers, creating a cage of
greenery around them. Verdant fingers then whipped about the ankles of
those yet to be tied, then up their legs. More vines, one for each
humanoid, whipped from the sides, sword like thorns gleaming along each
woody stalk to point straight at each throat.::

DeVeau: My suggestion - don’t move.

::The other cocoons emerged from the thickness behind her as Alora’s
delicate fingers tapped at her commbadge.::

DeVeau: =/\=Captain.=/\=


DeVeau: =/\=I suggest you cease attempts to kill the Kindred. It would
not go well at all.=/\=


DeVeau: =/\=My children, captain. I suggest you leave them be. Not doing
so will have consequences.=/\=

::A flick of her fingers and a cocoon, smaller than the nest she’d made
for herself glided forward. The only non plant line part was a head,
unwrapped, mango stuffed in her mouth. The constricting green tightened
its hold and the mango popped out as Rahman screeched in pain.::

DeVeau: I suggest that if you don’t wish anyone else to die, then you
heed my warning. I have several here that I think you would hate to lose.


::Eyes as green as the long, cylindrical flora about her flicked from
one to the other, resting a bit longer upon Kells.::

DeVeau: Don’t do anything rash, Captain.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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