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Cameron O.

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(( Evan's Quarters, En Route to DSX ))

:: He decided not to try to explain how surprising emotions could still overwhelm him if he wasn't prepared for them. He didn't want to risk alienating her just as they were starting to learn more about each other. Instead, he tried to change the subject. ::

DELANO: ( I'm remembering more of this as we talk. How are you doing? )

::That was the first time any Vulcan or half Vulcan had ever admitted that meditation was not enough to control the passionate emotions that were inherent in the race.  Though he'd not told her overly much about his past, Alora sensed that it might have more to do with a lack of training and guidance than anything else.  Rather than comment, however, she merely nodded and continued the conversation.::

DEVEAU: (This language is easy for me.  It's Klingon that presents the challenge.)

::There would be time enough for that, though.::

DEVEAU: (How did you come to learn Klingon again?)

DELANO: ( The Academy. Xenolinguistics :: He was forced to use the Federation Staandard word for that one ::  wasn't required in the security field of study, but it was encouraged. I took four semesters of Klingon, and learned to read Cardassian, though I can't speak it very well. )

:: These sentences were particularly garbled, and he knew it. ::

DELANO: I think I need to take a break from Vulcan for now.

:: He rubbed his thumb and forefinger against a temple. ::

DELANO: It's coming back to me, but I'm getting a headache.

DEVEAU: Then let's take a break. Want something to eat or drink?

DELANO: I think the host is supposed to be ask that kind of thing. But sure, I could go for some coffee. Dark roast, black.

::Alora could do with some water herself.  She rose to approach the replicator and returned but a moment later, drinks in hand.  She set DELANO:'s down, then slid it across to him before she leaned back to nurse her own glass.  Her eyes skipped over the form of the part Vulcan before she voiced her thoughts.::

DEVEAU: So meditation doesn't work.  Have you ever considered using music to help with controlling your emotions?

DELANO: I spent five years training to use Vulcan meditation techniques. Some of them work, but not all the time. Music is an interesting suggestion, though. How would that help?

DEVEAU: Well I find that music helps me when I'm in moods. You just have to find the right kind of music.  Something that works for you.

::Alora leaned her elbow upon the table and rest her chin upon her hand as she regarded the half Vulcan.::

DEVEAU: It's hard for me to recommend something.  I mean, Terran Baroque, Classical, and Renaissance music can be very helpful, and those seem to be popular choices among Terrans, but I also find music from theatre to help me, whether it's Terran or from another culture.  Sometimes if I find music that expresses my feelings better than I ever could.  And sometimes classical music just helps wash it away.  What helps even more is actually singing or playing it.

DELANO: Oh, I see. I've used Vulcan music when I attempt to meditate, but I've never tried to use Terran music to that effect.

:: He sipped his coffee, then shrugged. ::

DELANO: Does that mean you play something?

DEVEAU: Oh yes.  I sing and I play the piano and guitar.  The guitar's a lot easier to lug around than the piano.

::She grinned at her lame attempt at a joke.

DELANO: Perhaps I should learn an instrument. I never really considered it before.

DEVEAU: Well, there are holo programs that I'm sure will teach you, but if you want to learn from a real person, I can offer instruction in the two instruments I just mentioned.

:: He thought for a moment, but ultimately shook his head. ::

DELANO: I think I'd like to try, eventually. For now, though, we should probably stick to one language ta a time.

:: He took another long pull from his coffee mug. The aromatic steam against his cheeks was comforting. ::

DELANO: Alora, thanks for coming by. I've never been very quick to make friends. My sister likes to say I'm "awkward." And, well, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me.

:: He set his glass down and smiled. ::

DELANO: Did you still want to try some Klingon?

DEVEAU: I do indeedy.

:: Focusing back on the lesson, they continued. :: 



Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

USS Garuda


Lt. JG Evan Delano

HCO Officer

USS Garuda

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