[G-SKBY] Lt. DeVeau and Dr Saveron: The Morning After the Night Before - Part 1

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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 31, 2015, 10:21:41 PM3/31/15
to Garuda

((Treatment Bay 2, Sickbay, USS Garuda))

::The lights were low, the privacy field opaque. The scent of strong
disinfectant, occasional bleep of machinery and the sound of low voices
beyond made it clear this was Sickbay. The bio-arch was up around
Alora’s torso but not currently running any scans; not in ‘active
diagnosis’ mode so much as ‘stopping the patient from rolling off the
bed’ mode. It was not a position Alora found particularly comfortable or
inviting. In fact, the last time she’d been there had been after a
profoundly unsavoury experience.

The memories of why she’d been admitted to the sickbay smacked her as
soon as she opened her eyes. As she tried to lift her head, pain banged
against the walls and she immediately lay back down, a long, low groan
escaping. Salt welled up in her eyes, but she fought to contain it even
as her throat constricted. She shouldn’t have reacted in such a fashion.
If anything, she should have been able to move past it, especially since
they had been having fun up until that point. Yet, as innocent as the
intent had been behind the song, it had struck far too close to home and
even then she just wanted to curl up and cry.::

DeVeau: oO(Get a hold of yourself!)Oo

::But that was easier said than done.::

::With a concerted effort, Alora managed to shift beneath the arch. Her
hand reached out, but she couldn’t reach the keys to deactivate it. Her
hand fumbled a moment, then she found a different button. It wasn’t the
one she wanted, but it would have to do. At least it would bring someone
there to let her out. After she pressed it, she let her hand drop and

::The call light came on outside Treatment Bay 2 and Saveron, now
rested, fed and in a uniform, glanced over at it. He set aside the PADD
which contained the patient notes that he had been reviewing and stepped
through the privacy field.::

Saveron: Good morning Alora. ::A touch of the console and the bioarch
retracted.:: How are you feeling?

DeVeau: Like the Garuda landed on my head.

::And that was an understatement.::

DeVeau: May I go home now?

::Honestly, the last place Alora wanted to be was in sickbay.::

::He quickly scrolled through Alora’s last readings.::

Saveron: You may. ::He allowed.:: I can administer an analgesic before
you leave, if you would find that preferable.

::There was none of the firm, even harsh tone that he had used the night

DeVeau: Very much so.

::If the incessant pounding would just stop, then she might have a
little bit more cheerful of an attitude. Might. The Vulcan obliged by
pressing a hypospray to her neck.::

Saveron: Did you not realise that the drinks were spiked, before you
reached that stage of intoxication? ::He asked as he put the device away.::

DeVeau: If I had, I wouldn’t have kept drinking.

::Alora enjoyed a glass of wine or a mixed drink now and then, but she
generally stuck to non alcoholic beverages. Even though she’d had
several drinks, she hadn’t consciously realised that it was more than
just fruit juice until it was too late. By that point, she was far too

DeVeau: I’m not really a big drinker.

Saveron: You did appear to be more affected than your compatriots. ::He
observed.:: It was disagreeable to see you in distress.

DeVeau: I’m better now.

::Sort of. Mostly. Partially. It wasn’t until that moment that Alora
realised he’d retracted the arch and she took the opportunity to sit up.::

DeVeau: I just want to get out of here.

::Sickbay wasn’t popular with many people, and Alora clearly wasn’t her
usual chirpy self.::

Saveron: As you wish; I am prepared to discharge you. Should you
experience further discomfort you may return, however rest and hydration
will be the most effective treatment.

DeVeau: Did I lose you to Sickbay? Am I short a science officer now?

::She smiled, albeit a wan attempt at one as she slid off of the bed.
While the hypospray was effective in stifling the pain, there were other
things it couldn’t do for her.::

DeVeau: Not that I don’t appreciate it. It’s nice to have a familiar
face to come to my senses to. Remind me not to go drinking with Gabi again.

Saveron: I am still assigned to the Science Department, however I
volunteered to cover short shifts at Doctor Skyfire’s discretion.

::And the simple fact of the matter was that he felt very comfortable in

Saveron: I also consider it preferable to follow up on my patients.

DeVeau: Ah.

::She had to admit, it was nice to have a friendly face be her doctor,
much like it was nice to have Raissa as her Counselor.::

DeVeau: So drink water. Any other orders?

Saveron: I believe that the standard recommendation is ‘don’t do it
again’. ::He said dryly.::

DeVeau: I never intended to do it in the first place.

::Alora muttered softly. Although other people could do what they like,
Alora much preferred to have full use of her cognitive abilities.
Impairing them had never settled well with her and now that she’d been
through it, she was even less inclined to do so in the future.::

Saveron: You may want this.

::He handed her a folded piece of purple cloth; her blouse from the
night before, now freshly laundered. She was currently wearing a
loosely-fitting scrubs shirt. In her post-drunk haze, she hadn’t even
realised that her shirt had been changed. It was then she remembered
what had happened to it - as well as Saveron’s tunic - and she groaned.::

DeVeau: Yuck. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you all nasty.

::At least he’d had time to clean himself up - and her shirt was clean
as well. The Vulcan doctor shrugged rangy shoulders.::

Saveron: You are not the first patient to do so; I doubt that you will
be the last. ::He said in that mild, dry tone that suggested suppressed
humour.:: All of my children have also taken the opportunity.

::As she accepted the shirt, she glanced up at the man before her.::



Lt. Cmdr. Saveron


USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda
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