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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 19, 2015, 10:29:38 PM3/19/15
to garuda

((Palace of Her Majesty Virah-Latyi, Myla-Rothra City))

Virah-Latyi: Search for the missing one and bring him to me as soon as
he is found.

:: Some of the gathered guards moved to do as they were asked while the
one called Skyfire voiced a request.::

Skyfire: Speaking of wandering off, could you show us to our injured

Virah-Latyi: Your injured colleagues? Ah, yes, you mentioned them before.


Skyfire: Last time I saw them was a week ago. As I told you, they were
taken to be treated by your physicians and we have only Je-San's word
they are safe.

Virah-Latyi: Then I can understand your concern, though I would hope
that my people would be considered trustworthy.

::Virah’s eyes flicked over to her guards and she inclined her head.
Even as she continued to converse with her guests, one of the soldiers
slid out of formation while the other three tightened the distanced to
minimize any gaps.::

Skyfire: I am a very patient man, your majesty. Though taking the word
of someone who is not a doctor without being able to verify for myself
that my companions are fine is a lot harder. As a medical man, I :: he
paused though only briefly. :: ...would humbly beg your indulgence, and
be allowed to perform my own examination.

Virah-Latyi: I will permit that. As I said, I can understand your
concern and if you are a doctor, then you would know better how to treat
your own kin.


::The guard that had broken away from her and drew up to what was
seeminly just a wall. An outstretched hand pressed against a particular
spot and the wall became a door. It opened to reveal not just their
injured friends but a certain someone who had gone missing. The guard
stiffened, then relaxed as he realised who King was, then settled back
into the protective quad around the queen.::

Virah-Latyi: It seems we have found the missing one.

Davenport: Huh…

((Palace of Her Majesty Virah-Latyi, Infirmary, Myla-Rothra City))

Davenport: Are they alright? I don’t recognize all of them.

King: What did I miss in there?

::The one called Skyfire and...what was his name? Dahven-por? Odd how
these names were sounded. They whispered to one another and she wondered
a moment if she should be amused or insulted. It was then that the
Dahven-por caused a chuckle as he bumbled back and managed to tread on
one of her guard’s tails. Even as the fellow howled, he reacted quickly
and the visitor found himself upon his bottom on the floor.::

King: Heathen.

Davenport: What are you doing to them?

They are apparently observing them. I met the physician’s assistant, he
informed me that he had been told not to ask questions.

::Had he? Virah-Latyi’s flaps flared and a clicking tone emanated from
her throat, a sound that was interrupted by the appearance of another

Royal Physician: What is this NOISE?! ::The curtains slashed open.::

::The entire group shifted and every single eye settled upon the newest
arrival. As the Physician glared at them, Virah-Latyi’s own gaze bore
into his and immediate he lowered himself into a bow.::

These are our colleagues. :: He pointed to the one in red :: Lieutenant
Commander Msifiri Bakari :: and to the one in teal. :: Lieutenant
Commander Valen Carys.

Davenport: How long have they been here?

Virah-Latyi: I believe Skyfire mentioned it had been a week?

::Yet she turned to the Physician for further explanation.::


Physician: They were brought to us by the First Minister six half-moons
ago. We have cared for them as best we can but their primitiveness and
weakness have not made that easy.

Commander Valen has been sedated. Commander Bakari's injuries are
another story. ::He glanced to Meed-Mon:: Tell me, what methods did
you employ to treat his wounds?

Meed-Mon: ?

Royal Physician: ::Water Voice:: Meed-Mon, am I not the physician here?!?!

::Another sharp glance was cast in the physician’s direction, but
Virah-Latyi was curious enough to turn her attention back to Skyfire
almost immediately.::

Davenport: Why were they never revived?

Tru-Dar-Orr has also brought another here. He called it a ‘brethren’ to
us. Could it be that more are being drawn into whatever it is that
brought us here?

Royal Physician: Your presences are evil omens for our planets future, the
First Minister is correct. ::bowing to Virah-Latyi:: He serves you well,
your Majesty.

Virah-Latyi: He does indeed, but in this we are not agreed. I think the
First Minister speaks and acts too hastily out of fear of something he
does not understand.

::And he would certainly take offense at that description, no matter how


::As a moan sounded from behind a curtain, the bumbling one rushed over
and pushed back the screen. Even from her position, Virah-Latyi could
spy another prostrate figure that was of the same race as the others who
were currently gathered with her.::

Virah-Latyi: Ah, another of your ilk.

::There was little chance to say much else, for at that moment, both of
them disappeared. Immediately, the guards closed in around the queen and
prepared to fight off whatever it was that had stolen the visitors, even
if they couldn’t see it.::

Virah-Latyi: Where did they go?



Her Majesty Virah-Latyi


The First Kingdom

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