[DSX/G] Promotions Ahoy! (Egan Manno, O'Malley)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 31, 2014, 4:02:29 PM3/31/14
to Garuda
((The Promenade, Deep Space Ten))

Egan Manno: =/\= This is the captain. Will you please report to my ready
room this afternoon in the following groupings: Lieutenants Delano and
Shryker at 1400 hours, Lieutenant Trel'lis at 1430, Lieutenant DeVeau
and Ensign O'Malley at 1445, Dr. del Vedova at 1515, and Lieutenant
Commander Handley-Page at 1535. =/\=

::Alora peeled her nose away from the window of a shoppe that boasted
brilliantly cut gems set into intricate patterns, perfect for adorning
one's neck, wrists, ears, and any other pierced portion of anatomy. In
all honesty, the call caught her by surprise and a moment passed before
she remembered to actually _respond_ to the said summons.::

DeVeau: =/\= Yes sir, I will report as requested.=/\=

::Curiousity curled up from the shadows. So why exactly did the new
Captain wish to see her? And with Ensign O'Malley? Were they going to
be assigned something to work on together? Well, she'd find out. Until
then, she might as well continue window shopping.::

(( USS Garuda - Bridge ))

::Alora's arrival was timely. In general, she liked to be on time if
not early. First, it meant she was less likely to get into trouble.
Second, she didn't particularly care to be harried or rushed when she
needed to get somewhere or do something. Ensign O'Malley seemed to be
of a similar mind as he was there even before she was. Alora wiggled
her fingers at him.

DeVeau: Hello there.

O'Malley: Nervous?

DeVeau: No. Not really. You?

::She didn't see any reason to be. As far as Alora knew, she hadn't
done anything wrong, so why should she be nervous? He didn't have a
chance to answer before they were called into the Captain's room.
O'Malley glanced at her, then entered and she followed suit.::

(( USS Garuda - Captain´s Ready Room ))

EGAN MANNO: Lieutant DeVeau, Mr. O'Malley, please, have a seat.

::Alora nodded and chose a chair, then settled into it. O'Malley's gazed
darted about and she couldn't help but wonder if the answer to her
question would have been an affirmative.

O'MALLEY: Thank you, Captain.

EGAN MANNO: Lieutenant DeVeau, I hope you've been well since our
excursion on Rho Aurigae IV?

DeVEAU: Yes, sir, thank you.

::The experience, while not particularly pleasant in many respects, had
been far less traumatic than the previous mission. It had not, at east,
spurred any nightmares.::

EGAN MANNO: Good! Keeping busy, I expect?

DeVEAU: Of course.

::Was this a debriefing in regards to that mission?::

EGAN MANNO: And I'll hope to discuss it further with you, as well -- but
today, I'd like to discuss another matter. (beat) This is a large ship
with an extensive science department, Alora. I need someone to
coordinate it. I'd like that person to be you.

::That caused the young science officer to visibly perk up. Was she
saying what Alora thought she was saying?::

DeVeaU: You mean...Chief Science Officer? Me? ::There was a very brief
pause, then.:: But I'm only a lieutenant, and a junior grade at that.

EGAN MANNO: True, but there is no one with your record, your
connections, or your determination. (beat) I also haven't been stuck on
an alien planet with any of the other science officers. Perhaps that
counts for something.

::So did that mean she'd made a good impression? Alora's thoughts over
what had occurred had left doubts about that, but perhaps she had been

EGAN MANNO: Congratulations, Lieutenant -- but I must warn you, there
are dozens upon dozens of officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians
spread across this ship, all in the sciences. You'll have your work cut
out for you to engage with them all.

DeVEAU: Well yeah...I mean, yes sir. I don't expect it to be easy.

EGAN MANNO: However, you'll have good people in your department, I know
-- which is why I'm pleased to have asked you here, too, Ensign.

::Alora nodded and cast a glance over at the man beside her.::

O'MALLEY: Yes, Ma'am? ::Was that apprehension Alora noted in his voice.::

EGAN MANNO: Your performance was reviewed favorably by Lieutenant
Commanders Rahman and Handley-Page, and I've had a chance to see what
happened aboard the Garuda during the Kubarey takeover, and I'm
similarly impressed.

::There had been a plethora of stories about the events that had
transpired on the Garuda while she had been with her fellow away team
officers on the planet, but none had involved the man beside her.::

EGAN MANNO: Congratulations, Lieutenant, junior grade O'Malley. I trust
you'll continue your good work for our new chief, eh?

O'MALLEY: Thank you, Captain. And yes, of course I will. :: He glanced
at her and offered Alora his hand.:: For good cooperation.

DeVEAU: Congratulations, Lieutentant.

::Alora accepted O'Malley's hand, her own grip firm. From Ensign to
Lieutenant in what...how long had he been with them? A month? Alora's
promotion had been just shy of three. She really wanted to know how
he'd distinguished himself - perhaps a good conversation over drinks or
something. Excitement glittered in his gaze and she couldn't help but

DeVEAU: I look forward to cooperating with you.

::She released him, then faced the captain once more, the exuberance
settled into a more formal smile.::

DeVEAU: And thank you sir. Is there anything else you require of me?


DeVEAU: Well then...I suppose by your leave?


::Alora rose and glanced over at O'Malley before she exited the Ready
Room. She didn't rush off right away, but inclined her head toward the

DeVEAU: Wanna celebrate?



Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
USS Garuda
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