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Amanda Nordstrom

Dec 6, 2014, 11:23:42 PM12/6/14
to Garuda
(Alora’s Quarters, Garuda)

::Company wasn’t completely unexpected. While Alora had quarters on the
station, she was often back and forth between it and the ship, checking
on her plants, doing various things. She had never been one to keep
still for too long. Oh she had her moments where she simply relaxed, for
instance, when she was asleep, but for the most part, Alora always had
something to do.

In her quarters she had been trimming her plants. The result was a few
handfuls of leaves from her violets to place in pots to propagate more
for presents - or just to enjoy for herself. Usually, though, she gave
them away and offered her babies to whomever was interested. Even some
of the shop owners on the station had received a few. Because she was
constantly offering them, it wasn’t a surprise when one such person who
had stated he would take her up on her offer arrived. Her smile sprang
easily to her face as the door slid open to reveal the visitor.::

DeVeau: Hey Doc, how’s it going?

Skyfire: Going somewhere. I’ll be sure to let you know when I catch up
to it.

::Alora grinned. It seemed that the doctor did indeed had something of a
sense of humour - definitely a good thing. Now if only she could make
jokes that were halfway funny. Ah well, everyone had their strengths.::

DeVeau: Are you and Devlin getting along alright?

:: The doc smiled and picked up his quadrupedal friend from the floor,
offering him to the science officer. ::

Skyfire: Getting along fine. He insisted we go for a walk. Did you want
to say hi?

Devlin: Raff! :: and licked Alora’s face as he was handed to her. ::

DeVeau: Do Ferengi like good deals? Of course I do!

:: Chythar smiled softly and let them exchange a few greetings in the
form of ‘aww’ and licks before saying anything further. ::Alora accepted
the little beagle and nuzzled him happily before she settled him in her
arms. Her fingers immediately found a good spot on the back of his neck
to scritch as she continued her conversation.::

DeVeau: So what brings you here, good doctor?

::She knew the answer, but hey, maybe there was another reason she
didn’t realise.::

Skyfire: I was in the area, as it were. You wanted me to have a look at
that thumb of yours? :: and replied with a wink. ::

DeVeau: Why yes, do you think it’s a problem?

::The scritching hand paused in its ministrations to extend out, thumb
up just so the doctor could examine it. Skyfire took her hand in his to
study it for a moment, then pulled out a tricorder just for effect. ::

Skyfire: Looks normal to me. :: Pause. :: Maybe you could show me one of
these plants you were thinking of decorating my quarters with?

DeVeau: Phew.

::Alora withdrew her thumb and hugged it close before she resumed
petting the canine.::

DeVeau: I was afraid it might be terminal. Okay, plants. Look around and
tell me which one appeals to you.

::There was no shortage of foliage. Where there was wall space, shelves
had been installed and pots lined each one. Where there was floor space,
taller, free standing shelves stood sentry and guarded the precious
potted plants placed in their embrace. Although a good many were Terran
in origin, there were a good many that hailed from a variety of other
planets. Green, blue, red, orange, purple, stripes and spots as well as
other patterns nestled in among the nooks and crannies placed in her
quarters. Even the small corner tables had at least one pot and
sometimes, settled in among them were pictures of several young men, an
older man, and a woman who was either a time traveling Alora from the
future or her mother.::

DeVeau: What strikes your fancy?


:: He realized as she spoke that the last time he had physical contact
with someone else was when he examined Debra Cross aboard the Excalibur,
and it brought painful memories along with it. His jaw inadvertently
tightened as he gazed around, glancing at the various colored plants. He
wanted something simple. Uncomplicated. ::

::His expression puzzled her, some tension that flashed across his eyes,
the tightening of his jaw. Alora canted her head to the side to study
him quietly a moment and wondered if she should give Devlin back to help
calm whatever thoughts whirled through his mind.

DeVeau: Everything okay?

Skyfire: :: blinked as he realized she spoke again. :: Yeah.
Just...distracted. Physicals have some weird consequences sometimes.
Just before I transferred, I thought I fell in love. And it’s
been...it’s been rough. I don’t know if I want to get involved with
someone else. :: It took him a moment to notice the concern she
projected. :: Concerned about something, Alora?

Devlin: Raff!

DeVeau: Yeah. About you. You know what you need?

Skyfire: :: shook his head. :: Not sure I do. What were you thinking?

::Alora’s answer didn’t come straight away. Rather she crossed over to
the small replicator in her room. Even that wall space wasn’t completely
devoid of plants. A small, narrow shelf sat below, more pots and more
flora occupying the shelves.::

:: Despite him being telepathic, he didn’t read her mind. He remembered
his talk with the counselor about that, and it’d be bad form if he
lapsed into mind-reading while enjoying conversation. ::

DeVeau: Hot chocolate, extra chocolate - two of them.

Skyfire: Hot chocolate is good.

DeVeau: No, you’re wrong.

:: He tilted his head to the side, with a quizzical arched eyebrow. ::

Skyfire: Oh?

::Alora carefully grasped the handle of one mug to pass it over to the
doctor, Devlin still cradled in her other arm. The second one she took
for herself.::

DeVeau: Hot chocolate isn’t good. It’s excellent.

:: CD took the mug and raised it in thanks before taking a sip. ::

::With a gentle motion of her own mug, she indicated the doctor to sit
either in the plush chair or upon the couch.::

DeVeau: Cop a squat, relax.

:: He had a seat on the indicated couch behind him, and attempted to
relax. His eyes closed briefly so he could savor the sweet taste of the
drink, and also use that moment to try and sort through the emotions he
was reading from her. Alora had waited for him to take his pick before
perching upon the edge of one side of the couch. Delicately she sipped
at the hot liquid and enjoyed the sweetness that filled her mouth.::

DeVeau: So you had some tough times before you came here? I’m sorry to
hear that. What happened?

:: Skyfire opened his eyes slowly and took a breath. This would be a bit
painful, but he was supposed to be relaxing. And he needed the friends. ::

Skyfire: On the Excalibur, a few months before my transfer, I assisted a
patient with a sensory difficulty. The treatment didn’t go as I
expected, and as a result it made me lose my mind temporarily. Like… ::
He paused and tried to think of a good analogy. :: It felt like my DNA
was a cat getting tangled in a yarn ball. By the end of that strange
thing that altered my genome, I was suspected to be T2/E2. Which means,
for the layman, telepathic and empathic, no contact, humans only.

::Alora knew what that meant, but she didn’t bother to say so - he was
telling his story and she didn’t have the heart to interrupted. Rather,
she remained silent and focused on listening. He had another sip before
he continued. ::

Skyfire: I made another friend. Marine 1st Lt. Debra Cross, who I was
flirting with during her physical. Unintentionally. Later...During the
wake for our captain, I don’t know what happened. I think I started to
fall in love. Shortly after that, my transfer orders came through. We
hadn’t even kissed yet before she sent me a message stating she slept
with one of her old squad mates. I replied to it, stating we should just
be friends for now. Haven’t seen her since. And I blew Carter off when
he asked me about a relationship, because I wasn’t looking for one.
Gabrielle Porchevska is a confusing puzzle. And now…… :: He didn’t know
how to continue. Chase. He ran out of words for him for a long moment.
:: …Chief Valaine is also in the “interesting” pile. I’m out of words
for him too.


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer

USS Garuda

NCC 73809

Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda
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