[DSX] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Don't Panic, Where's My Towel" (Quad Peeps)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 17, 2014, 11:45:02 AM10/17/14
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<<( OOC 2: Remember that, while the names are similar, DS9 and DSX are
not the same. DS9's Promenade was a unique feature of that station, and
DSX's equivalent is called the Commercial Quadrant [or the Comm Quad].
Generally speaking, a promenade is a public walkway, so I've assumed
that the promenade referenced in past posts takes place on a major Comm
Quad thoroughfare. )>>

Thank you for that clarification! And I’d say that’s a good assumption.

Also...I always think of the dance when I hear ‘Promenade’.

Also, Leo, I had this mostly written up last night but ran out of gas
before I could finish. I hope it’s okay I inserted some stuff - it
didn’t seem to contradict with what you wrote with Skyfire. If it’s not
okay, feel free to thwap me and ignore it.

(( Promenade Through Comm Quad ))

Calderan: Thank you. ::pause:: Lieutenant DeVeau and Counselor Valen,
can you follow us and talk to the civilians as we go, reassuring anyone
who is confused or scared.

DeVeau: Yes. Of course. My triPADD is running an analysis right now,
I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Calderan: Thank you.

Zorkal: I’ll assist as I can.

::Which would mainly be in the matter of calming those who were trapped.
Lukin coughed and then cleared his throat before turning away.::

Calderan: That will work. Lieutenant Gilaars, as our medical expert, do
you have any more details on his symptoms?

Gilaars: Without a tricorder, I cannot specifically identify the
contagion, but there are clear signs of hemorrhagic fever, which
possibly indicates more serious internal tissue degeneration.

Calderan: Please make him as comfortable as you can.

Gilaars: Will do. I’ll need water, if possible and towels or clothes, so
I can help reduce the fever part of his illness, to a degree. ::walks
off, toward location of ill Cardassian::

::Alora’s smile came easily, even in the light of such circumstances,
and she hoped that such a cheerful demeanor was at least comforting to
the people who were obviously upset with the events. Her triPADD chirped
at her and she stepped to the side to look over the results.

The good doctor was correct in one way - the symptoms were very much
like that old disease, Ebola and how the woman had managed to remember
about such an ancient and now extinct disease, Alora would never know.
It was not Ebola, however - it wasn’t even a virus. Rather the infection
that raged through the Cardassian was bacterial in nature - and the
closest thing she could find was E. Coli.::

DeVeau: E. Coli?

::The word was muttered, unheard by those around her who were still too
preoccupied with getting the prisoners calmed down. No, not E.Coli, but
that was referenced in a document of a disease which had the closest
match to what her triPADD had picked up. Another name was associated
with it as well - Skyfire. Well, at least she knew who to go to.::

DeVeau: Well I’ll be...Commander Calderan.


::Alora motioned for the woman to join her, her voice kept low but a
pleasant expression upon her face in the hopes to allay any suspicions
others might have as the two engaged in private conversation.::

DeVeau: I think I’ve got something here. This has been seen before, but
now it’s...mutated some how.


DeVeau: This is a report of an incidence on Argurtha with symptoms very
much the same - it was found to be a pathogen that affected only
Romulans and some amphibioids.

::But why? Had it evolved? In her experience, bacterium didn’t usually
evolve so quickly - a virus would. So what had happened?::


DeVeau: Take a look at the name of the person who discovered a cure.


DeVeau: I’d say it’s providential. I…

Skyfire: =/\= Doctor Skyfire to Commander Calderan. =/\=

KELLS: Excuse me, I'm Aron Kells. Is there any way I can help?

DeVeau: Captain Kells! It’s good to see you.

::Though he was stuck with them as well.::


DeVeau: Are you aware of our current situation?

::She figured he was, but he might not be aware of the extent of
matters. Although the question had been posed, Aron was not allowed a
chance to respond for another man’s voice rose above the murmur of those
present and Alora’s green eyes darted over toward the commotion.::

Man: We’re trapped and the best you can do is tell us to _calm down_?

::The man in question stood there, hands clenched into fists with eyes
furrowed into an intensity that spoke of emotions broiling beneath the
surface. Alora cast an apologetic glance toward Aron then aimed for the

DeVeau: Sir, it will be all right, please stay calm.

Man: That’s all anyone can say, but what are we going to _do_? Stand
here like fools while…

::His own barrage of words was interrupted, that time by another
Cardassian who began to cough. He had emitted a few coughs before, but
that time he was unable to stop and he struggled with hacking breathes
between the convulsive motions of his lungs. After a moment, he fell to
his knees and drops of blood slowly began to drip from his nose. It only
gave fuel to the fire of the man’s panic.::

Man: See! See! We’re trapped in here with _him_ ::He pointed to the
Cardassian most recently affected, then toward the area where the
previous Cardassian had been taken out of sight of the crowd.:: and him!
Then we’ll get sick and we’re all going to die! Get us out of here!

DeVeau: Sir, please, you’re not helping…

::Calderan had finished her conversation and announced almost cheerfully…::

Calderan: You heard the Doc, he’s got a cunning plan!

::But the man was unconcerned about that. He shoved DeVeau aside and
made a beeline for the doors that were still firmly shut. He paused,
deterred by their solidarity, then darted into a store. Without concern
for the merchandise or the shop owner, he procured a metal rod from one
of the displays, then began to beat at the doors. He’d stirred others
and they followed suit so that several joined in, the sounds of their
makeshift weapons clanging loudly through the sealed off area.::


Calderan: With me, maximum non-lethal force.

::Alora shied away. While she was well versed in Aikido, it was a
defensive art, not an offensive. As others joined, however, she took a
deep breath and approached the man who started the entire production.::

DeVeau: Sir! Sir! Stop!

::She reached out toward him and he turned. Although she had done
nothing untoward, his eyes were alight with fear and he struck out
without thinking. Fortunately, Alora was on guard and she was prepared
for something to happen. As his arm swung, she stepped off line, her
fingertips connecting with his arm. Gentle pressure encouraged the
motion further and the man, whose balance had been compromised by his
swing already, lost his balance completely and the metal rod clanged on
the floor. Alora stepped back out of his reach, but the man stood, panic
merging with rage as he aimed for her once more. It was going from bad,
to worse.::



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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