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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 22, 2014, 12:03:38 AM2/22/14
to Garuda
(( The Trials: Streamside ))

::Dark. Darker. Darkness. It was a warmth that surrounded her,
cradled her in its tender embrace. Alora didn't fight. The others
fought, but she didn't. This was her fate and she accepted it. Fear -
somehow, it didn't manifest. Why? She couldn't say. There was only
that certainty that she was going what she was meant to do, what she'd
been called to do. Perhaps, like what she had witnessed thus far, that
too was an illusion, but she was willing to accept that as well for the

The sound of water coincided with the sensation of solidity beneath her
feet. A gentle coolness traveled over her toes and she opened her eyes
to peer down. Her shoes were gone. Her toes wriggled, the clear liquid
flowing playfully between them. One foot lifted, then slammed down,
sending a tiny shower of water all about.::

DeVeau: Heh.

::Movement snatched her attention away from the water and she stared
over at the figure that had, moments before, been desperate in her
attempt to restrain Shryker from tearing Ananja apart. No one had
listened to her. But did that really surprise her? No. She called out
to the dark woman, her tone cautious. Was she an illusion or part of

DeVeau: Captain.

EGAN MANNO: Lieutenant. Where are we? Where are the others?

::Reality then, or an illusion posing as reality. Which was it? In the
grand scheme of things, did it matter?::

DeVEAU: We are here. The others are not here.

EGAN MANNO: Oh. Well -- I see. That's a little reassuring, honestly.
After Lieutenant Shryker grabbed me, I am not entirely sure what happened.

::Humour tickled at her lips. A little reassuring that she was not
struggling with a rather strong woman who was attempting to assassinate
a Kubarey of obvious importance? Well, yes, there was that.::

DeVEAU: The caves happened. This happened.

EGAN MANNO: Then this is a trial, too?

DeVEAU: At the very least, the beginning of one.

::Calm settled in a layer over the irritation that still picked at her.
She wouldn't rave at the Captain. Not there and hopefully not later.
One of the last things she wanted was to be slapped with a charge of

EGAN MANNO: Any ideas?

DeVEAU: We go that way.

::Alora pointed where the darkness began to fade into a gentle grey.
Without waiting to see if the Captain would join her, Alora turned and
began to trudge forward. The water deepened as she moved onward and
rather than remain stagnant, it began to giggle and gurgle with
movement. The grey shifted into varying shades of its hue tinted with
green. Rock formations stretched out from the shadows above them while
others thrust up toward the ceiling from the ground. Alora drew
alongside one and allow her hand to glide over the strangely slick
stalagmite. A higher pitched drip echoed through the cavern that
widened into a giant maw, ready to swallow them.::

Egan Manno: RESPONSE?

::Alora glanced at her captain, then shrugged.::

DeVeau: Keep going I guess. I don't really have any better idea how to
go about this than you do.


DeVeau: We won't find out unless we keep going.



Tag! TBC. :)

Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Garuda

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