[G] The Vines Go Marching One By One (Arboretum)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 6, 2015, 9:52:41 PM1/6/15
to Garuda

(( Arboretum, Deck 7, USS Garuda ))

Loupaz: =/\= Engineering to Core! We've got plants coming out of the
ventilation shafts down here! =/\=

=/\= I'm on my way. =/\= Sorry, boys. ::He called behind him, already
halfway to the door.:: Turns out plants love to keep me busy.

:: The Caitian shook his head, then glanced back toward Commander Bakari. ::

Bakari: Let's check this out.

Bakari: =/\= Bakari to DeVeau. =/\=

:: Mei’konda angled his ears upward. There was nothing. Strange. He
lifted his head up and spoke. ::

Mei’konda: Computer. Locaate Lieutenant DeVeau.

::There was a pause as if the computer had to consider the question
carefully before concocting an answer for the Caitian.::

Computer: Lieutenant DeVeau is located in the Arboretum.

:: The Caitian nodded once toward Bakari. ::

Mei’konda: We should notify securrity as soon as we’ve checked the

Bakari: [Tag]

:: And with that, the tall Commander began to make his way forward.
Mei’konda paused a moment. ::

Mei’konda: One moment, Commander….

Bakari: [Tag]

The Caitian hurried across the corridor and one section down, across
from the Arboretum’s entrance. He tapped in a command on the LCARS
interface on the corridor wall, then pulled open the hatch underneath.
An arms locker. He pulled out two type 2 handphasers, closed the
locker, and headed over to hand one to Bakari before he slipped one into
the holster built into his uniform’s hip. ::

Mei’konda: May as well be caareful.

Bakari: [Tag]

Mei’konda: Fascinaating…
on maany levels, the plaants read as normal. But their photosynthesiis
mechaniisms are functioniing thousaands of percent above normaal. They
are absorbiing an incrediible amount of CO2 and light and processing
it… it must be neaar one hundred percent efficiency. But… I caannot
explaain why they seem to be moviing in the patterns they are… :: The
Caitian shook his head. :: That sciience is outsiide of my expertiise.

Bakari: [Tag]

Mei’konda: Yes… Lieutenant DeVeau wiill need to know abouut this.

Bakari: Commander, I'm detecting several life signs farther into the
facility... faint. Can you see or hear anything?

KELLS: Can anybody hear me?

Mei’konda: Yes… that’s Cap… mister Kells. :: The Caitian raised his
voice. :: Mister Kells! It’s Mei’konda!


KELLS: Where are you? Where are we? Do you know what's happening?

Mei’konda: We arre neaar the entraance. Are you in trrouble? We’re
investiigaating what is causing… all of this!


Mei’konda took a step to the right, around a tree’s trunk as he
followed some odd, faint biosigns. He nearly fell, and let out an
audible gasp at what he saw at his feet. A young woman, wearing science
blues. Obviously dead, with eyes closed, neck squeezed tightly in the
roots of the tree. He only vaguely recognized her. ::

Mei’konda: C-Commander… there’s someone here. She’s… she’s dead. I don’t
know her.


Mei’konda didn’t have a chance to respond when there was a sudden
rustling around him. He snapped his head upward, and gasped vines
abruptly lashed themselves onto Bakari. The Caitian fumbled for his
phaser. ::

Mei’konda: Commander!


::Something hit him from behind, then rolled off - an enormous nut that
had to have originated from some sort of treek. The Caitian flailed,
then fell with a grunt across the cold body beneath him. Despite his
attempt to dig his claws into a nearby tree, vines paid no heed and
flung themselves arond his legs, then heaved. As his grip began to fail,
he allowed one of his hands to let go only to tug his phaser from his
belt so that he could fire at the vines that surrounded Bakari.::


::A sound, almost a squeal, screeched from the injured flora and several
loosened their grip, giving Bakari a chance to wriggle free. As those
tumbled away, however, several more vines whipped from the underbrush to
replace the others while more spiraled further up Mei’konda’s legs, the
grip and strength of the plants intensifying as they continued to heave
at him. ::


::More creepers lashed out at Kells and Tan, flinging themselves around
the humanoids, clutching, grasping, squeezing. The darkness seemed to
swell as the vines, their grip unyielding, attempted to drag them all
into the embrace of the shadows beneath the ever growing canopy.::


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