[G] Vines - I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Mei'konda, Bakari, Arboretum)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 2, 2015, 7:08:04 PM1/2/15
to Garuda
((Arboretum, USS Garuda))

Bakari: Let's check this out.

Mei'konda: RESPONSE

::As they entered, Msafiri tapped his combadge to call up the
plant-loving science officer.::

Bakari: =/\= Bakari to DeVeau. =/\=

::The only response was silence, not even any background noise to
indicate she’d attempted to answer. It was then that Msafiri’s tricorder
came to life, throwing shadows against his face.::

Bakari: Commander, I'm detecting several life signs farther into the
facility... faint. Can you see or hear anything?

Mei'konda: RESPONSE

::Ahead, the plants thicker. Where vines trickled over the walls and
ceiling, they began to run along in a river of green only a few feet
ahead. Lights were covered and light attempted to peek through various
gaps in the greenery, offering a meager, sickly hue that deepened into
shadows. From a head, the faint scratch, scratch of something could be
heard - perhaps someone far down attempting to navigate the jungle that
had once been a ship.::


::Cover on the ground also deepened which impeded the ability walk. As
they moved forward, the distant sound was masked by the ones they
themselves made, but should they stop, it’s faint call could be
discerned. Pressing onward, the canopy closed in tighter and soon the
only light was from their instruments, causing the darkness to retreat
only slightly and casting pale ghostly beams upon their visages.::


::The scratch, scratching sound increased in volume only slightly, but a
definite increase indeed. The shadows refused reveal their secrets until
the intrepid adventurers were right upon them.

Within the darkness, another sound stirred. Then, without warning, vines
wipped from the sides of the ship, several gathering Msafiri into their
embrace and wrapping about him tightly. Similar vines aimed for the
Caitian, their tendrils reaching and grabbing at him.::




as simmed by

Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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