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Apr 1, 2015, 9:51:03 PM4/1/15
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(( Skyfire’s Quarters, USS Garuda ))

:: Chythar came in from Sickbay, and found that Nurse Fergus had dropped off his little friend. The puppy rushed forward and tried to pounce on his master, barking enthusiastically and wagging his tail. The doc chuckled as he picked up the beagle. ::

Skyfire: I missed you too, Devlin! :: he said between facelicks. ::

:: He brought the pup to the bed and changed into a pair of sweats, much more comfortable than the week-old uniform he was wearing, which he tossed into the reclimator. He ran a hand along his face and contemplated shaving, but in such a tired state he wouldn’t be capable of doing it without nicking himself. So, instead, he decided it’d be better to write his report before he passed out. So he did. ::

:: Two hours passed before he set down his PADD, the report now submitted and in both the CO and XO’s inbox.

(( Palace, First Kingdom of Peppalexa ))

:: The walls of the Garuda were once again the stone reliquary of the palace. Which Chythar noticed when he got up to check the environmental controls -- it was at least ten degrees cooler than he liked his room. His eyes widened in horror as he realized the walls were of stone, and that he was once again staring at the remains of the antiquated tricorder and tool kit as the controls weren’t where they should be. He was only wearing his black sweat pants, which was how he usually took naps. As he glanced around, he saw a familiar looking face, though about ten years older… ::

Skyfire: Your majesty… :: and gave a half bow. ::

::They had met before, that strange alien and she.  Although it had been some time since they had parted, an event that had taken place rather suddenly, he seemed not to have changed in the slightest.  Virah-Latyi herself had not escaped such a fate, though time had been kind to her.  While she had been similar in height to Skyfire before, she now had surpassed his height and she had to look down upon him.::

::The last they had met, he and his friends had suddenly disappeared, while the man who called down fire from the sky had turned into almost a legend.  Virah-Latyi, however, had not forgotten the strange encounter.  While his appearance was sudden and startling, she found herself without fear and stood facing him. Of course, the fact that she still had four guards, all of whom who had suddenly condensed the space between them and been set on alert when he had appeared, probably helped.  Virah-Latyi waved them off and they relaxed.::

Virah-Latyi: And how do you come to me this time, Skyfire?

Skyfire: I...I don’t know. I was asleep one moment, then here the next. I swear to you, this isn’t my fault.

:: A twitter of tones followed his proclamation, perhaps her version of laughter.  Indeed, she seemed more amused than angry.::

:: It wa confusing as all hell, and he didn’t know what to make of it. Let alone how to account for what the hell he was doing here. He glanced toward the autopsy theatre, and didn’t see any bodies. Meaning that he must have traveled...into...the...past … again… though this time, before they found the corpses…? ::

Virah-Latyi: How odd that you come at such a time.  I was just thinking of you and our first meeting.  I had not dared to think we might meet again, but it seems fate has proclaimed otherwise.

:: It was a interesting question, and it would be hell to explain to DTI when the time came for that. He was going to make another log entry when he got home so he had a record...though whether they’d believe him or not was another story.::

Skyfire: You were...I still have to explain the… :: He trailed off, nearly speechless. ::

Virah-Latyi: Did you find your way home?

Skyfire: Ye--yes, ma’am. We were beamed aboard the Garuda somehow. I’m still trying to work it out.

Virah-Latyi: You mean you have not discovered the means by which you have traveled back in time, forward, then back again?

Skyfire: I wouldn’t know. I’m just a doctor, your majesty.

::There was another scale of notes that trilled up and down in response.  It was definitely laughter of some sort.::

Virah-Latyi: Indeed, I suppose that is true.  You are welcome here, and I am glad you have returned.  Perhaps you will have time to tell me more about your people.  Although it has been some ten cycles since your last appearance, stories still circulate about you and your brethren.

:: He didn’t know how much he could reveal. He was going to get grilled on the temporal stuff, and being a member of Starfleet, he had a temporal directive to consider. And, even worse than that, he wasn’t going to have the Garuda rescue him this time. They probably didn’t know he was missing. He took a breath and spoke slowly. ::

Skyfire: I would love to tell you, your Majesty. Yet, I cannot. Regulations from my time prohibit me from elaborating any further.

Virah-Latyi: Regulations?

Skyfire: The rules which govern Starfleet make it so.

Virah-Latyi: Star...fleet?  What is this Starfleet?

::She could not remember if it had been mentioned the last time they had met, but that had been a while ago, so perhaps she simply did not remember it.::

:: He didn’t want to lie to her, and by the same token didn’t want to get himself into more hot water than he already was. Evasion was also out of the question. ::

Skyfire: It is from where I am from. A government, of sorts. And they have rules that prohibit me from discussing things like this.

Virah-Latyi: I see.

::She paused a moment as if to consider his words.::

Virah-Latyi: There is nothing you can tell me about your kind at all that would not go against these regulations?

:: He thought about it, and tried to weigh his options. Explaining his technology was a bad idea. Explaining about his species, in general terms, was probably safe. ::

Skyfire: I can tell you a little bit. Culturally, humans enjoy anything from music to theatre. Food also has great cultural value. Our species is warm-blooded, and is a bi-gendered society: male and female. Shall I continue with anatomical differences?

Virah-Latyi: Some of them are obvious.

Skyfire: Some, yes. Males have external reproductive organs, females internal. Amongst my kind, it is the male who fertilizes the egg with half the genetic material and the female who carries the child for a gestation period of nine months before giving birth. And we do not have tails.

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda
NCC 73809

Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog
Simmed by: Lt. Skyfire

Queen of Pappelaxia
First Kingdom

Simmed by:

Lieutenant Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
USS Garuda
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