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(( DeVeau’s Quarters ))

Kells: If you want me to go, you just say the word. I just -- I'd like to repay you for the kindness you've shown me since I've been back.

DeVeau: Honestly, I’d rather have friendly company. ::beat:: Unless you’d honestly want to be somewhere else.

:: Aron shook his head as hard as he could. It was a bit of a silly motion, hair whipping every which way -- but, then, it was supposed to be. Any little moment of humor would probably help. ::

Kells: Not at all. Being a civilian contractor has its perks.

DeVeau: Then I’d honestly like you to stay.

Kells: Then I will.

:: He hesitated slightly. He wanted to ask how she was -- really was, now that her fellow officers in Egan Manno and Skyfire were gone -- but he wasn't sure how to phrase it. "How are you?" was so impersonal, so open-ended, but he also didn't have any good idea of what had happened, so maybe it was better to be broad? No, he decided -- better to err on the side of slight assumption. ::

Kells: Is what they did to you -- terrible? Still?

DeVeau: I've...been better.

:: He nodded, again as hard as he could, signaling his retreat with the motion. If she didn't want to say, then he respected that. Trying to make his voice as light as he could, he quickly changed the subject. ::

Kells: Have I told you the exciting news?

DeVeau: ?

Kells: After we talked last time, I decided I would go for it, so I am: I told Starfleet that I wanted to reactivate my commission.

:: It might not be for a few more days, even weeks, given how far out they were and the speed with which the bureaucracy moved, but it was definitely in. ::

DeVeau: ?

Kells: If I can. I'll probably be one of your junior science officers. That'd be a fun twist, wouldn't it?

DeVeau: ?

:: He paused. He didn't just want to talk about himself, but he also wanted to get Alora's mind off of -- well, whatever she'd be thinking otherwise. ::

Kells: I saw that there's a public promotion and ribbon pinning ceremony coming up. Do you think you'll go?

DeVeau: ?

Kells: I think it would be good.

DeVeau: ?

Tag! and TBC!

Aron Kells
Soon-Not-To-Be-Civilian Biologist
USS Garuda
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