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(( DeVeau’s Quarters ))

DeVeau: I’m… ::beat:: I’m sorry. For what I did to you...and the others...for what...they did to you.

:: He almost laughed. Not because what she'd said had been funny in the slightest, but because he'd chafed under the length of the silence and was happy she'd finally spoken. And his honest reaction was "Is that all?" -- but he didn't say that, either. If she wanted to apologize for what had happened, then he would accept it. She knew much more about what had gone on in her own head -- or, at least, in a head that had once been hers. ::

Kells: I accept, of course. I also don't think you have anything to apologize for. You know better, but, still--

DeVeau: I know...I know...but...I still feel…

:: She was lost again, then. Not gone, but not present, either, fully in her head and in another time. He waited, without knowing what else to do, with his hand held almost up to hers. When she began to sob, he saw, maybe for the first time, how overwhelmed she was, how small she felt. He moved to sit beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. ::

DeVeau: I’m sorry. I’m…

Kells: I know. I know. It's alright now. It's alright now--

:: And they rocked, together, very lightly, as she cried and he held her to him, waiting, waiting, for one moment to become history, to become the next. ::


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