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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 11, 2015, 11:42:47 PM3/11/15
to Garuda

((Palace of Her Majesty Virah-Latyi, Myla-Rothra City))

Virah-Latyi: How do I know you speak the truth? What proof have you?

King: Your Majesty… ::pause::

Skyfire: I have pictures of what your species will look like in our
time. Aerial photographs of your planet.

Virah-Latyi: Do you?

::That seemed to pique the queen’s interest despite as she cocked her
head first to one side, then the other.::

King: ::Turning to Davenport quietly.:: What if we yank the UT for a minute?

Davenport: ?

NPC Guard: And these weapons? ::indicating the tray of phasers one of
their escorts was carrying::

Skyfire: I can demonstrate their power on an inanimate object of yours.
A weapon you won't mind donating to science.

::One of them stiffened and Virah-Latyi studied him briefly before she
inclined her head to Skyfire.::

King: ::Speaking in a whisper to Davenport.:: Shut off the UT in your
tricorder on my signal.

::One of the guards stepped forward o inspect the item, then held it out
to the queen and allowed her to peer intently at it. Although she was
interested, Virah did not attempt to take it. Once she was satisfied, he
turned back to the creature.::

Guard: I am not certain of its purpose.

You misunderstand the items design, sir. ::A smile crept on his face.::
Your majesty ::Ryan pointed to the phaser in the guards hand:: this
device is simply what we call a phaser. It acts as a remote to power on
or power down devices like the ones my colleagues are using.

Skyfire: :: looked to Davenport :: Please take my tricorder from your
bag, Mr. Davenport.

Davenport: ?

::The queen inched closer and the guards did so as well, closing in
about her to be able to reat more quickly if needed.::

This is what the planet's surface looks like in our time. These visual
records were given to me before we arrived here, by our Captain.

You lead a great people, your Majesty.

::The queen’s dark gaze flicked back to King but she remained silent as
a guard inched back and indicated that she should do the same.::

Skyfire: Go ahead, Mr. King. Lowest setting you can.

:: As the man who had complimented her people attempted to use the
device, it failed to do more than emit a small sputter. It was not an
impressive show, but despite a difference in facial features, there was
the sense that the queen was amused more than anything.::

King: ::to Skyfire.:: Dead battery, thankfully.

Virah-Latyi: Dead...bat ter ry?

::It was a strange word, though it felt interesting in her mouth when
she spoke the odd syllables.::

Skyfire: :: quietly :: It would seem that time has had a negative effect
on our weapons.

Davenport: ?

King: : ::Taking a deep breath, Ryan bowed.:: Forgive us your Majesty.
It would appear that our remote device is weak in comparison to your
most excellent weapons. This must be due to your divine protection.

::The man’s comment caused Virah’s flaps to flutter slightly, but again,
she made no utterance in response to him.::

King: If you would allow us to prove ourselves in a different way? We
can communicate through the most excellent device my colleague
::motioning to Davenport:: holds in his hand. But what about when we
turn that off?

Davenport: ?

Skyfire: ?

::Virah watched as they fiddled with something upon the items that
bedecked their bodies.::

Virah-Latyi: What is that device?

::To her there was no answer, rather the man who had attempted to win
her favour with compliments spoke to his companions before to her, and
when he finally did, his words were no longer comprehensible.::

King: ::to Skyfire and Davenport:: (This should be fun.)

Skyfire: :: whispered to King :: (Or you'll get us all killed…)

King: (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.) ::pause:: (A peck
of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.) ::pause::

::While no longer able to understand them, the sounds they made were
truly hilarious. Virah listened for a moment, then giggled, a sound that
trilled high and echod through the room in contrast to Tru-Dar-Orr’s

King: (If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,) ::pause::

Tura-Fe: I think you've made your point, Human King.

::Tru-Dar-Orr nodded his agreement. Clicking in his water voice, he
turned to Tura-Fe.::

Tru-Dar-Orr: ::water voice:: On that we can agree.

::Perhaps they were right, though Virah couldn’t help but find it
amusing. Still, she was quite interested, especially in light of her
dreams. Therefore, she motioned to the strangers to do whatever it was
they should do in order that they could understand each other once more.::

King: ::softly:: (Where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper

(...Davenport, turn the UT back on…)

Virah-Latyi: Interesting. What was that he spoke?

::It wasn’t King she addressed but rather the one called Skyfire.::

Skyfire: He just recited a poem in our native tongue. Which sounded
presumably like nonsense to you. Much as your words first sounded to us.

Davenport: ?

Tru-Dar-Orr: I don’t believe this trickster for a second…

King: ::Bowing:: I speak the truth your Majesty. ::Leaning his head
back, Ryan snapped his neck around in an attempt to shake out his mane
of long hair, emulating the neck flaps of the Peppalexans.:: Who are you
that would question my integrity?

::Virah was uncertain what such a motion was intended to do. If
anything, it made the man look even stranger than he already did, but
she allowed him speak. Tru-Dar-Orr, however, voiced his opinion before
she could speak her own.::::

Tru-Dar-Orr: I am Tru-Dar-Orr, First Minister to Her Majesty. And you,
my foul smelling trickster are a liar.


::Virah turned so that she could glance back at Tru-Dar-Orr, her mouth
twitching in what could be construed as annoyance.::

Skyfire: Since our weapons demonstration failed, he felt it necessary to
demonstrate our technology in another way. Our current communication
seemed like a prime example. If there is to be any blame for Mr. King's
actions, I accept full responsibility.

Tru-Dar-Orr: ::Spreading his tail and neck flaps widely and shaking them
in a shade of crimson, he turned to the group leader.:: Weapons, you
say? You bring weapons with you?

::Turning to Virah-Latyi:: Your Majesty, it would appear that these.
Outsiders come with ill intent.

Virah-Latyi: Do you think so?

::By her very tone it seemed that she wasn’t as certain as her Minister
of that so called fact. The tone, however, was enough to discomfort the
visitors, but Virah chose to simply listen to what they had to say for
the moment.::

Skyfire: I re-iterate, Minister Tru-Dar-Orr. Ensign King meant no harm
by his actions. Our phasers are non-functional due to the temporal
displacement. The translation device we are using proved a more
effective demonstration.

Tru-Dar-Orr: Temoroll Deesplecment? ::pause:: All I see are three frauds
here in the palace of Her Royal Majesty. Ones with weapons that do not
work. Thus proving your weakness for all to see.

::Why was Tru-Dar-Orr so intent on disproving these people? Perhaps it
was her dreams that had simply given her a more open mind toward the
beings that had suddenly appeared in her domain. It was then that
Tura-Fe stepped forward.::

Tura-Fe: Your Majesty, if I may?

Virah-Latyi: You have my leave, Tura-Fe.

Tura-Fe: I urge you to consider their words. I have examined the relics
my entire career. The ones they bring now... it is unmistakably of the
same origin.

::Tru-Dar-Orr paused in annoyance. His tail and neck fins shifting to a
fiery shade of purple which meant he was well displeased. If anything,
that merely gave more weight on Tura-Fe’s urge to listne.::

Virah-Latyi: Your relics?

Tura-Fe: Please, just have a look at-

::The captain of the guard clicked his tongue.::

Je-San: That's enough, Tura-Fe.

Tura-Fe: No, it's not enough. These creatures are perhaps the greatest
discovery in the history of our Kingdom.

::The audience was swept up into an uproar by the outrageous claim and
Je-San clicked his tongue louder to silence them. However, the blaring
tone of the warning horns across the city then sounded. Virah-Latyi
winced and the guards closed in around her. She craned her neck around
in an attempt to try and figure out what was happening, but the ebony
bodies of those sworn to protect her prevented it. Fear laced through
her, but the guards gave her little time to truly react.::

Soldier: Captain! ::to Virah-Latyi:: Your Majesty!

Je-San: ::annoyed:: What is it?

Soldier: Fire falls from the sky!

::Fire? Fire? Virah attempted to push out of the hold of her guards, if
only to see a little bit. She managed to catch a glimpse of the sky
through the window::

Je-San: Protect the Queen at once!

::There was no need, for the guards had already surrounded her and once
more her view was blocked.::

Tru-Dar-Orr: ::His voice booming:: Silence in the Chamber of Her
Majesty! ::Turning to Je-San:: DO your job, get the Queen to the
protected rooms under the Palace!

Virah-Latyi: Wait…

::Her command was drowned out by the rumble of an earthquake.
Immediately, the guards readied their weapons, but there was no one to

::Je-San turned back to the creatures, seething with anger.::

Je-San: Are you responsible for this?

Skyfire / King / Davenport: ?

Tru-Dar-Orr: Of course they are! They have rained fire down from the
sky. Tricked us with their “weapons.” A true predator lays in wait for
the moment to strike when least expected. Distractions. Tricks.
::pointing a taloned hand at Skyfire:: We are tired of your lies.

Tura-Fe: ?

Skyfire/King/Davenport: ?

::Shouts erupted from the Chamber as the assembled Peppalexan’s fear and
anger grew.::

Soldier: Your Majesty! It has landed on the outskirts of the city. It is
some kind of sea-faring vessel from the sky!

Tru-Dar-Orr: An invasion force perhaps? Your Majesty, we must ride out
to meet them in battle before it is too late!

...And we should bring these ::motioning to King, Davenport and
Skyfire:: things to witness the destruction of their allies. ...And to
pay for their deceit.


::All around them, the chaos of voices echoed. Virah’s flaps flared
furiously in response to the cacophany that bombarded her. All around,
there were orders, but none of them were hers. Finally, she could stand
it no more. With no regard to what her guards were trying to do, Virah
ducked under their arms and pressed forward. As they attempted to
surround her once more, she glared at them which sent them to a
screeching halt, then let out a high, piercing whistle that permeated
the room and rose above the clamour. She continued to hold it, slicing
through the noise until it began to quiet and finally die so that all
eyes were solely upon her and she could speak and be heard.::

Virah-Latyi: Silence. Tru-Dar-Orr, reassure the people that all is under
control. Jen-San, take some soldiers and assess the damage.


Virah-Latyi: Our _guests_ are to remain with me. Tura-Fe, you also. You
mentioned some relics, let us see them now.

::Despite the fire, she couldn’t help but remember those dreams. They
were real enough and she realised they weren’t _dreams_. They were


Virah-Latyi: I believe I commanded you to do my bidding.

::Her gaze was sharp and young though she may be, when her mind was set
she would not budge. When finally those who had been given tasks
dispersed, her personal guard clustered around her.

Virah-Latyi: Tura-Fe, lead.

::She paused, then added.::

Virah-Latyi: Skyfire...walk with me.

::That did not seem to settle well with her guards, but her stubborness
was unrelenting.::


::As Tura-Fe led the small procession, Virah held back a bit to converse
with man who, despite the attempts by one of the others, seemed to be
the leader.::

Virah-Latyi: Tell me truthfully, is this of your doing?


::She cast a sidelong glance at him.::

Virah-Latyi: I believe you.


Virah-Latyi: I have had these dreams. I used to have them long ago, but
they faded and with them my memory of them. When I was told of your
coming, however, they returned and they have done so every night until I
finally realised I must see you.


Virah-Latyi: There was a woman who seemed to be of the same species as
you, even about your height. She had long, dark hair. It...waved, like
the water does and her eyes were as green as my gills.


Virah-Latyi: Name...her name was…

::She paused there as she tried to recall.::

Virah-Latyi: I believe it was...Al-Or-Uh.



Her Majesty Queen Virah-Latyi

Ruler of the First Kingdom

as simmed by

Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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