[VWV-???] Lt. Ki Shandres: Painkillers, Please (Tag:Yal’Sethir’Anth/DeVeau/Core/Mei’konda)

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((A Dark Place on a Va Wreth ship))

Core: Va Wreth system follow any logic, forcefield failure puts out security alert. *Not much time*.

::Perhaps even less time that they had thought, given the ominous, metallic boom that reverberated through the ship’s hull, and for a moment seemed to throw off the gravitational system.::

Shandres: DeVeau, see if your commbadge works. Tristam… Commander, do what you can to make sure that signal gets out.

DeVeau: Right.

::A moment later::

DeVeau: ::Sighing:: No dice.


Shandres: I’d really, really would like to go to station medical please.

::He jerked on the Va Wreth’s pinned arms.::

Shandres: You’re not going to try and stop us, are you?

Va Wreth: ::whimpers:: Nooooo…

Shandres:: Good girl.


DeVeau: We..

::There was the sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway, and suddenly the room was full of Va Wreth. The guard that Shandres was ‘riding’ let out a wordless squeal and, broken arms or no, suddenly tried to run for an exit at the far side of the room. But there were more of her kindred pouring in that doorway as well.::

::Ki knew he wouldn’t have held their warden for long and he hated being proved right. He was thrown off and tossed like a ragdoll. Yes… that hurt a lot.::

Yal’Sethir’Anth: The aliens are not to be harmed!

oO Too late. Oo

::Around her, Va Wreth moved at lightening speeds on six legs, some were climbing the walls. Rapid movements disabled what was left of the security screen, their bodies visible only as occasional pale ghosts in the flash and flicker of the field before it died.::

DeVeau / Core / Mei’konda: ?

Yal’Sethir’Anth: Find something that will radiate. ::She snapped, before moving towards the two former captives on the ground. One she knew.:: Alora, trader turned Starfleet. I am Yal’Sethir’Anth. We met at the soiree. The rebels are being nullified.

::From nearby there was a click and something held by one of the Va Wreth began to give off a sickly green glow, just enough to make out shapes by.::

DeVeau: Yes, I remember. I was…

::Ki struggled to his feet. His eyes quickly skimmed around the room. Oh yeah, they were really out-numbered. At least he could see his people. Alora on the floor beside the really unhappy Mei’konda and Tristam slumped against a console. He looked bad in that light. He must have taken a jolt from the emitter. Not good.::

DeVeau: What, exactly, is going on?

Core / Mei’konda: ?

Yal’Sethir’Anth: I imagine they intended you as hostages. We will return you to the station momentarily. Are you missing any of your party?

::Ki looked…. way up.::

DeVeau: No, but Mei’konda’s sick, we need to get him to a doctor, quickly.

Shandres:  Not to mention Commander Core has taken a dangerously high energy surge.

Core / Mei’konda: ?

DeVeau: It’s pretty bad, he couldn’t move. We need someone now.

::Oh yeah, he was gonna pile on as high as he could to get them out of there.::

Shandres: We need immediate transport to the station Medical Section.

::Because as far as he knew, the Garuda was off doing gods alone knew what.::


DeVeau: Thank you.


((Astrofori 1 Medical Department: Emergency Care))

::Ki was surprised to see Lara Knight in the emergency room. He was doubly surprised that she was working as a doctor. Okay, an intern, but still. While the rest of them were off getting kidnapped, she had quietly transferred off the Garuda to the station to begin her medical internship. Who knew.::

DeVeau / Core / Mei’konda: ?

::Ki watched as Mei’konda was spirited off for intensive care, then he looked at Alora.::

Shandres:  Are you all right?


::He nodded and moved to Core’s bedside. The grim expression on Lara’s face did not give him a good feeling. He put his hand on Tristam’s shoulder.::

Shandres: You’ll be okay.


::Ki smiled faintly as he squeezed his shoulder. He didn’t expect anything from Core. That was clear since they returned from Peppalexa. He nodded and turned away.::

DeVeau / Core / Mei’konda: ?


Lieutenant Ki Shandres (PNPC)

Strategic Operations/Intelligence

USS Garuda

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