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Jun 20, 2015, 9:52:20 PM6/20/15
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((Station Security, Astrofori One))

Rahman: From what I gather, Glinn Zorkal hasn't gotten much out of Ross. Commander Delano, I'd like you to try to get some answers from him.

::The man raised an eyebrow in the best Vulcan tradition. What was it about the pointed ears that gave the look such an extra emphasis? She could use them for her Academy sessions when grilling cadets. Her spots didn't come close.::

Delano: Wouldn’t Captain Reynolds be the better choice for that kind of interrogation?

::She hesitated for a moment, trying to find the right words for the delicate situation Reynolds and she were not faced with.::

Rahman: …I believe given both Director Reynolds and my own personal dealings with Ross in the past, having you question him will keep him from wasting our time.

Delano: I honestly didn’t have much interaction with him while he was on Garuda. He won’t have as much personal leverage on me.

::Seeing him nod gave her some relief that perhaps she really was asking him to do something because it was the best course of action for the mission and not just a selfish one.::

Delano: Makes sense. ::clears throat:: Commander, about the president…

Rahman: Yes?

Delano: A few months ago, I heard some disturbing rumors about “something big” coming down the pipe - whispers of conspiracy and closed-doors deals and attempted assassinations. I still don’t know how valid those rumors were, but If it were me, and I were trying to disrupt the stability of this region, an exposed and embattled Federation president would be a very tempting target.  

Rahman: Agreed. Director Reynolds believes that Holt is the target, but neither Invicta's security chief or I want to take any chances. It wouldn't be the first time Ross has tried to distract us from his real goals.

Delano: ::nods:: Watch your back, Commander. And keep a phaser handy.

::She shook her head.::

Rahman: There's already been too much shooting on the eve of a supposed new venture in galactic peace…

::But she knew they both didn't have the luxury of being as idealistic as this station's dreamers. Hopefully, their efforts though would help make this dream a reality.::


Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman
First Officer, USS Garuda
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