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Feb 27, 2014, 11:07:54 PM2/27/14
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<<( OOC: Haha, "order, shmorder." ^_^ )>>

Hee! :)

(( The Trials: Cavern ))

DeVEAU: Look, we were put here together. Which means we have to do this
trial together. Which means, whether you like it or not, we're doing
this together. So let's go so we can go through trials. I want to finish
them and find out more about these people - and do what we came here to
do. Together.

::For the briefest of seconds, the captain seemed to have given up. Then
her arm jerked, though Alora's hold upon it remained steadfast.::

EGAN MANNO: Get away from me!

::In the darkness, Alora's lips pressed together and her jaw tightened.
A reply wasn't made, though it might have been had the captain not
spoken once more in a calmer tone.::

EGAN MANNO: Yes. Together.

::Well that was a three-sixty. Alora refrained from arguing the matter.
She nodded, uncertain whether Cassie's sight was good enough to even
register the short motion in the dim light. Her feet slid forward,
careful as her own eyesight, perfectly good, still struggled to discern
details in the inadequate light.::

EGAN MANNO: Thank you. For staying.

:: Alora offered a small sound, but that was as far as she went. They
walked, then -- through green, through turquoise, through wet teal,
through great sparkling geodes, and finally into a place with enormous
glittering formations. It was lovely, magnificent. And yet, there was
the undercurrent, a need that they press onward and forward.::

EGAN MANNO: Where are we? What is this?

DeVEAU: I'm not sure. Look, over there.

::The hand that was not bound with the Captains stretched toward a glow
in the distance.::

EGAN MANNO: It looks like -- light?

DeVEAU: It looks like it.

::Onward, the light expanding into a mouth, that mouth opening into open
air with the glitter of the strange underground luminescence replaced by
the matte finish of clouds masking the sky. The mountains glowered over
them, impatient for them to make their choice and be on their way. A
crevasse lined their paths, but the choice had yet to be made. Before
either of them could speak, Egan Manno thrust her finger toward a spiral
of smoke, determining their direction.::

DeVEAU: Looks like something's on fire.

EGAN MANNO: Quickly. Let's run.

::For once, Alora agreed with the Captain's suggestion. Her feet spurred
her forward toward the white cloud that trailed up into the sky. They
stayed together, they arrived together, their pace quick, but even so
the travel should have taken longer. Alora ignored the illogical passage
of time, then slowed down as they came upon familiar faces.::

ANANJA: There's nothing there. Only death. I-- ::She paused, swallowing
hard and struggling to maintain her composure.:: I don't know why we're

::They were there for the trials, but was Ananja on trial to? Hadn't it
been mentioned she'd already gone through them? If so, why was she
subjected to another round? It was a question Alora could not, of
course, answer.::


EGAN MANNO: Yes, from a cavern back -- back that way. What is this place?


SHRYKER: It’s horrid here, Captain.


EGAN MANNO: We should leave. I don't feel good here.

::What was there to feel good about? Death and destruction, it reveled
in it's own glory all about them. Alora shivered - who would want to



EGAN MANNO: Well, here. A ladder.

::A ladder? A ladder that stretched into the sky? There was no anchor
within sight, no destination apparent. Alora could not ascertain the
point to it. Unless it was the choice to remain with those who could not
leave or escape their situation. She knew what her choice would be.::

SHRYKER: You will have to leave me. I can’t climb. I will be ok.

DeVeau: Pfft.


DeVeau: No.


DeVeau: Am I really going to have to go through this again with another
person? I already won this argument. I win again!

::Kamari's sudden appearance cut off any other words Alora might have
uttered. She manifested without warning, a moment emptiness in front of
the Science Officer, then the child.::

DeVeau: What's she doing here?

::A gleam in the child's amber eyes could have indicated many things,
but was it amusement? Pride? Disdain? Alora sometimes wished she had
telepathic abilities and that moment was certainly one of them - that
was, if the mind was of the sort that could be understood.::

::Kamari didn't answer the human. Instead, she turned that sharp gaze
upon Ananja and drew a little closer.::

Kamari: You know what you must do.


Kamari: Lift your voice. You know the song. Give them their honour, send
them to their rest.


::The world slowed, then stood still as Ananja's voice rose to echo
through the village. The growl of the fire hushed in awe of the beauty
that intoned a music which plunged into the depths of life. It
celebrated. It mourned.

It was a song she had heard before, upon their arrival to the planet,
and though little time had passed since that introduction, it almost
seemed a dream ago. Alora stepped forward, her chin lifting as if she
might catch sight of the notes as they soared from Ananja's lips. Then
her own voice joined. She had no words, the language was unfathomable to
her, but she didn't need words to join with the hymn. Her own voice
lifted to mingle with Ananja's. The Kubarey provided the melody and the
words. Alora provided the harmony, notes winding their way beneath, then
soaring to a descant above. The two voices danced, mournful and joyful.
There was not one, without the other. The melody alone had been lovely.
The two, working together to sing to the souls, the bells of their
voices ringing clearly, merging into a two part symphony, were glorious.
The ladder tumbled to the ground, the fire flickered, then died. Around
them, the village crumbled, then scattered as dust in a gentle wind. The
scene faded, and when those voices worked to an end, they were left in
the caverns, back where they first began, the echoes of the song as it
resounded all around them called them back to the here and now.::



Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Mercury


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