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(( Bridge, USS Invicta, 1637 hours ))

:: The trip to the Bridge had been unremarkable.  He’d left his bag and Odin in he and Evan’s new quarters on deck three, which were a lot larger than even what he was used to on the Garuda.  The ship’s interior had a few new touches here and there.  It was quieter, Mei’konda had noticed.  Just like the transporter room had been.  Just like the corridors had been.  The carpeting felt incredibly soft beneath his boots. The lighting was more muted than he was used to.  On the way to the Bridge, the Caitian had been studying the Invicta’s specifications on his walk through the short, long, very non-Starfleet looking ship’s corridors.  He wasn’t yet sure what to make of this ship.  Time would tell. ::

:: Mei’konda had taken the longest route he could to get to the Bridge.  It was important to start familiarizing himself with its layout.  A short turbolift jaunt up from deck two, and as the doors slid open and Mei’konda stepped out, he stopped in place behind the tactical console to take it all in.  The first thing that jumped out at him was the couches.  There were couches, on the Bridge.  On the front of the helm and ops consoles.  He’d have heads in front of him while he was trying to work. ::

oO Oh, lord, what new design trend is this? Oo

:: The Captain’s chair was gone.  Replaced, instead, by a large round conference table.  And there were what he could only think of as dining booths at each edge of the thankfully very large and high resolution viewscreen.  Mei’konda hadn’t served on many ships, but it was the strangest design he’d ever seen.  Slowly, he made his way down the ramp on the left side of the Bridge, eyes lingering on the long, swooping Ops console, then pressed a fuzzy finger up against the chime of Kells’ door. ::

Kells: [Tag]

:: The door slid open, and Mei’konda stepped inside, PADD in hand.  His eyes spent a few moments tracking through the ready room before they settled back on Kells.  Still the younger one, resembling, for the most part, the one he’d first joined on the Mercury years ago. ::

Mei’konda: Hello, Captaain.  Reportiing for duty.  I brought a supplies inventory.

Kells: [Tag]

Mei’konda: Thaank you, sir.

:: Mei’konda took the seat indicated, and folded his hands in his lap while Kells looked over the PADD.  He piped up, a moment later. ::

Mei’konda: We haave a great deal of luxury goods on board.  Rare food items, especiaally, to caater to the needs of dignitaries from the area.  They are in staasis.  Should stay good for the chefs to prepaare for a long tiime.

Kells: [Tag]

:: Leaning back and glancing out Kells’ window - larger than on the Garuda, like so many things were, Mei’konda noticed, he paused for a moment, then asked the question. ::

Mei’konda: Sir, why are we here?

Kells: [Tag]

Mei’konda: On this shiip, I mean.  She haas good sensors, yes, very good, but… look at all of thiis.  This luxury.  It juust… worries me.  It took us so long to get the Garuda secured, especiaally with Ross’ sabotage, and just when I feel like we’ve maade her ours…

:: Mei’konda sighed, and shook his head. ::

Mei’konda: I’m sorry if I’m maaking no sense, or seeming paranoid, Captain.  I've just had questiions. After what we ran into with the Mercury's undocumeented upgrades, I just wonder if… if Starfleet is up to somethiing that we should know about.

Kells: [Tag]


Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

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