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Core: =/\= I agree. I haven't seen Vistain since I stepped aboard and we certainly haven't been coordinating - no offense to her. But I'd prefer having someone who knows the Mercury rather than have to deal with a ship class I know nothing about with various systems I've yet to study in a situation no one's notified me about. =/\=

::Well, that last bit may not have been entirely true if someone called him half an hour ago, due to the possibility that he might not have remembered it. Regardless, it sounded like the situation was getting more dire by the minute, and Tristam just about had it with dire situations.::

Calderan: =/\= Agreed. Shall we evacuate here? Do you need anyone to help with the engine team?

Core: =/\= We should be okay. Maybe. =/\=

Mei'konda:  =/\= Commander Core, I am goiing to send Doctorr Rahman to your locaation to help disaable the ship’s hologrid.  Commander  =/\=

Core: =/\= I'm gonna need her help with more than just the hologrid if the ship's betting on destroying itself . . . =/\=

Calderan: =/\= Then lets… get… moving. Beam medics and those needing attention back to the Garuda, and the others to Engineering. =/\=

Mei'konda: =/\= Thaat is you, Commander.  I will haave the transporter room get a lock.  The rest of Alpha team, prepaare for transporrt to Mercury’s engineering section.  Commander Core, we will be reunitiing your teams shortly.  :: He paused for a moment. :: And we haave an update for you.  We estimate roughly eighteen minutes before the Mercury’s systems degrade to the point where she loses antimatter contaainment. =/\=

Core:::he rolled his eyes.:: =/\= Perfect. =/\=

::Because nothing was ever simple when it comes to this crew.::

Mei'konda: =/\= We are maintaiining a continual lock on your teaams.  We will haave you out of there and be out of raange well before an explosion occurs. =/\=

::Was that even *possible*? Could they do that? Tristam hoped that they were keeping the engines hot.::

Alpha team: =/\= Response? =/\=

Mei'konda: =/\= Understood.  Garuda out. =/\=

((Present time))

::Considering the okay-condition the Strategic Operations office was in when he opened his eyes, he hadn't at all expected Main Engineering to be so banged up. It was a nightmare - he could actually feel tears swelling in his eyes as he glanced between scorched and sparking consoles, begging to be repaired or replaced and put out of their misery. To make matters worse, several bulkheads in one certain are had been torn open, indicating an even bigger, more dangerous explosion had occurred prior to their arriving aboard the ship.::

Core: Why.

::How did a ship go from brand new science exploration vessel to a near-war ship to . . . this? The Mercury wasn't even five years old from what he'd learned with Mei'konda!::

Delano: Good question. Your guess is as good as mine.

Core: We have to get containment back up. If it's a ship-wide systems failure, we're going to have to do a reset.

Delano: What do you need us to do, Sir?

Core: Set it up. We need working consoles - control the shut down, monitor the shut down, various other things, including repairing various sequences - just basically a lot of really difficult stuff that we're going to have to rush perfectly.

::The Lieutenant was thankfully already one step ahead of him.::

Delano:  :: Calling loud enough for the others to hear. :: I can do that from here, Commander.

Core: Great! 18 minutes and counting, guys - we're on the clock.

Rahman: Not quite the homecoming I'd hoped for.

::Tristam turned to the voice, flinching from the pain he'd been trying to ignore in his arm - he was going to have to grit and bare it, it not assemble some sort of sling in the short time that he had. He decided against it - why bother if he was facing certain death?::

DeVeau: Nara! It's good to see you.

::Tristam gave the Kriosian a nod of his head, before turning back to a console.::

Delano: =/\= Delano to Core and DeVeau. I think I've got this ready. Are you set on your end? =/\=

Core: =/\= A few seconds and we should be good. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Ready as we'll ever be. =/\=

::The engineer had to shove his nervousness out a window and focus solely on instructing DeVeau. No freaking out this time - because it was time that they didn't have.::

Delano: =/\= You'll get plenty of power, but it will probably stress the EPS system. There's a chance some of them could blow out. It will get worse the longer we run it. At this point, I figure a little more damage is better than having nothing left. If I did this right, most of the strain will be on the conduits that would normally connect to the sensor module. If there's a blow out, the damage should be contained to the lower decks. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\= Acknowledged.=/\=

Core: =/\= As long as all living things have been evacuated out of there, it shouldn't be a problem. =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Wait a sec...give me a minute.=/\=

Delano: =/\= Understood. Let me know when you're ready. =/\=

DeVeau: ::To Core.:: So here and here then?

Core: You got it. At least you don't have to be gentle this time.

Rahman: Sounds like you figured the same thing. Do a hard reset.

Core: I was running out of options. I'm not entirely certain of this, though - I've never worked with an Oracle class. I'm concerned that we might put the EPS under too much stress when we start up again.

DeVeau: Okay.

Rahman: All right, but it's not a matter of "if" there's a blow out. The damage to the EPS system is going to be massive without the proper protections in place from a drydock.

Core: Hence my concern.

DeVeau: So what do you want me to do?

Core: Keep calm and do everything I tell you to do. I promise that this is the last time that happens. Get ready to initiate shut down.

Voss/T'Leia: Response

Vistain: Commander!

Rahman: We've got quite the mess to clean up.

DeVeau: That's putting it mildly. ::pause:: All right. Let's do this then.

::All hands on deck, and Tristam at Alora's side, the makeshift team got themselves ready for a full power shut down. Except, one of them hadn't checked in. Rahman cast a worried look at the Rodulan.::

Rahman: =/\= Lieutenant? =/\=

Delano: =/\= RESPONSE? =/\=

Holo-Rahman: All right, let's see what we can do about...



::Tristam froze, the throb in his arm becoming a distant pain, as his attention remained on the *second* Rahman.::

Rahman: Is this some sort of a joke?

::Tristam was aware of the holoprograms, but this was ridiculous. Roshanara Rahman was quite the individual - *individual*. A holographic recreation of the one and only seemed impossible to the Rodulan - but yet, here she was. Standing there just as confused as the rest of them. His gaze turned to the first Rahman - was *she* the imposter here? She seemed oddly calm about this entire situation.::

Anyone: Response?

::He could have gone into meltdown at any moment, but no. He just stood there, stock still, barely breathing. One Rahman was *enough*!::

Holo-Rahman: I see. I didn't realise there was a holographic version of myself running around.


::More importantly, what happened if they were *both* holograms!?::

Holo-Rahman: I suggest a hard reset of the system, but beware, the kickback isn't pleasant. We'll need to set protections in place and...

::What he wouldn't give to have his telepathy back for just one minute - *one minute* to confirm who was who. Because right now - *right now* - he just wanted a hug. For a really bad day. Just a damn hug.::

Holo-Rahman: Excuse me?

Core: I can't work with *two* of you-

::In one swift move, the second Rahman snaked her arm around Alora's neck, a phaser - out of nowhere - pressed into the skin of her neck.

::As a Rodulan, Tristam knew little to no violence. Sure, cursing and swearing were a common thing, used during sadness, frustration and anger. Physical violence was uncommon from where he came from - hence, almost failing combat classes, weapons classes, and more. He understood that they were a part of the galaxy, but why they were entirely necessary at all escaped him

::Now, in this moment, Tristam almost crumpled into a ball as he watched Alora become a Rahman's captive. He was back in another hostage situation.::

Holo-Rahman: One move and she's dead.

Anyone: Response?

Holo-Rahman: I suggest everyone back away - slowly.

Core: Let her go.

Holo-Rahman/DeVeau/Anyone: Response?

Core: Roshanara, *listen to me*. I'm not going to *do* anything to threaten you - I *can't* do anything to threaten you. ::Not with a broken shoulder, at least.:: Alora was only being my hands - if you need a hostage, take *me*. As the Garuda's Chief Engineer, I'm more valuable than she is.

::Most of the suggestion was out of fear for Alora, but it was also partly logic (or, at least, the skewed version Tristam was currently using in his slightly dazed condition). There were two Rahmans - one was standing behind him and the other in front of him with a scientist locked in her arms. Assuming both Rahmans had the same level of engineering knowledge, it didn't matter which one did the work, it'd still (hypothetically) end in the same result. If he could distract *this* Rahman, the one with Alora's life in her hands, maybe the one behind him could finish the job they were trying to complete. Not only that, but he'd also be pulling Alora out of danger . . . kind of.::

Holo-Rahman/Anyone: Response?

Tbc . . .

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