[DSX] Lt Alora DeVeau - "To the Arachnodome!" (Voss, Ivanova, Kells, Calderan)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 8, 2014, 6:32:34 PM11/8/14
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(( Medbay ))

Gilora: I'd hoped ::beat:: that "Maquis" was a name left to history.
They are terrorists, violent people who kill without mercy and for
little reason. They have no business here.

DeVeau: It might help if we try to understand their motivations.

Gilora: I do not want to understand them.

:: It dawned upon her that she had spoken loudly and quickly tried to
gather herself together. ::

Gilora: Forgive me. Several members of my family -- farmers, you know,
who'd lived on their colony for generations -- were exterminated by the

::That explained the reaction. Sympathy reflected in Alora’s eyes and
she stepped forward a little.::

DeVeau: I am sorry, I truly am. I don’t know why they would do something
like that, but to stop the killing and fighting, it helps to understand
who you’re dealing with - even if you don’t want to. A lot of people
probably said they never wanted to understand Cardassians, yet here we are.

::She leaned forward, her smile holding just a slight amount of humour.::

DeVeau: Fortunately, I’m not always good at listening to what people say.

::She paused, just briefly before she added in Cardassian.::

DeVeau: <I would be glad to talk later if you wish.>

Gilora: I--

:: It was at that moment Dr. Gilaars appeared.::

Gilaars: I am Doctor Rebecca Gilaars, of the USS Garuda. I wish to
assist you with your efforts to produce a cure for this disease.

Skyfire: As I was saying, doctors... :: beat; blink :: Once you've
finished helping the patients get settled, you may go assist Mr. Fergus
with his analysis. If possible, I would like :: beat; blink; more loudly
:: Lt. DeVeau to carry that information back to Commander Calderan. ::
beat :: Does that seem reasonable to you?

:: Gilora blinked at Skyfire, an icy calm matching his gaze. ::

Gilora: Perfectly.

DeVeau: Carry back to Calderan? Information about the results of your
experiment, Doctor? I’ll help however you need me too.

Skyfire: Good...you'll forgive me if I'm not of more help at the moment...

DeVeau: Sure. The way back isn’t difficult.

:: Gilaars nodded in silent agreement as Alora extended her hand in
order to accept the portable screen with her. ::

DeVeau: Is there anything you want me to tell her that isn’t documented?

::Gilora seemed almost confused by that question, but then finally

Gilora: No. Nothing.

Fergus: I have that analysis you asked for, Doctor. Results are on a
padd and ready to be handed to the lieutenant.

Skyfire: Very good. What have you found, Mr. Fergus?

Fergus: I've managed to reverse engineer the strain, and use the antigen
we got from your :: beat :: ...experiment to mass produce something we
can flood into the station's air filtration units.

Skyfire: Very good. Lieutenant DeVeau, can I rely on you to get this
update to Commander Calderan? :: then asked of Dr. Gilora :: Since this
will affect your fellow Cardassians, what do you think of this plan?

Gilora: Whatever can help them -- us -- all of us.

:: DeVeau nodded at that, though Gilora looked away when she smiled.
Maybe she could buy the doctor a drink later, after they’d managed to
resolve everything.. ::

DeVeau: I’ll go now.

::She left, then, winding her way through the tunnels once more and
quite grateful for the schematics Chief Zorkal had given her. She would
have gotten lost otherwise. As she came to a junction, voices could be
heard in the corridor and Alora paused - right in the direction she was
headed. She continued on ,only to come face to face with the very person
she had intended to find. When had they decided to venture through as

DeVeau: Lieutenant Commander…

Calderan: Glad you found us, we’d taken a new route. How did you get on
with Doctor Skyfire?

::She shrugged. The poor doctor had be rather out of sorts and hadn’t
really been up for much conversation.::

DeVeau: Results of Doctor Skyfire’s experiment and a subsequent analysis.

:: She passed over the PADD, and of course the LC was happy about it.::

Calderan: Excellent!

DeVeau: I haven’t had a chance to trek through yet. This seemed more

Calderan: No worries. You have done well. Are you alone?

DeVeau: Yes sir.

Calderan: Ok, well, we’re heading for the Arachnid Dome. We’re hoping to
enlist their help, or at least utilise their systems to turn the tables
on the Maquis. We’re hoping that Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda and his
team will be joining us soon.

DeVeau: The Arachnid Dome?

::Oh yes, the spiders. She’d heard about them but had yet to run into
any. Curiousity spiked and all of a sudden she wanted to join them.::

Kells: But we could always use the extra hands. And help.

::There was no way she would turn that down!::

DeVeau: I’m glad to help.

Voss / Ivanova: ?

::It was at that moment the Maquis decided to join in the fray. Sort of.::

Kalre: =/\=Nikael Kalre to Nia Calderan.=/\=

:: Alora’s gaze slid over to Calderan. They had finally made contact -
so what would they do?::

Calderan =/\= This is Lieutenant Commander Calderan. Go ahead.=/\=

Kalre: =/\=I have received your message and am willing to discuss my
terms, but there will be no negotiations. Those are my demands and I
will not alter them.=/\=

Calderan: =/\= I understand, but you must realise that our government
doesn’t negotiate either. You can’t hope to succeed in your mission.
Please, disable your bombs and withdraw from the station. Anything less
is unreasonable.=/\=

Kalre: =/\=On the contrary, I find that to be unreasonable. Tell me,
Calderan, do you even have the authority to fulfill my requests?=/\=

Calderan: =/\= I am the senior officer aboard this station. I am the
only person who has the authority to speak with you, but you know as
well as I do that for your request to be authorised is beyond my
control, stuck here as I am in a quarantined station.=/\=

Kalre: =/\=I had a feeling that was the case. Well, I suppose we’ve said
all that’s been said. I bid you farewell.=/\=

Calderan: =/\= Well, this attitude will get you nowhere. At very least
let me come and see you face to face. I will come alone if you will do
the same, and we can talk.=/\=

::There was no answer from Kalre - evidently the communication had been
cut off. It was her former Captain...sort of...who finally spoke.::

Kells: Well, at least he doesn't know what we're up to. ::beat:: Probably.

DeVeau: I hope not. Are you sure we shouldn’t try to talk to them again,
Lieutenant Commander? Isn’t there someone we can contact at Starfleet to
try and figure this out?

Voss / Ivanova: ?

Calderan: Trust me, I know what I’m doing

::But that didn’t mean it would help the current situation. Had Calderan
even attempted what Alora had suggested? Had anyone? Maybe that was
something she should attempt once she got to a panel she could use to
send a long range message.::

Voss / Ivanova: ?

DeVeau: So we’re going to the arachnid dome. I’ve heard about them but
not much. Anyone know anything about them? I’ve yet to see one.


DeVeau: Fascinating.

::So did that mean they were good guys or bad guys? Still, she couldn’t
refrain from being interested in the creatures.::

DeVeau: So they’re not machines, they’re actually modified spiders?


DeVeau: What else is known about them? I’m assume they’re not terran



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

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