[G] Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Time To Chat" (Rahman, Kells, Bridge)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 9, 2014, 3:45:10 PM7/9/14
to Garuda
*((USS Garuda, Bridge))

Rahman: =/\= Rahman to all remaining senior staff aboard. Please check
in with your status.=/\=

*Any: =/\= DeVeau here. Status - remaining on board the Garuda.=/\=*

::Was that what she wanted? Alora hadn't even left the bridge in the
aftermath of the new mission. Only a moment prior had the last of the
volunteers swept away faster the Captain, leaving those left to guide
the ship, herself, Kells, and a couple of others who had elected to
remain behind.::

Rahman: =/\= With the Captain's makeshift fleet of shuttle and auxiliary
craft away, we'll be tasked with ensuring that no loose ends remain with
the Eth. =/\=

*Any: =/\= Yes sir. =/\=*

::There wasn't that much left to do. Alora would, of course, continue
to monitor the mud dome situation and there other scientific studies
being run concurrently of course. While she might not have much to do
in regards to the Eth specifically, she certainly had enough on her
plate to keep her busy.

*Any: =/\=???**=/\=*

Rahman: =/\= Well, at least the ends we can work on. =/\=

::And see.::

*Any: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=*

Rahman: =/\= Tell me you have good news. =/\=

*Any: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=*

::She was effectively out of the conversation and Alora's attention
focused on a particular body left upon the bridge. Kells. Her captain.
Her first captain. But he wasn't the same. Much had changed,
physically, mentally. She wasn't sure exactly what had occurred but
perhaps it would be a good time to get the story.::

DeVeau: Care to join me?

Kells: I'm sorry. Say again?

DeVeau: Care to join me?

::One hand flicked toward the turbolift and a single eyebrow arched
upward. ::

DeVeau: I'm headed to my office to look over some things. Want to come
along? Might be a good time to chat.

::He'd had questions for her, and she sure had some for him.::


DeVeau: We can stop and get something to drink on the way if you want.


::Alora approached the turbolift and the doors automatically hissed
open. She remained silent on the trip down several levels, then stepped
through when the doors opened once more onto another deck. An even
shorter walk brought them before her office and she lead the way inside.

It wasn't huge, but there was enough space to allow for a couple of
small shelves, upon which a collection of various plants resided. One
in particular was dedicated to terran species, while another boasted
several alien species, some in small environmental regulators to keep
their conditions optimal. Of the terran flowers, most were in bloom and
boasted an array of colours and patterns, from speckled to pinwheeled,
to striped, from yellow, to burgundy, to blue.::

DeVeau: So you wanted me to tell you about him?

::Was he referring to himself or to who he was before he left? Perhaps
she ought to get that part sorted out.::

DeVeau: If you could clarify...are you, or are you not, Aron Kells?




Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Garuda

OOC I'm going on the assumption she hasn't been told about the strange
occurrence with his combined selves. :)

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