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Deliera Jay

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((Sick Bay))

Core: I'm not allowed to leave. And I was lonely. And bored. But more importantly lonely. And there is this *weird* planty florally smell around here.

DeVeau: You sure the drugs aren't influencing you?

Core: Come on, Alooora! I'm positive it's not the drugs . . . maybe.

::He had to hold in whatever laughter may have ensued as she repeated his wine and stamped around like a small child close to throwing a tantrum.

::Was this a contest to see who was most adorable?::

DeVeau: Come on Tristaaam.  ::She grinned, a twinkle dancing in her eyes.::  All right, all right.  Hold up.

::YUS! She was doing the thing!::

DeVeau: Oh!  I do smell it!

Core: I *knew* I wasn't a nutter!

DeVeau:  It's...hyacinth.

Core: Hicca-what?

::Probably *way* off how DeVeau had said it, but considering he was, indeed, under the influence of a medical drug, it could probably pass. He'd have to hear her say it again at least four times if he was ever going to be able to pronounce it properly.::

DeVeau: It's a lovely flower from Earth.  It's actually my second favourite - I have two in my quarters, one deep purple and one bright pink, but haven't cultivated them so don't have any babies.  They aren't nearly as prolific as African Violets

Core: Flowers have babies . . .? ::More importantly, though,:: Wait, so it has medical purpose?

DeVeau: I'm not sure.  Maybe one of the doctors or nurses has a hyacinth plant around here somewhere.

Core: It smells funny. And I *told* you it wasn't a drug thingy.

DeVeau: Response?

Core: For my shoulder . . . I think. If it was for the bump of the head, I don't think I'd feel this funny. Plus, shoulder was busted pretty badly, so . . . ::He laughed.:: It'd be pretty illogical for it to *not* be for the shoulder problem.

::Oh, he wasn't going to be able to lift stuff for a while. At least it got him out of some work later!

::But this silly sling thing was getting quite annoying . . . restrictive arm movement was frustrating.::

DeVeau: Response?

Core: ::He squinted.:: Did you get back aboard okay? I honestly don't really remember . . .

DeVeau: Response?

Core: Definitely no bad injuries?

DeVeau: Response?

Core: Great! Though I guess it wouldn't really matter - I think we'd make good Sick Bay buddies. Absolutely nothing wrong with Sick Bay. One of the best places ever, actually.

::Well, it was a great place when there wasn't a certain nurse walking past and scowling at him about every five minutes . . . ::

DeVeau: Response?

Tbc . . .

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