[G-SKBY] JP by Lt. DeVeau and Dr Saveron: The Morning After the Night Before - Part 2

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Sarah Eccles

Mar 31, 2015, 10:26:31 PM3/31/15
to Garuda
((Treatment Bay 2, Sickbay, USS Garuda))

DeVeau: Um...mind if I have a minute?

::Doctor or no, she wasn’t going to undress in front of him unless it was medically necessary.::

Saveron: Of course. One of the female nurses changed you. ::He added, in case she was concerned.::

::He disappeared through the privacy screen, leaving Alora to her own devices.::

::A moment later, Alora switched off the privacy screen and emerged, a little wobbly and fuzzy headed, but at least able to keep herself upright.  With a sigh, she leaned against the wall, gazed up at Saveron, then straightened again.::

DeVeau: Thanks.

Saveron: You are welcome. Do you require anything further?

DeVeau: A clearer head, but at least it’s not pounding anymore.

::Alora’s fingers pressed gently at the sides of her temple, then fell to her side.::

DeVeau: I should probably go rest.  Like you told me to.  If I can.

Saveron: That would be advisable.

::If nothing else, her light duties allowed her that luxury.  The problem was, she still wasn’t sleeping well and the nightmares were still far too common.  It occurred to her in the short time she’d been unconscious, she hadn’t experienced any.  If only it were so simple.::

DeVeau: Are you staying in sickbay?

::The Vulcan glanced about Sickbay, which was relatively quiet and orderly, most people having better things to do than be sick during shore leave. And he wasn’t strictly on shift right now.::

Saveron: My presence is not currently required. May I enquire as to your reason for asking?

DeVeau: I...wouldn’t mind some company, at least to my quarters.  If you want.

Saveron: I will walk you to your quarters if you would find that preferable.

::At least he would know that she got there safely. He’d seen traumatised staff try to drown their sorrows in drink, although Alora’s intoxication had apparently been accidental. Still, the road to recovery was not necessarily smooth.::

DeVeau: Please?

::Inclining his head he logged out of the nearest console and indicated that he would follow her.::

::There was another reason, but she enjoyed the company of friends and preferred that to being alone.  As they approached the doors, they swished open to allow both to pass and she winced at the brighter light that marked the corridor.  One hand lifted to shade her eyes until they could adjust.  Why had she not noticed the difference before?  Probably because she’d never been intoxicated before.  She took an easy pace, not wanting to rush, but it also forced the taller male joining her into shorter strides.::

DeVeau: I was wondering…

Saveron: What were you wondering?

DeVeau: I know you’ve been taking a lot of your free time with me between music lessons and mind shielding lessons but...I was wondering if maybe you’d be willing to help me with meditation again.  Like before.

::Even as she listed it out, it seemed like a lot.  How long until he got tired of her taking up his time?::

DeVeau: Maybe we could stop one of the other lessons for a while so you’re not taking up more time.

Saveron: Perhaps we could incorporate meditation with mind-shielding. In Vulcan learning, the two are intertwined; integral parts of mental control.

::Not that he was teaching her Vulcan mental and emotional control in all it’s complexities; just the parts that he considered might aid her in coping with recent and future events.::

::Alora nodded slowly.  It made sense, using meditation in conjunction with the other.::

DeVeau: I was hoping it might help with the nightmares.

Saveron: You are experiencing nightmares again?

::She’d suffered from the same following the incident with the Orion.::

::Alora nodded, tension pulling at the lines of her face.::

DeVeau: Yeah.

Saveron: I trust that you are speaking with a Counselor about them?

::Which was, of course, the logical thing to do.::

DeVeau: Yes, but it hasn’t helped.

::Nothing had, yet when he’d helped her meditate that had seemed to help last time, if only for a little bit.::

DeVeau: Everyone keeps saying take it easy, get some rest, but I can’t.

Saveron: I can prescribe you some sleeping medication to assist. ::He offered.::

DeVeau: I suppose it might be worth trying.

::He made a mental note to attach the prescription to her file so that she could replicate them.::

::The turbolift doors made way for them and the lift shot upward to come to a stop on Deck Nine.  Once the doors parted, Alora stepped out, her quarters further down the hallway.::

DeVeau: And thank you again, for taking so much time to help me.

Saveron: It is my duty as a physician; and my preference as a friend.

DeVeau: I’m very grateful for a friend like you.

::The Vulcan inclined his head in silent acknowledgement.::

Saveron: It is important, I think, to ensure that one has a network of friends aboard ship, this far from our homeworlds.

:Alora managed a rueful smile.::

DeVeau: Some friends are better at being friends than others.

::She paused as they had arrived at her doors.  Immediately, they parted to reveal her quarters, but Alora hesitated just a moment longer.::

DeVeau: See you tomorrow for music lessons?

Saveron: Affirmative.

::She smiled then, that one more sincere, warmer and nodded, then finally turned to enter her quarters.::


Lt. Cmdr. Saveron
USS Garuda


Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Garuda

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