[G] JP: Dr. Rahman & Lt. DeVeau: To Your Plants!

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 8, 2015, 9:10:31 PM1/8/15
to Garuda
((Outside Chief Science Officer’s Office))

::”Find Lieutenant DeVeau.” Sounded simple enough.::

::And yet, as Roshanara looked ahead down the corridor that resembled
now more a hedge maze, she wondered if she should have had some of the
other shuttle crew come along.::

::Holding a flashlight in one hand and a tricorder in the other, the
Kriosian engineer crept closer to Alora’s office. The sensors on the
device were of a little help, just showing an ill-defined biomass.::

::The doors to Alora’s office abruptly opened as she approached,
startling her a bit in the dark. Peering in, she found the humble abode
just as deserted as the rest of the science facilities.::

::As she waved the light slowly across the room, she caught sight of a
few tiny tendrils reaching out from a petri dish on the small desk in
the center of the room. She stepped closer and the green finger-like
projections arched towards the light.::


DeVeau: Nara...

::The single name swept out of the void, but there was no face to
accompany it. Only the shadows of the mass of flora that surrounded the
Kriosian, that thrust the office into the depths of darkness that filled
the little room. A sigh, soft, disembodied, followed upon its heels,
then faded.::

::She spun around, trying to find the source of the singsong voice.::

Rahman: Alora? Are you all right?

::She glanced down at her tricorder, but only indeterminate readings

DeVeau: I’m fine.

::The sound had switched directions, coming from above Roshanara rather
than in front. From those depths, a pale oval slowly slipped into view -
her face, just her face, tiny, then tendrils clinging to her cheeks and
forehead. She smiled, then her visage faded gloom.::

::Roshanara turned her gaze upward, gasping at the sight of her friend.::

Rahman: Oh my God, Alora… we need to get you some help. I’ll call for
Dr. Skyfire or Del…

::Her answer was in the form of a sudden whiplash of vines that whirled
about her form and pinned her arms to her sides, causing her to drop the
tricorder and flashlight. As she struggled to get free, Alora appeared
again, more of those vines clinging to the science officer, lowering her
slowly to the floor, then releasing her - save for those same, slender
tendrils that trickled over her face and body, like tattoos etched upon
her skin and clothing.::

Rahman: ::still straining against the vice-like grip of the vines::
Alora, we have to help contain this… infestation. It’s taking over the
ship… hurting people…

DeVeau: Is it?

::Alora seemed to glide over to Roshanara and drew close. She leaned
forward, her face stopping a breath away from the other woman’s. Her
lips parted, tongue darting out to trace a path over them, then she
pulled away to encircle the captive.::

DeVeau: What do you propose we do, hmm?

::The vines holding Roshanara tightened, as if to punctuate Alora’s
question. The engineer winced as she looked back at her friend, but
despite those brilliant green eyes she’d remembered since they first
served together aboard the Mercury, she could tell this was not the same
young woman she’d helped mentor and reassure during her early days as an

Rahman: Alora, please… you’re hurting me…

DeVeau: Am I?

::She tittered and twirled about as she returned to Roshanara’s view.::

DeVeau: Dear, sweet Nara.

::She shifted in closer and laughed, spittle spraying across her cheek.::

Rahman: ::turning her head slightly:: Do you understand what’s going on
here? These plants… they’ve done something to you.

::She felt another squeeze of the vines and winced again.::

DeVeau: To me?

::A smirk stretched over her lips, those verdant eyes glinting in the
dimness afforded by the torch.::

DeVeau: Oh my dear, sweet child. You have _no_ idea.

::She cackled, then flicked her fingers. For a moment, the vines
loosened their grip just ever so slightly. Roshanara took in a deep
breath of relief, coughing as she did so.::

Rahman: What do you -- *they* want?

::Were the plants somehow communicating with Alora? Through her? She
needed to keep her talking regardless if she were to have any chance of
calling for help.::

DeVeau: What do we want? First...I think we should take a little walk,
don’t you?

::Not as if Roshanara had much choice. She twisted in futility as the
vines wrapped her up once more and brought her close to Alora.::

Rahman: Alora… please… people are dying out there.

::Alora whirled around, hand curling around the Kriosian’s neck, her
fingers digging into the flesh as she pressed her face close to
Roshanara’s. Her lips hovered just above the other woman’s, her breath
warm as she sighed. A single finger stroked the flesh of her neck, then
she released Nara, nails trailing lightly over her skin.::

DeVeau: Come, my dear. I’ve been remiss - I’ve shown my favour to so
many, but not to you. That, however, is about to change. I have a gift
for you.

::The engineer tried to turn her face away, but the vines just brought
her in closer.::

Rahman: ::furrowing her brow:: What are you talking about? This isn’t
some game-

::But the science officer’s only answer was a heavy, full laugh, as a
piece of fruit hanging off of one of the vines -- a mango, it looked
like -- was shoved into Nara’s mouth, silencing her screams.::

DeVeau: Shhhhhh.

::Alora flashed her friend a sinister smile before flicking her fingers
as she moved out of the office. The vines confining Roshanara began to
follow and soon the two were swept into the shadows.::


Lieutenant Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer, USS Garuda


Dr. Roshanara Rahman

Project Manager, Starfleet Soon-to-be-Corpse of an Engineer

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