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((Storage Area 5B aka “The Theatre,” Deep Space 10))

::Oh, my.::

Rahman: Um… I’m playing Captain Hook, I thought…

::The costume designer’s assistant, a cheerful yet rather stern-looking middle-aged woman named Astrid whose smile was as bright as her dyed blonde hair, nodded enthusiastically.::

Astrid: Ja, ja!

::The assistant held up the pair of thigh high-boots in one hand and a rather… imaginative redesign of a pirate captain’s coat in the other, which ironically left very little to the imagination.::

::Roshanara returned a pained expression as she looked over the costume.::

Rahman: Ummm… I’m not even sure how I’d get into that…

Astrid: (without hesitation) Oh, it’s not a problem at all, Frau Rahman.

::Roshanara raised a finger to object, but Astrid was a woman on a mission. In a flurry of activity, the chief engineer found herself surrounded by a few other assistants who pushed, pulled, and squeezed the diminutive Kriosian until she was now standing in the corset’s vice.::

Rahman: Ack!

::Astrid stepped back and rubbed her chin for a moment as she thought about how next to proceed. She then suddenly turned to one of the other crewmembers standing there, who just happened to be Lieutenant Belasi. She snapped her fingers at him, getting his attention.::

Astrid: You, there! Don’t just stand around! Give your commander a hand! Bitte, bitte!


Astrid: Come at once! We must help her tie the laces even tighter!

Rahman: ::beginning to object again:: ...do we really?

Astrid: Ja, ja! Don’t be silly! This is a new Captain Hook we are presenting! Sehr cunning and deadly, but also sehr sexy.

Rahman: Uh, I don’t think that was part of the original stor- oof!

::She was interrupted by the sudden tightening of the corset by Astrid. The assistant turned to Belasi.::

Astrid: Why are you still standing there? Hold her up!


::Roshanara appreciated the additional support of the Deltan as he held onto her arms to keep her from falling over as Astrid and her assistant’s finished dressing her.::

Rahman: So who do--oof!--you play--ahhh!--lieutenant?


Rahman: Oh! Nice… you know, interesting fact: in the original play---ack!--the part of Captain Hook and---oooof!---the children's father were played by the same actor---ahhh!


Astrid: ::sighs:: There we go! See, nicht so schwer!

::Roshanara wasn’t sure if she really agreed with that assessment. She imagined sword fighting--even play sword fighting--was going to be rather difficult when she couldn’t breathe as easily… or move. She looked down to see her bosom pushed out a fair bit more than she was used.::

Rahman: ::whimsically:: Huh… well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.


::She looked up at the Deltan, who was still helping her stand.::

Rahman: All right, lieutenant, be honest. How ridiculous do I look?


::Suddenly, Astrid exclaimed with a clap of her hands.::

Astrid: Wait, wait! Ahhh! ::She pulled out an eyepatch from her pocket and wrapped it onto Roshanara’s head.:: I present our Captain Hook!

::Roshanara was about to bring up the point that the original Captain Hook didn’t wear an eyepatch, but then, as she was standing there considering everything else she was wearing, she finally just gave up, letting out another whimsical sigh.::

::By the time she had joined Captain Reynolds--or rather, Tinkerbell, she had started to feel a bit more comfortable moving around in the costume. In addition to the eyepatch, she had been given at least Captain Hook’s trademark hat.::

Reynolds: ::Dryly:: Enjoying yourself?

Rahman: Um… it’s not exactly what I expected…

::Certainly not the Captain Hook she had remembered as a child.::

Reynolds: I can think of other ways I'd rather spend my time. Walking barefoot over hot coals, for instance.

Rahman: ::chuckles:: Yes... but, hey. I’m sure the rest of the crew will love it. I know at least one Denobulan who isn’t going to ever shut up about this years from now…

Shryker: Hey, sir. ::moving forwards:: You got the barefoot part right, but I don’t see any hot coals.

::The young lieutenant smiled at the other two women.::

Reynolds: RESPONSE

Rahman: Lieutenant, I think you probably got the best out of the three of us in terms of costumes.


Rahman: ::nods:: I’m just hoping nothings pops and this thing stays on… I feel like we’re one broken lace from turning this into a very different kind of show.

Reynolds/Shryker: RESPONSE

::Roshanara looked over to see Commander Handley-Page, who was to play her loyal right-hand man, Mr. Smee. Given his more muscular frame, this was certainly another creative departure from the usual depiction of the Pan characters. Meanwhile, Alora was absolutely delighted with having been turned into a squirrel.::

DeVeau: I'm a nut. ::Click click:: I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm a nut. ::Click click.::

::Ah, a student of method acting it seemed as well.::

Shryker: When does the curtain go up? ::She twirled the tassels of her costume.::


Rahman: Well, as they say. Time to break a leg!

((Opening Night!))

::The audience turned out to be a rather sizeable one, and that was just of those who had made it in person to the makeshift theater. The performance was also being simultaneously broadcasted to various monitors aboard both the Garuda and Deep Space 10.::

::When the artificial gravity field modifications were kicked into effect to make Wendy and the children fly with Peter, there was the awed reaction they’d been hoping for. But ultimately, this was a pantomime, not just a straight performance of the play, and the awes soon turned to hearty laughter as the senior staff let down their hair to entertain their shipmates.::

Rahman: Where’s your hero Peter Pan now, hmmm?

::Roshanara paced back and forth on the set of her pirate ship around Shryker, playing the captured Tiger Lily.::


Rahman: A coward is what he is! He’s not half the man Smee is.

::She turned to the crowd and winked.::

Rahman: Not that Smee is much of a man to begin with…

Handley-Page: RESPONSE

::She spun around and pointed her flimsy sword at the security chief-turned-first mate.::

Rahman: Silence! Be on the look out for Pan!


::Sure enough, descending from above was Delano aka Pan.::



::Roshanara was about to yell at her pirate crew to prepare to fight Pan and his Lost Boys when just then, a station-wide announcement interrupted the performance. Delano and the others floating above remained in the air, just waiting, as they listened.::

Egan Manno: =/\= This is Captain Egan Manno to all Garuda personnel. Effective immediately, shore leave is ended. Report to the ship and your readiness station within two hours, please. That is all. =/\=

::A groan could be heard from the audience. Roshanara looked around. Two hours? Surely they could wrap this up before then. As some more whispers began in the audience and the other cast members looked around for directions, Roshanara decided to employ a little method acting of her own.::

Rahman: Silence! ::She pointed her sword at Delano, still floating above.:: Nice try, but not even God herself can save you now, Pan! There is only one captain here, and her name is Hook!

::Some cheers erupted from the enlisted in the audience, and with that, the cast raced towards the conclusion of the show.::


(OOC: Well, hope everyone enjoyed this little diversion! You are welcome to backsim at some point if you wish other parts of the show, but as the captain stated, the next mission has begun, so feel free to leave the rest of the show “off screen.”)

Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman

Chief Engineer, Second Officer, and Pirate Captain, USS Garuda
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