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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 28, 2015, 12:09:47 AM3/28/15
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OOC: I know, horrible title. Sorry. >_<

(( Life Sciences Lab 4 ))

::Although she hadn’t seen much of Aron since their little adventure,
that didn’t mean that Alora had forgotten him. As usual, she had been
caught up in writing her report, and that one had been particularly
complicated as she passed through time not once, but twice. Aron’s call
had been a welcome distraction, even if it had come just as she’d
finished up her final draft of her report. If nothing else, it was a
sign that her shore leave had officially begun - why not begin it by
meeting with a friend? ::

::Shore leave had a different meaning for each individual on a ship.
Whether or not Aron would actually take time away from the labs to do
something that wasn’t related to science was yet to be seen. Alora
adored science, but as much as she enjoyed her job, she had too many
other things she also enjoyed to not give them some love as well.

Perhaps Aron felt differently. She found him in the lab and smiled as he
turned toward her.::

Kells: Thanks for coming.

DeVeau: Of course. Why wouldn’t I?

::What was he working on? Some sort of tests no doubt and was waiting to
see what the results would be.::

DeVeau: Now, what can I do for my dear friend?

Kells: Actually, I was wondering if there was anything I could do for you.

DeVeau: What do you mean?

::She probably knew why, but she might as well ask just in case he had
something else in mind.::

Kells: After those plants, the first thing that happens to you is that
you fall through time -- twice? Okay, Starfleet lives for the weird,
that's true, but even for a science officer, that's a little much.

DeVeau: Honestly, the time travel wasn’t that bad, really.

::Sure, she’d caught a falling Peppalexian which caused a couple of
broken ribs and some other minor injuries, but she’d kept a young
Peppalexian from, perhaps, worse injuries, so all in all, she was happy
to deal with the consequences. She couldn’t help but wonder, though, if
she’d get into trouble over that. No, the situation with the plants had
been far worse and the trip to Peppalexian a vacation in comparison. At
least that trip had been short and she’d been able to get help quickly.
Aron’s response was a warm grin and open arms.::

:: His smile was big, as big as the hands he spread wide. He had, as
always, quite a wingspan. ::

Kells: Hug, then?

DeVeau: _Always_.

::Alora crossed the distance between her and Aron and entered into that
embrace. She accepted the hug and returned as good as was given.::

DeVeau: The first time would have been a lot worse had it not been with
a friend.


DeVeau: I’m willing to go on a time travel trip with you any time.


DeVeau: So what are you doing here in the lab? Shore-leave’s started,
shouldn’t you be out partying?


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Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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