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Jun 20, 2015, 6:46:24 AM6/20/15
to Garuda IC
(( USS Garuda, Skyfire's Quarters )) 

:: Chythar made his way into his quarters and was greeted by his enthusiastic puppy. oO Master's home! Food! Oo CD picked up his canine companion and gave him a hug as his face was assaulted by the rough sandpapery texture of the Beagle's tongue. ::

Skyfire: I missed you too, little guy. I know your dinner's late. :: He still wasn't used to having a telepathic connection with the puppy. It felt strange. ::

:: He set Devlin back on the ground next to the food bowl and replicated some steak-flavored kibble for his little friend before he sat down at his desk and flipped on the video feed for the president's speech, and sat there writing his report. Invicta. He'd heard that name bantered about a few times at the airlock when he was trying to get to the captain's side. ::

(( Flashback -- Earlier at Security Checkpoint Beta ))

:: Chythar fell in-step beside his two captains, one his CO and the other his former CO. He smiled as a lull happened in conversation, allowing him to speak and announce himself. ::

Skyfire: Lt. Chythar Skyfire back from our investigation mission to the Taredge Colony, Captain. If this is a bad time, I'll write my report and submit it on your desk.

Kells: Not 'bad,' Lieutenant, I'd say -- just inopportune, maybe. I'll be looking forward to reading your report whenever you finish. ::beat:: The sooner, the better.

:: For now, he held his tongue. He'd write it down and do just as Ian would be: filling out paperwork and giving a verbal debriefing later. This obviously wasn't the place to discuss such things, but he'd come along for now. He was still on his inhibitor, fortunately. ::

Skyfire: Understood, sirs. 

Kells: Thank you. ::beat:: The sooner, the better. 

:: There were some mumbled responses that he wasn't really paying attention to. Despite being on his inhibitor, he could tell that Aron would rather be anywhere else that wasn't here. ::

Kells: I expect you'll be watching the speech shortly? Look out for us, won't you -- for some reason, the president's staff wants us all in the front row. 

:: He stood dumbfounded for a moment. Speech? Politics? He didn't like either one. Speeches were typically boring, and he had a report to write. For some reason, he had the feeling that Cassie would want him there, despite the fact that he didn't really want to go. He did have a report to write, and Kells  had emphasized "the sooner the better" a couple times. That meant the report was more important than the speech. :: 

Skyfire: Nope. I've got a report to write and a puppy to feed. May watch it on the vid feed.  

:: He didn't catch anything said afterwards, but made his way quietly back to the Garuda. He did have work to do, and he wanted puppy hugs. :: 

(( End Flashback ))

:: As he was writing the report, he listened. He didn't know what it meant, exactly. Yet. He wanted to finish the written brief, and go to bed. There was a pause. Invicta. He paused and looked up as he saw the flicker of movement and Kells standing. There was something in his posture that said "I feel awkward." Applause followed it. Chythar's eyes widened slightly as he started to make sense of what was going on. He was being transferred, again. ::

:: Transfers. Damn them! The brass had a sick sense of humor. He hated transfers. It was a transfer to Romulus that got his mom killed, and it was transfers that made him cycle through two and a half counselors on the Excalibur. It was transfers that took him to the Garuda, where he had to break in a new counselor, rise quickly in position, get promoted to lieutenant, and get used to a new sickbay.  Now he had to transfer again, get used to a new sickbay, and possibly to a new crew. He was hoping that wasn't the case. And it meant he had little time to finish his report. Once Kells sat back down, CD continued writing. oO Write first, then pack. Oo It was not an ideal situation, but it was going to get done before he left the Garuda. ::

oO I hate transfers. Oo

(( Fast forward, end of speech ))

:: Chythar had hit 'send' on his padd and gotten the contents of his desk packed. Books were next, and he was piling those into a box when he heard the announcement. ::

Kells: =/\= This is Captain Kells to all Garuda crew. Effective immediately, the senior staff has been reassigned to the USS Invicta, along with many junior officers and enlisted personnel. Please see your department heads for details, and if you have been reassigned, report over no later than 1800 this evening to prepare for a short shakedown cruise. That is all. =/\=

Skyfire: I'm not surprised... :: and sighed heavily as he continued to pack the box. ::

:: Devlin finished his dinner and looked up at his master once the books were away, curious why his bed was disappearing. :: 

Devlin: oO Master? Why my bed going in box? Oo

Skyfire: We're moving, little buddy. New ship. New home. 

Devlin: oO Home! Oo

Skyfire: Yep. New home...

:: Devlin eagerly circled his master's feet for a few moments, and the doc stepped over his little friend to continue packing. oO May as well finish this, and report to the ship. Oo ::

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Invicta NCC 81407

Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog
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