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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 6, 2014, 10:26:50 PM2/6/14
to Garuda
(( Rho Aurigae IV))

EGAN MANNO: It's alright, Lieutenant. You may give your weapon over.

::Shryker didn't appear too pleased and Alora couldn't blame her. At the
same time, they had obviously interrupted some sort of important
ceremony. They had arrived unannounced despite their attempts to do so.
Both sides felt slighted somehow - and then there was the issue of what
they had done to Ross.::

SHRYKER: Yes Captain.

::The weapon was taken and dismounted, then placed into a box. They were
thorough, she'd give them that.::

EGAN MANNO: And the rest of us -- unarmed, as I said. Nothing we have
could even be used as a weapon. Lieutenants, Doctor, please show our

::Alora passed over her triPADD. It was different from any other piece
of equipment anyone else had, but it was obviously not a weapon. SHe was
grateful when it was returned to her.


ANANJA: Thank you.

EGAN MANNO: However, in exchange for our cooperation, I want answers:
Why did you ignore us? Why was your response hostile? And where – where
is Commander Ross?


::Alora glanced over at her captain. Yes, she could understand it, but
she herself was of the mind that such a display of anger. They were not
the only ones who had been wronged. Alora was doing her best to remember

SHRYKER: What are you looking for?

KITAN: More weapons. ::He spoke without hostility, inclining his head.::
You did lie to her once already.


ANANJA: It's alright, Kitan.

::He paused frowning, and then nodded, falling back to her side.::

ANANJA: Your... Commander Ross is unharmed. But I do not think he will
be returned to you until we have resolved our... current situation.
::She paused.:: I do not know your names. I am Ananja.

::Tension melted awayfrom Alora's shoulders. Those words she was very
glad to hear. They were words she needed to hear. They were words they
all needed to hear.


ANANJA: You arrived when the… ::she shook her head,:: ...you have no
word for it. Akasvansaj, a ceremony of death and rebirth. You arrived
after it had begun, and we could not answer your communications.

DeVeau: I'm Alora.

::She was more inclined to relax now that Ross' safety had been
established. A smile, though small, actually appeared and set up
residence upon her lips. Maye they could work things out, maybe they
could come to some sort of mutual understanding.::

DeVeau: We honestly didn't mean any harm. We were so excited to meet you
and we're sorry for intruding upon something that's obviously
important...and sacred.

::A ceremony of rebirth and death could be nothing else, not with that
sort of reaction. Alora opened her mouth to say more, but then doors
opened and others started o enter.::


::Alora lifted her chin and inhaled the sweetness that preceeded the
bodies that passed over the threshhold. The body that appeared was old,
wrinkles dancing over his entire form. Entire. Form. The Kubarey was
completely without any clothing, not even a scrap. Alora's eyes widened
and her eyes darted away and focused back on Ananja as crimson sipped a
veil over her face. She heard rather than saw his movements but dared
not turn her gaze toward him.::

VARISTHA: So they came? ::He chuckled, entirely unabashed.:: Splendid,
splendid. Dhaval must not be pleased.

ANANJA: He took their ship, and one of their people.

VARISTHA: He'll do that. ::He allowed Kitan to help him into the robe,
and curled his skeletal fingers around the grip of his cane. Blind eyes
roved over the envoys, a grin pulling at the corner of his mouth.::
Delicate little flower, for a man who leads an army.

::Alora continued to stare at Ananja. She was safe. She could be gazed
upon without seeing parts of her that were not necessarily supposed to
be seen.::


VARISTHA: He is worried that your presence during the ceremony will bar
me from Dhan'yannada. He should leave theology to the priests, eh? I'll
find my way there, whether we have some interesting alien guests or not.


::The conversation contiued. Was he going to get dressed? Was it safe to
look? Alora didn't dare. Nope. Not going to. Nope.::

VARISTHA: How old were you, when we put you through the trials, Ana?

::There seemed to be some confusion at the question, but then the
Kubarey went on to answer it.::

ANANJA: Nearly three hundred. Why... ::It came to her, and she smiled at
him.:: I see.

VARISTHA: Explain it to them.

ANANJA: The reason your presence is such an insult is that only those
who have proven themselves pure are supposed to enter this temple: The
trials. If you complete them...

VARISTHA: ...alien or not, your presence is allowed. What do you say to

DeVeau: Trials?

::Alora's gaze slipped and fell back upon the Ancient, but there was no
reason to look away now. Oh good, he was dressed. Sort of. At the very
least he had donned a robe and was quite a bit more decent now. Once
more, the science officer relax and allowed her curiosity to drive her.:

Alora: You must go through trials to be allowed into the Temple?


Alora: Oh.

::There was a brief pause, but Alora was far too intrigued to stop there.::

Alora: What are the trials? Is it okay to ask about that? We wish to
learn more about your people, to understand you and your ways. Perhaps
education would prevent us from offending you in the future.

::She really really hoped there would be a future with these people.
Already they had captured her imagination.::


::From behind one of the curtains, a delicate sneeze was followed by a
shifting of the fabric.::


Slowly a small head peered from around one of the luscious drapes.
Somehow the child had managed to sneak inside while no one was looking.
Chagrin coloured her expression at having been found out and she
shuffled over toward Ananja, head bowed, though her eyes darted up to
peek at the aliens. Alora realised it was the girl that had been
watching her, and vice versa, when her team had interrupted the Ceremony.::

Kamari: I am sorry Lady Mother.

::The girl spoke in Kubarey, but her tone was sweet.::


Kamari: I wished to see the newcomers.


::The child bowed her head a little further and allowed a foot to
shuffle against the floor.::



Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Garuda


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