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Amanda Nordstrom

Dec 24, 2014, 1:25:52 AM12/24/14
to Garuda
OOC This takes place late afternoon/evening, after all the meetings and
what not.


::It had been interesting seeing the Bodhisattva again and Alora was
glad to have had the opportunity to show them around. Afterward,
however, she’d gone back to the lab and been involved heavily in the
various experiments being conducted with the protomatter. Precision and
caution were in heavy supply, and the hours of concentration took its
toll. Despite the long day, however, there were some things Alora wanted
to take care of before she retired for the evening.

The doors automatically opened as she arrived and normally, Alora would
have stepped right over the threshold. By the look of things, however,
the day - and now evening - was going to be anything but ordinary.

Enormous, fuzzy leaves stretched out from shattered remnants of pots,
various shades of purple along with blues, greens, reds and other hues
must have littered the floor, but only one spot was visible between an
overlap of two leaves. For a moment, Alora remained frozen and stared at
the monstrous size of flora that had been small enough to sit in her
hand only a few hours earlier.::

DeVeau: What...the…

::The sensation around her leg drew her attention down and Alora only
had time to register the fact that a tendril of vine had wrapped itself
around her ankle before she was jerked to the floor and yanked into the
canopy of green that overflowed her office.::



Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Garuda
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