[G-QTRS] Lts. Skyfire & DeVeau, + Devlin: Better Friends Part 2

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Amanda Nordstrom

Apr 12, 2015, 6:32:01 PM4/12/15
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(( DeVeau’s Quarters, USS Garuda ))

::Absently, Alora scritched the pup behind his ear as she tried to
process what Skyfire had just told him. There had been another Shandres,
Core, and Saveron, only they hadn’t been rescued. Instead, they had
remained behind, forced to survive on a planet unfamiliar to them.
Unlike the originals, they had been abandoned, left to do the best they
could, only to die millions of light years and thousands of years away
from anyone they ever knew or loved. That Saveron would have probably
wondered what would happen to his son. It was very likely that either he
or Core even spent many years alone. As she pondered the situation,
Alora’s throat tightened. Was there any way to go back and rescue them?
If the fact that they were dead in the current present was any
indication, then the answer was no, which only served to cause her
throat to squeeze a little tighter.::

DeVeau: And...the queen?

::Somehow she managed to squeak out the query in the hope she might get
Skyfire talking while she attempted to compose herself.::

:: CD nodded, and welcomed the change of subject The distractions and
temporal anomalies aside, talking about recent events seemed to help him
calm down. ::

Skyfire: I dealt with her...

DeVeau: How?

:: Attempting to formulate the contents of his report into coherent
thoughts was difficult. He was not sure how he handled it the first
time. Or the second. Though somehow he managed to do it. perhaps just by
being himself. ::

Skyfire: I’m not really sure. I was very diplomatic, both times. The
first time was just...discovering leadership amidst panic. The
second….discovering what to say and what not to say.

:: He had an idea of what it was like to lead under pressure. He’d done
it before on DSX during the quarantine disaster, and he did it again on
Peppalaxa with another ensign and a journalist. Neither experience was
fun, but it gave him a sense of understanding as well. ::

DeVeau: But...this means you traveled back in time since returning. What
was it like?

Skyfire: It was strange. It was very strange. Something I’m not used to.

::Alora nodded slowly and attempted to shift her mind away from thoughts
of what happened to the duplicates. Although they were copies, they were
still living beings, essentially the same beings, one of whom she
considered a good friend. The thought of them being left behind and
dying alone made her stomach churned.::

DeVeau: Do you think it will happen again?

:: He nodded faintly, not entirely sure how to answer it. ::

Skyfire: It’s possible. And it...it did something to my neurochemistry.

DeVeau: Your neurochemistry? Does that mean your consciousness is
shifting back but not your body?

:: He gave a shrug. Devlin licked Alora’s hand again, and Skyfire had
another sip of his drink. ::

Skyfire: Not exactly… It means that my telepathic abilities are changing.

DeVeau: Changing?

::There seemed to be an abundance of telepathically abled people aboard
the Garuda. Although Alora knew that Skyfire had some skill, she didn’t
realise it was mutating.::

DeVeau: In what way?

:: That was a good question. He only knew he could read the puppy now. ::

Skyfire: I can’t explain it well. I couldn’t read Devlin before. He’s a
beagle. I can now. It’s weird.

DeVeau: That does sound weird.

::Alora knew that some Betazoids had the ability to sense animals to a
certain degree, but as far as she knew, Skyfire didn’t have any Betazoid

DeVeau: So you think these trips back through time have altered your
abilities further?

:: It was certainly a possibility. Though he couldn’t confirm or deny it. ::

Skyfire: Both the captain and Dr. Saveron seem to think so. What I think
on this matter is it’s weird. I can’t confirm or deny a blasted thing.

DeVeau: Weird is right. Now the question is, is this happening because
your neurochemistry has changed? Or is your neurochemistry changing
because this is happening? Have any tests been run?

Skyfire: I asked Saveron to run the tests. At the moment, I can’t tell
you what’s going on. I can only tell you I’m undergoing changes, and I
don’t know how they are going to affect me.

::Alora nodded slowly and laced her hands together as she leaned back in
her seat.::

DeVeau: I guess we’ll have to see what the results say. In the meantime,
would you mind keeping me apprised of what’s happening? I’d like to
follow this as well...and maybe more eyes looking at it could be useful.

:: He bit his lip for a moment, thinking. Another set of eyes would be
beneficial, in his opinion, though it treaded a line ethically that he
couldn’t bring himself to breach again even if he willed it. ::

Skyfire: If I can. That’s a line I’m not sure I can cross.

::That took Alora by surprise and she canted her head, brow furrowed.::

DeVeau: Would I be treading somewhere I shouldn’t?

:: The doc shook his head as he had another sip. Saveron, being a former
CMO of the Garuda, was perhaps an exception. He didn’t really want to
cross the ethical line again. And he had to clarify. ::

Skyfire: Nope. Nothing to do with that. Wouldn’t be ethical for me to
show you the results.

::There was no anger in her tone, but Alora was trying to understand.::

DeVeau: Why is that?

:: He paused and thought it over as he had another sip of cocoa. ::

Skyfire: I’ve crossed the line already with a couple people. All
understandable breaches given that it was mandated by the circumstance,
but I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

::Alora blinked and shook her head. It wasn’t an explanation at all. ::

DeVeau: I’m sorry, but you’re not making any sense. What line would you
be crossing by allowing a scientist to help study what’s going on?

Skyfire oO Damn it. Oo Doctor patient confidentiality. :: He paused
again and took a breath. :: Shortly after I suspended Lt. Trel’lis from
duty, instead of keeping that on a need to know basis like I should
have, I bombarded the away team with info about her condition.
Specifically, Captain Reynolds and Ambassador Calderan. Dumb mistake,
but I don’t think anyone noticed. Except me, which I realized after the

::A single eyebrow arched upward. While Alora agreed that had not been
the proper thing to do, she felt the current situation was different.::

DeVeau: Although I understand your concern, that situation and this are
different. First of all, you’re not giving me information about a
patient, you’d be giving me information about yourself. Second, it would
be done in manner to find out the cause and solution to any problems
that might arise. I’m not going to force it, I’m simply offering my
services as a scientist to help with the case.

:: He was silent for several moments, petting the dog in his lap with
his free hand. As he mulled it over, he had another sip of his cocoa.
She had a point, and it was an entirely different set of circumstances.
Another set of eyes couldn’t hurt him. ::

Skyfire: You’re right. :: He closed his eyes for a moment and nodded. ::
You’re totally right. I’ll keep you posted on my case.

DeVeau: Hopefully between all of us, we can figure out a cause - and a
way to keep it from happening again..


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer

USS Garuda

Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

Simmed by: Lt. Skyfire


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda
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