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Amanda Nordstrom

Feb 16, 2014, 7:31:39 PM2/16/14
to Garuda
(( Temple Antechamber, Rho Aurigae IV ))

DeVEAU: Miss...I'm sorry, I don't want to be disrespectful so I hope
you'll forgive me for the usage of a Terran title...would you please
allow me to approach my captain and speak with her and the others privately?

ANANJA: ::She shook her head.:: No, I'm afraid I can't.

DeVEAU: I can only speak for myself, but I would be willing to undergo
the trials. My intent and purpose was to come here, meet you, greet you
and learn about you and your ways. I would still like to do so. If
that means undergoing a ritual that is customary to your people, then I
think that can only benefit both of us by allowing me to understand more
about you and yours.

SHRYKER: Aye, I will do what is needed of me.

::Shryker was in poor humour, a sulky note in her voice.::

EGAN MANNO: I will accept responsibility for what happened here today. I
will undergo these Trials. However, I cannot ask my crew to do the same
-- but it would seem that at least two of them will volunteer to go.
However, Counselor, Doctor, you must make the choice yourselves.

::Oh now she accepted the responsibility? That should have been the
first thing stated at the very beginning, along with a much more
apologetic attitude. Alora bit her lip in order to force herself to
remain silent. It was not the time or place to criticise her captain -
and certainly not in front of the Kubarey. She was annoyed, even angry
at Egan Manno, but Alora would not stoop to the point to completely
undermine the captain's authority. At least, not at that point.::

JOLARA: I understand and I will undergo the Trials.


EGAN MANNO: Then you have your answer, Ananja. Where and how will this
first Trial begin?

ANANJA: The trials take place in the caves underneath the temple. We
should start as soon as possible. They need to be completed before dawn.

::Indeed. How long would they take? Alora sensed the answer would be
as inconclusive as the description of the trials themselves.::


EGAN MANNO: Then let us do so.

JOLARA: ::with a nod:: I am ready.

DeVeau: As am I.

ANANJA: I'll need a moment.

::Alora's gaze followed Ananja's movements as her companion strode
alongside her. The two held a conversation in their inexplicable
language and once more the science officer wished she could understand.::

KITAN: {{/You're going alone./}}

::The heavy outwear was removed, though the male watched them with no
lack of suspicion even as he helped Ananja change.::

ANANJA: {{/If I trust them... perhaps they can learn to trust us./}}

KITAN: {{/And if they take advantage of that trust?/}}

ANANJA: {{/I don't know. I hope I don't have to find out./}}

ANANJA: {{/Try to mitigate Dhaval. If they're resisting his occupation
of their ship, he may well use it as an excuse to escalate hostilities./}}

::Alora couldn't help but note some of the other conversation took
place. It wasn't a conversation of words, rather of the touches, the
tones beneath what was said. She tilted her head, green eyes meeting
Ananja's, curious, but unwilling to ask such personal questions.::

ANANJA: If you'll follow me.


::Alora nodded and fell in step with the Kubarey and her companions.
Their travel time was brief, the caves were in view within a few
moments, mouth wide and ready to receive them. Momentarily distracted,
Alora aahed at the beauty of the stairs. The crystalline material
glimmered and shone. She was unable to resist crouching down and
allowing her finger tips to splay briefly across its smooth surface.
She rose and rejoined her companions before a word of admonishment could
be uttered and once more focused on the Kubarey woman.::

At the entrance, a warmth of oil mixed with the tang of salt tickled her
nose. Lamps cast dancing shadows across runes and pictures painted and
engraced in the stone walls. Once more, her curiosity drove her forward
and Alora extended a hand as if to caress one of the paintings or trace
one of the runes, then pulled back before her fingers made contacted.
No, it wasn't the time for that. She sincerely hoped she would have the
opportunity later to discover more. Music floated through the air in a
gentle accompaniment to their movements and even as Ananja lifted a box
to open it, Alora's eyes had strayed once more, that time to turn back
toward the sweet sound mixed with the hush of water that harmonized with
the voiced melody. Ananja's words interrupted the refrain of Alora's

ANANJA: All of your technology; sensor devices, medical equipment,
communicators. It will be kept safe, here, until the trials are complete.

Egan Manno: Very well.

::There was no hesitation on the part of Alora. They'd already
established less than ideal relations, the last thing she wanted to do
was to indicate that she might have second thoughts. The Kubarey were
fascinating and it was her desire to not only complete the mission
successfully, but to learn more about this new race. Once all the items
were put into place and the box set aside, Ananja indicated the
beautiful hues of drapes that decorated an archway.::

ANANJA: The trials will begin once you pass through that arch.

MacKellar: [tag]

Shryker: You already have my weapon.

Ananja : The trials will begin once you pass through that arch.

Shryker: What is inside?

MacKellar: [tag]

Ananja : ::She smiled faintly.:: I do not know. No one knows who
administers them, or how they are tailored to the individual. I will
follow, and I will help where I can, but these are your trials.

Egan Manno: You will follow? You'll be with us?

::Those were the last words she heard. Darkness cut off all sight and
sound, and Alora suddenly plunged into its depths.::


To Be Continued....

Lt. JG. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
USS Garuda
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