[PAL] Virah-Latyi - "Strangers Among Us" (Davenport, King, Tura-Fe, Skyfire)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Mar 7, 2015, 11:10:09 PM3/7/15
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(( Palace - Throne Room))

King / Davenport: Tag

Skyfire: I hope so too. If this doesn't work, we could all be doomed.

::She had been given word of the strange visitors, but as it was
indicated they seemed to be no threat, Virah-Latyi perched upon her
throne. As they sifted into the chamber, she watched them as they strode
forward, noting their interest in the tapestries that adorned their
walls. Her head lifted slightly. While she’d had no part in the making
of those tapestries, she was proud of them, for they told some of the
most important stories of her people. Their colours seemed to dance in
the light that streamed in from the large windows that were interspersed
in between each of them. Unlike the other Peppalexans with the ebony
hue, her skin shone a glimmering, deep violet as she sat, bathed in the
sunbeams that filled the room. A rich, almost velvet green revealed
itself as her skin flaps flared in response to the one who initiated a
kneeling position. ::

Her Majesty: Who are you?

::Her physical age was difficult to ascertain by merely studying her,
but if voice was an indication, hers reverberated with the gentle
sing-song quality of youth, of a girl just stepping over the threshold
of womanhood.::

Skyfire: Your Majesty. My name is Doctor Chythar Skyfire. These are my
companions, Ensign Ryan King :: as he motioned with his hand to Ryan ::
and Andrew Davenport. :: as he motioned to Andrew. :: Our companions,
Lieutenant Commander Masfiri Bakari and Lieutenant Commander Valen Carys
were apparently injured and being treated by your physicians.

Virah-Latyi: I see.

::She paused, a good couple of minutes inching away as she studied them
each in turn.::

Virah-Latyi: I must admit that what I have heard is difficult to
believe, but I am not unwilling to consider such possibilities. You were
invited here?

Skyfire: We were invited by the Pepplaxian government, yes.

::There was a brief moment of silences as if he were attempting to
formulate words, then he expounded.::

Skyfire: Our team was transported to the surface, outside the city. Our
captain probably believes we are lost or dead because we did not arrive
when we were supposed to.

Her Majesty: When. You are from the future - our future?


::She rose then, the verdant hue peeking out from the skin that fanned
from her body as she moved. She descended the two steps of the dais upon
which her throne sat. From either side, two guards immediately flanked
her, creating a sort of box about her as she closed the distance between
her and the aliens.::

Her Majesty: How do I know you speak the truth? What proof have you?



Her Majesty Virah-Latyi

Queen of Peppalexa

Past Tense

as simmed by

Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda

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