[G] Lieutenant Alora DeVeau & Professor Stakk: "Do You Wanna Be A Sponsor?"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 24, 2014, 8:49:51 PM9/24/14
to Garuda
OOC: This takes place just before they arrive at DSX

((Science Dept; USS Garuda))

::Things were quiet. Alora was waiting for the computer to digest some
data and though there were plenty of reports to peruse, she'd already
spent a goodly amount of time on them. It was time for a break. Yet,
that break wouldn't simply be for relaxation purposes, but to seek out a
person specifically. During her time on the Mercury and Garuda, one
thing had constantly poked at her, an undercurrent of desire that had
been drowned out by various events, but never completely went away. It
was high time she listened to it. She found the blue-skinned man in one
of the labs and approached him, a smile already tracing a path over her
face and touching upon her eyes.::

DeVeau: Dr. Stakk? Might I have a word for a moment?

:: The kindly and venerable Bolian intellectual looked up from his work
and he smiled at the young woman.::

Stakk: Hello my dear, and what brings you to my humble corner of the
galaxy? Anything wrong? ::smile turning to concerned frown.::

DeVeau: Oh, nothing's wrong, I was just wondering if I could make a request.

::It wasn't an unusual request, especially since they were both on a
ship. While Alora would do most of her work via computer, she still
needed to have someone to sponsor her and over see her work before she
could officially have it recognised.::

:: Dr Stakk’s big round blue face broke into a cheerful smile.::

Stakk: Of course my dear. Anything at all I can help with, just ask.

DeVeau: Well, I'd like to further my education and I was wondering if
you would be willing to be my sponsor.

:: Stakk looked visibly excited, and beamed like a proud uncle. Oh, that
was a good sign. Surely he’d be willing to sponsor her if he reacted
like that to such a simple request.::

Stakk: The honour would be all mine. Pray tell what it is you wish to study?

DeVeau: Well, I specialise in Botany and Zoology, so both of those
fields - and of course if you wish to advise me as I endeavour to
further my education, I’m more than happy to broaden my horizons.

:: Stakk nodded in approval - another good sign.::

Stakk: A lady after my own heart.. I would be happy to assist you, my dear.

::And there it was, the official acceptance. Alora’s own face lit up as
her smile brightened.::

DeVeau: Really? That’s great, thank you!

::Honestly, Alora wasn’t sure what he might have said. After all, he had
his own duties to attend to, but she wasn’t going to query further - if
he was willing, she’d simply accept it.

DeVeau: If that’s the case, then I’ll proceed with filing and put you as
my sponsor. I can send over the documentation by tonight - the sooner we
get it in, the sooner we can get started.

::She paused then added::

DeVeau: That is, if you don’t mind getting started right away.

Stakk: Certainly. I am always free for you.

To Be Continued…

Lieutenant Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda


Doctor Stakk (PNPC)

Professor of Science

Simmed By:

Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan

First Officer: USS Garuda


* * *

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