[G-LAB] JP by Lt. DeVeau and Dr Saveron: Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Part 2

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Sarah Eccles

Feb 16, 2015, 6:05:35 PM2/16/15
to Garuda
((Lab 1, USS Garuda))

DeVeau: I’m looking forward to this.  I think one of the most exciting parts about what we do is when we have first contact missions.  ::She paused.::  You never got to meet the Kubarey, did you?

Saveron: I did not. I was transferred immediately prior to that mission. I have read the logs, however they do not convey the fullness of the encounter.

::There was nothing like being there.::

DeVeau: No.  I’m glad you get to be a part of this one, though.  Can you imagine what it must be like, to be thrust forward in time thousands of years?

::The Vulcan considered the question for a moment.::

Saveron: Isolating. ::He said at last.:: The Ancient Alliance no longer exists. The framework within which the Peppalexa were accustomed to working has dissipated. They no longer have their support network… but also, they now lack any strictures previously imposed. ::Which was an interesting thoughts.:: They may be exercising a newfound freedom.

DeVeau: I guess we’ll find out.

::She’d finished what she’d come to do, but Alora lingered.  With the computer diligently setting into motion her commands, she swiveled about to face the Vulcan.::

DeVeau: It will be interesting to meet a race that has an opposite philosophy when it comes to our own in regard to the Prime Directive.  ::She paused, then dared to ask.::  What are your thoughts on that?

::He turned to face her again.::

Saveron: It may prove challenging to many.

::Conflicts in ideology were often very difficult for individuals to resolve. They had led to countless wars on countess worlds, and between them.::

::Alora nodded, her fingers playing at the edge of the console out of want of anything left to do.::

Saveron:: You hold some reservations. ::He deduced.::

::The young science officer glanced up at the Vulcan, then back down at her hand before she pulled it back to allow it to rest in her lap.::

DeVeau: A part of me, a large part of me - probably most of me - is really looking forward to another mission.  I want to do this, to participate, to get active.  Yet, there’s a piece inside of me that when I stop and think…

::He cocked his head slightly.::

Saveron: Do you anticipate the possibility of future negative outcomes?

DeVeau: I’m scared.  I’m excited, but I’m also frightened.  With everything that happened...I just don’t want anything _else_ bad to happen.

Saveron: One would not anticipate that anyone would find such preferable. ::He observed.:: Yet, Alora, it is possible that it may. We accept that risk when we join Starfleet. The Garuda could be destroyed, as could Deep Space Ten, as, potentially, could a planet. There is no guaranteed safe haven. Only a chosen level of risk, and all that may be done to mitigate it.

DeVeau: I know.

::Despite the training she’d received, actually experiencing such events was a far cry from reading about the strangeness that mankind had encountered since they’d made their first foray to the stars.  

DeVeau: I try not to think about it too hard.

::Otherwise...well, the result wouldn’t be pretty.

DeVeau: I just...I didn’t expect to be so easily...manipulated I guess.

::He recalled her mentioning that she may have been targeted by the Kindred because she was telepathically sensitive.::

Saveron: If you would find it preferable to gain skill in shielding your mind, I can provide you with material which describes applicable Vulcan techniques.

::He had just provided such material to Doctor Skyfire.::

DeVeau: Kestra’s taught me a few tricks, but it was always to keep someone from reading my thoughts, not actually taking over my mind.

::If Kestra had realised the extent of her sensitivity, would hse have taught her more?  Did Kestra know more?  While a strong telepath, the Betazoid wasn’t any older than her.  Maybe she hadn’t the knowledge that Saveron did.  Alora would have to ask next time they chatted.::

DeVeau: But yeah.  I think I would benefit from learning those sort of techniques.

Saveron: Then I will forward you the material.

::Alora inhaled deeply then let the breath out slowly before she fixed another smile upon her face. She was marshalling her thoughts away from fear, he could see that much from her expression. It was a beneficial step.::

DeVeau: I guess I’d better go prepare to help Core.  I expect to hear all about your adventures on your team in great detail.

Saveron: And I, yours. ::That was a promise. He raised his hand in the ta’al.:: Live long and prosper, Alora.

::Her own hand rose as she offered the same symbol.::

DeVeau: And you, my friend.



Lt. Alora Deveau
Chief Science Officer
USS Garuda


Lt. Cmdr. Saveron
USS Garuda

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