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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 30, 2014, 10:15:33 PM7/30/14
to Garuda
(( Tea In The Sky, DSX ))

Moonsong: ::clearing her throat:: Um... hi.. hello, excuse me. I thought
I would come over and introduce myself.

DeVeau: I'm Alora DeVeau, Chief of Science, Garuda.

Skyfire: :: set down his drink :: Please, join us. Dr. Chythar Skyfire,
of the Garuda.

Moonsong: A pleasure to meet you both. ::smiling warmly:: Ensign Raissa
Moonsong, new counselor for the Garuda.

DeVeau: I'm Alora DeVeau, Chief of Science, Garuda.

DeVeau: Cop a squat.

Moonsong: ::pulls a chair over and sits down:: Thanks.

:: He had another sip of his drink, then set it down. He was trying not
to tense up or give either lass any reason to mention it. Yet, his luck
had been bad enough to attract two counselors in the span of an hour.
This was not a good way for him to start his day, as it meant that he
had problems. oO Or at least that's what Sal would tell me. Oo He
thought of Sal, and realized how much he missed his brother. CD hadn't
heard from him since the day he left for the Garuda. He could only hope
that Debra relayed the message. ::

Skyfire: A counselor, eh? Is this a bad time for me to schedule an

Moonsong: ::surprise showed in her brown eyes then she smiled warmly::
Only if you want to.

DeVeau: So did you arrive before or after our most recent mission?

Moonsong: I just arrived. I haven’t checked in yet. ::waves the padd::
You looked familiar and I just wanted to introduce myself... tell you my
door is open... if you ever need me... ::grins with a hint of mischief::
Who not to play practical jokes on...

Skyfire: Jokes?

DeVeau: Oh I don't know, a good practical joke can be fun. As long as it
doesn't hurt anyone - that's the key.

::Alora had been known to do one every once in a while, but she was
always careful to do something like that to someone she knew would take
it well. Klingons and Vulcans were generally excluded from that list.::

Moonsong: ::warm throaty chuckle:: Just harmless little things. Nothing
to hurt anyone. ::shrugs:: Unless they have no sense of humor.

DeVeau: Ah. Well, I know you've not had _much_ time, but what do you
think of the Garuda so far? First Impressions and all that?
Moonsong: Well, since I’ve only just met the two of you, pretty good so
far. ::smiles warmly at the two officers deciding she likes them::

::Skyfire seemed intent on finishing that coffee. Was it an addiction? A
love affair? Whatever it was, he certainly was enjoying that cup slowly,
savouring the flavour. Kind of like Alora with chocolate milk.::

Skyfire: Never a dull moment. Though let me tell you, I'm looking
forward to having a bit of time to myself.

Moonsong: ::smiles again.:: I really didn't mean to interrupt your
conversation. I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself.
If either of you ever want to talk, you can find me. Or for that matter
if you just want to hang out, I make a great cup of tea.

Skyfire: Aye, I'd love to. Make an appointment, that is.

::He'd love to make an appointment? Although Alora knew people who had
no problem with counselors, that was the first time she'd ever heard
anyone utter that in the presence of one. Or even out of the presence of
one simply in regards to one.::

DeVeau: Thanks, I'll remember that.

Moonsong: I gotta run and check in before the ship leaves without me.
::stands up and put the chair back where she found it::

Skyfire: :: chuckled slightly as he sipped the last of his coffee and
settled his tab. :: Doubtful, lass. We're on shore leave.

DeVeau: I don't think it's leaving any time soon but even if it was, I
don't think they'd pull out without you.

Moonsong: Well... it won't leave without the two of you. ::she put her
hand to her heart dramatically:: You are vital to the running of the
ship! :: She winked and hurried off to grab her carryall and heads out
of the restaurant. ::

:: Alora watched the counselor's retreat and chuckled softly to herself.
Of the ones she'd met, that one certainly was the most upbeat. She had a
feeling she was going to like Moonsong. Alora shifted once more to
return her focus on Skyfire. ::

Skyfire: You headin' out too, lass?

::The question took Alora by surprise. Was that a subtle hint that he
was ready to head out? Perhaps it was. Maybe he was tired of science
officers bombarding him about his past accomplishment.::

DeVeau: Er, no. I was going to get some tea, but...if you need to go,
please, don't stay on my account.

::That must have been what he was waiting for - an excuse to leave. Was
it because she'd bored him? Or maybe he had something on his mind?
Whatever it was, Skyfire rose and trotted out of the establishment
leaving Alora to her own devices.::

Waitress: What can I get you?

::The science officer forced her gaze away from the retreating figure
and managed a smile for the woman.::

DeVeau: Oh yeah, I came to get something didn't I?

Waitress: People usually do. What'll you have.

DeVeau: I'll take a chocolate croissant.

Waitress: Anything to drink?

DeVeau: Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.



Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Garuda
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