[ARB] Kindred & Lt. Alora DeVeau - "Mind Over Matter" (Arboretum, All)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 17, 2015, 9:31:19 PM1/17/15
to Garuda
(( Arboretum ))

Kells: ...tell me what's happened to Alora -- and why you're holding us

DeVeau: She is here. Not particularly happy, but she is here. As for why
- well, I have my reasons.

Kells: That's not good enough. Why her? Why us?

::He seemed surprised when she answered him - but honestly, what did she
have to lose?::

DeVeau: We were dying, until you took us - withering away in the
remnants of that cloud. It seems your...plants as you call them...are
quite compatible with us - as are certain of your beings.


DeVeau: Not all of you. Not most of you, actually. This one...this was
was very receptive. Easy.

::She paused a moment before she continued.::

DeVeau: No matter. She was the first - but she will not be the last.

Kells: What do you intend to do?

Bakari / Calderan / Tan: ?

DeVeau: You and her…::She struggled a moment.:: Friends. Interesting.

Kells: Yes, we are.

::But the arrival had distracted her before Kells could continue.::

DeVeau: Another visitor.

Egan Manno: Hello, Alora.

:: She was called by that name. It wasn’t _her_ name, simply the name of
her vessel, but the Mother ignored it for now.::

DeVeau: Interesting. I would have thought the captain would have avoided
this place.

Egan Manno: You were wrong.

DeVeau: And to what do I owe this visit?

Egan Manno: A captain protects her family.

::Kindred Alora lifted her chin, eyes narrowed and focused upon the
darker face of the woman before her.::

DeVeau: You and I, we have the same mission.


DeVeau: I protect my family.


::Suddenly, all resistance from the woman left her. Her head toppled
over and the Mother gazed at the Captain curiously. That presence which
had been felt earlier returned, stronger, but still no threat so the
Mother dismissed it. Whatever ailed the Captain, it did not last long,
however, for a moment later, she lifted her head and steadied her gaze
upon the Kindred Mother.::


Egan Manno: It's time for you to let us go and leave my ship.

::A short, bark-like laugh was the initial response from the Kindred

DeVeau: And why would I do a thing like that?

Egan Manno: Because if you don't, the special shuttle I currently have
in the heart of the protomatter cloud will both destroy you, the entity
that dwells there, and ignite the protomatter and eliminate the entire

::Those eyes narrowed, that time in anger and spite. The vines tightened
their grip around the captain who, despite her children’s gold,
continued to speak.::

DeVeau: I could destroy you all.

Egan Manno: You could, yes -- but what would that gain you? My crew also
stands ready with half a dozen measures ready to corral and, if
necessary, kill your compatriots aboard this ship. ::beat:: We have
already evacuated the majority of our people. If necessary, we will also
destroy this ship. But one thing is certain: Whatever you do now, you
cannot have this ship. You cannot have these people. Your journey ends here.

DeVeau: No. It does not.

::If the grip of the vines had been tight before, it was nothing
compared to the sensation that they suddenly delivered, intent to
squeeze every last drop of liquid from the captain.::

DeVeau: No!

The voice that cried that time was not the lower, menacing tones the
mother had settled into while using Alora’s body. Fear sprang into those
green and a tug of war waged.


::She was still there. Still there! While no telepath herself, Alora
latched on to that mind, new yet familiar in a way. Her mind mingled,
wound itself with both Raissa’s and the Bodhisattva’s. Her grip was
strong, certain, sure and she refused to release her hold. At the same
time, she used the strength that the combination afforded her. She
pressed back. In a sense, she kicked, she screamed, the walls of her
mind writhing as she attempted to wrestle he unwelcome and unholy
presence that had so willingly and gleefully taken her captive. The
walls of her mental prison that surrounded her began to bend.::

::Taken aback and struggling against the newfound strength, the Mother
fought and pain seared both through her and Alora. A scream passed her
lips, a low guttural cry followed, reverberating through her chest and
Alora collapsed to the floor, hands clutching her head as she writhed in


::A sickly mist, pink and yellow rolling together. It snapped away from
Alora’s body, then attempted to smother her in its glow once more, but
she recoiled, eyes wide.::

DeVeau: Do it! Do it!

::She screeched, her voice cutting through the rumbles that emanated
from mist. As her gaze fell across the vines which still clung to the
captain who was closest to her.::

DeVeau: Do it!

::She attempted to lurch toward those still held captive by the vines,
but collapsed, quivering as the mist aimed for her once more. Armed with
her mental companions, Alora steeled herself for another onslaught.::


::A high pitch echoed through the entire ship and the non-corporeal form
halted just before it could swallow its victim once again. Suddenly, it
exploded in a shower of salmon and yellow, then was gone. Alora stared
at the spot where the sentient being had just a second before occupied
the space, then collapsed, her mind falling into darkness.

The vines released their grip, the thorns retreated. Like the unmoving
form of Alora, they slunk to the ground, still, listless. Their colours
faded, leaves curled. Soon, all that was left were the giant, wooden,
lifeless forms of plants that had once terrorized the ship.::


Lt. Alora DeVeau
And the being formerly known as Mother
Chief of Science (and hostage taker)
USS Garuda

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