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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 14, 2014, 10:48:32 PM10/14/14
to Garuda
((Promenade; DSX))

::Alora had never known need. Her father had always provided plenty for
his family and his success had only increased his ability to be
generous. For all that he was able to give, however, he and his wife had
been certain to instill a sense of frugality in their children - well,
some of them anyway. Indulgences on occasion were fine, but constant
expenditures were far from wise. That being said, Alora did allow
herself to get something for herself from time to time. The last time
she’d bought anything had been on her previous visit to the curious shop
named ‘Euregard’s Emporium’. The wizened man was nowhere in sight, nor
was his robot, but she entertained the idea of searching through the
vast array of items the man had managed to somehow procure for sale.

Distraction presented itself in the form of a familiar face, the
reflection of which grew larger in the glass of the shop and Alora
turned to flash a smile along with a wave.::

DeVeau: Hey.

Calderan: Hi there. Are you shopping too?

DeVeau: Window shopping at the moment.

::Alora admitted, then cast a guilty look toward the alcove where she
knew books had been placed upon shelves. As far as she knew, it was the
only shop that sold _physical_ copies, and old ones at that.::

DeVeau: What about you?

Calderan: Oh I am just browsing…. Then I am hitting the bars. You want
to join me?

DeVeau: Sure, I enjoy friendly company. We could check this place out
again. Look, he’s gotten some new dresses.

::Alora pointed to a couple of racks where the limited selection of
clothing hung. One dress in particular had caught her attention - a
beauty of royal purple with off the shoulder and sheer sleeves, a form
fitting bodice encrusted with vines of glittering embellishments that
wound over and down the hips of a full skirt.::

DeVeau: I honestly have no idea where I would ever wear that thing, but
man do I want to buy it.

::Calderan couldn’t hide her interest, but unfortunately neither of them
could get into the shop. As they tried the door, it was locked and only
then did Alora catch sight of a small sign with raised, brass letters
that firmly stated ‘closed’.::

Calderan: Awww no!

DeVeau: Well, that stinks. I guess I’ll we’ll have to come back tomorrow.

::Nia’s attention wavered briefly, just long enough for her to silently
acknowledge faces that must have been familiar to her, but her next
words were directed at Alora.::

Calderan: So, wanna a drink?

DeVeau: Sure, why not? Where do you want...

:: The area lit up with a bloody hue and Alora clapped her hands over
her ears as sirens blared, followed closely by a computerized voice that
both calmly and urgently echoed through the space station.::

Computer: Warning! Warning! Hazard alert! Hazard Alert!

:: Nia spun around and glanced up at the ceiling as if she might find
the answer to whatever the problem was crawling upon it.::

CALDERAN: What the?

COMPUTER: Quarantine protocol enacted!

::The wail of the alarms was joined in by a cacophony of voices that
rose in pitch, laced with fear. Nia’s shout cut through them.::

CALDERAN: We're being sealed in!

::Already heavy doors groaned shut and the ghastly cast of colour
deepened with more red lights. Alora glanced over at Calderan and
tentatively removed her hands from her ears. Another form wound her way
through the crowd to join them, then another - both unfamiliar to her
and one a Cardassian, his face stony.::And so they were. ::

Gilaars: Commander! What *IS* going on???


CALDERAN: =/\= Calderan to Garuda, what's going on? We're being
quarantined. =/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= I just heard about it myself, Commander. Hold tight,
I'm going to contact the COs. =/\=

::The woman who had drawn close seemed as if she might faint. As her
eyes fluttered shut, Alora wondered if she should get into position to
catch her, but then she seemed to gather herself and Nia was talking

CALDERAN: Everyone OK?

Gilaars: I’m okay. ::looks around::

Voss: Quite the event, isn’t it?

::Alora wriggled a finger in her ears.::

DeVEAU: A little more deaf than I was before, but I think everyone’s
okay. Just frightened.

::The Cardassian cast her an emotionless glass, then drew close to the
nears bulkhead doors. He tapped a bit at the controls, then growled.::


CALDERAN: Do you think we can make it to your security office?


Zorkal: There are other ways.

::Lukin stepped away from the doors to rejoin the small cluster of women.::


::A smile, whose light refused to spread to his eyes, spread over the
grey features.::

Zorkal: I suggest you study the space station more in depth. It holds
secrets of its own.

::He offered no more information as the Captain interrupted anything
else the Cardassian might have to say.::

EGAN MANNO: =/\= Egan Manno to Calderan. What's your status? =/\=

CALDERAN: =/\= We're alright, but I am concerned about the civilians.
They seem very agitated and understandably so. =/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= I've just spoken to the station COs. ::A pause.:: The
Garuda has been ordered elsewhere, Commander: There's been an incident
in the unclaimed space between the Breen and Cardassian spheres of
influence involving a Kubarey explorer group, and we're going to show
the flag for the Federation -- and to both mediate and prevent the
escalation of hostilities, if necessary. I can't violate quarantine, and
we can't violate our orders here. =/\=

CALDERAN: =/\= I… I understand Captain. We will… keep things together
here. =/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= I informed the station COs that, for the duration of
this quarantine, you're in command -- acting with my direct authority
until this crisis is over. ::She paused.:: I don't know if that's done
you any favors, but it was the best I could offer, I'm afraid. =/\=

CALDERAN: =/\= Thank you, Ma'am, I will not let you down. I better get
to it. =/\=

EGAN MANNO: =/\= Yes, go -- I know you'll have much to do. Good luck,
Nia. =/\=

CALDERAN: =/\= You too Captain… and one thing, can someone check on my
cat. Calderan out.=/\=

::The Cardassian afforded Calderan a glance at that point and Nia seemed
ready to say more, but then was interrupted by another comm call.::

Skyfire: =/\= Doctor Skyfire to Commander Calderan. =/\=

Calderan: =/\= Calderan here, Doctor. =/\=

Skyfire: =/\= What can you tell me about the situation? =/\=

Calderan: =/\= I wish I could give you something definitive. This is
station wide, but the Garuda is seeing what she can do to assist. I am
assuming you have no details from the medical centre? =/\=

Skyfire: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

::The Cardassian seemed unaffected by the news, but Alora’s eyes grew
wider. There? On the station? But how?::

Calderan: =/\= Well, no one seems to be dropping yet. I guess we should
stabilise the situation, we have a lot of stressed civilians. Are you
locked in to the medical centre? =/\=

Skyfire: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Calderan: =/\= Ok, and who’s there with you? =/\=

Skyfire: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Calderan: =/\= I’ll keep you posted. Calderan out. =/\=

::Calderan turned back to those who were physically with her.::

Calderan: There is little we can do about any potential pathogen. We
have to stay calm and keep order. I am counting on you.

Gilaars: Understood.

DeVeau: Of course.

::She noted that the Cardassian remained silent but at least he did not
argue with Calderan. Perhaps that was his way of saying ‘okay’.::


CALDERAN: Thank you. We can survive this best if we work together.

::A cry drew everyone’s attention toward another Cardassian, this one
with a waterfall of blood dripping from his nose and oozing into his
eyes. As one person stepped back, Alora automatically did so as well, a
natural response to such a frightening display.::

ILL CARDASSIAN: You…. did this….

::He was obviously in pain, his voice hoarse and cracked. Who was he
talking about? It was that very question Calderan posed.::

CALDERAN: Who did this?

ILL CARDASSIAN: ::He pointed at them.:: You all did!

::He gave up a croupy cough, then crumbled to the ground.::

VALEN: ::Quietly,:: Or, you know. What goes around, comes around…

::Alora caught the words and glanced at the Cardassian security officer
who either ignored the jibe or simply didn’t hear it. She hoped it was
the latter. He remained motionless, steely eyes staring at the prostrate
form upon the floor, a scowl etched into his semi-reptilian features.::


::She cleared her throat, straightening her shoulders, and looked at
their first officer.::

Valen: Commander, you need to get control of this crowd, and quickly,
before the situation degrades into violence.

DeVeau: I concur, Commander.

::Alora added as she stepped closer and managed a half smile to Valen.::

DeVeau: Panic almost always beget violence and that’s the last thing we
need here.

Calderan/Voss/Ivanova/Any: RESPONSES

Valen: We need to get this man out of sight, and reassure the crowd. We
have to be seen doing something to resolve the situation.

::As they spoke, the other Cardassian took a step closer to peer at the
fallen one.::

Gilaars: NO! Do *NOT* touch him! ::to Calderan:: This man is clearly
infected with the pathogen, which by the signs he’s showing is ::drops
voice:: Ebola! Highly contagious, especially through bodily fluids!

Zorkal: I am not an idiot, I had no intention of touching him.

::The live Cardassian’s cool gaze fell across Gilaars and studied her
with an unblinking intensity.::

Zorkal: E...bo - la?

Calderan/Voss/Valen/Zorkal/Ivanova: RESPONSES

Gilaars: I thought it had been eradicated centuries ago, too, unless
this is a *new* strain!

::It was Alora’s turn to scrutinize the medical officer.::

DeVeau: Er...I don’t mean to step on any toes, but wouldn’t it be better
to do some tests before giving a name to this thing? I mean, how many
diseases exist with similar symptoms?

::She had not studied medicine in depth, but Alora did have some
training and, as a scientist, was well aware of a variety of things that
could infect humanoid species.::

Calderan/Voss/Valen/Ivanova: RESPONSES

::Alora smiled a little and reached to the pouch at her waste. Even
though she wasn’t officially on duty, she rarely left without it. The
triPADD wasn’t standard Starfleet issue and she was rather protective of
it. Besides, sometimes even on shore leave she might use it, especially
if she wanted to check in on some data being processed.::

DeVeau: Let me see if I can find anything.

Zorkal: Perhaps we should, as she suggested, ::The Cardassian nodded
toward Valen:: remove the body somewhere where it will not upset those
here, then we can better proceed with a more thorough examination.


Zorkal: I agree we should not touch him directly.

::Without explanation, the security officer strode to a small store
within the area in which they were quarantined which boasted a selection
of clothing for both males and females. Lukin appropriated several pairs
of gloves as well as a couple of robes, much to the protest of the
shopkeeper who, after receiving a chilly glance from the Cardassian,
fell silent. He extended a pair of gloves and one of the robes toward

Zorkal: Here.


Zorkal: We’re going to move him, calm everyone down, then try to figure
out what is going on.

::Well, Alora thought to herself, at least someone had a plan.::



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda


Glinn Lukin Zorkal



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