[G] Vines - "A Hunting We Will Go"

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 6, 2015, 9:35:17 PM1/6/15
to garuda

::As the wide variety plants throughout the ship continued to grow large
and block openings and spread with more and more aggression, a
particular plant, unique among all the plant species continued to creep
with purpose along the corridors, ducts, and shafts of the ship. Forcing
it’s way, each tendril growing, tiny at first, growing larger and
expanding to create openings where none had existed before.

Eventually, the vines crept their way through various places and into a
particular section of the ship. There, the Garuda's heartbeat thrummed
softly amidst the chaos, for the moment untouched. For the moment. Green
appendages slithered through cracks and sparks sputtered here, then
there. The hum wavered and pulsed while sections of various systems
sputtered, then died. Lights dimmed and flickered, transporters shut
down, sensors refused to register.::


::Metal bent against its patient and forceful will. It groaned and
creaked, unable to withstand the greenery's persistence. As the vines
spread into Engineering, they initially ignored the presence of the life
forms. Then, as the lifeforms responded to the new arrival, some were
grabbed only to be dragged into the leafy maw, vanishing from sight.
Others wrapped tightly around the weaker beings and strung them up,
their verdant cocoons swinging from the ceiling.

::Although attempts were made to stop the oncoming green tide, they were
successful in reaching the warp core, those green fingers began to curl
about, transferring it into their grasp. The hum wavered again as they
spread. Lifeforms which inhabited the space were snatched up as quickly
as they could respond. Some were dragged off, others hung upside down as
stalks continued to tighten their hold. Leaves sprang into being, then
unfolded as if to soak in the glow of the ship while the coils continued
to grow ever larger. As the brilliant steady light of the warp core was
blocked by the verdant leaves, the light became dim and green, like the
throbbing heart of an impassible jungle.::




as simmed by

Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Garuda


Lt. JG. Raissa Moonsong


USS Garuda

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